Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NWA Main Event "Cast a Shadow" this Thursday night in Nashville, TN

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When AAron Camaro became the Vice President of NWA: Main Event late last year, he made a promise to the fans to make NWAME a better place for them to enjoy Professional Wrestling. After the destruction caused by his predecessor, the "Doctor of Style" Richard Lowe, he had his work cut out for him. With the help of Damien Payne and Mike Jones, Lowe had run the moral of NWA: Main Event's Competitors and Fans into the ground. After overthrowing Richard Lowe, Camaro set out to punish his accomplices. During his first "State of Nashville Wrestling Address", he used his new position of power to fire Damien Payne to the delight of the fans. Mike Jones would avoid firing, and continue to be a thorn in Camaro's side for months to come.

In time, VP Camaro would do some very contraversial things, including reviving the X-Division Title without the consent of the NWA Board of Directors. Last month it was brought to AAron Camaro's attension that there was a mole in the NWA: Main Event lockerroom reporting his every move to the NWA Brass.

This knowledge did not deter VP Camaro from following through with his plan to scourge NWAME of all the rulebreakers and troublemakers by any means neccessary. This became vividly apparent when Camaro forced Mike Jones into a match with the Monster, Se7eN! Mike Jones recieved a brutal beating, resulting in multiple injuries, including a concussion. Mike Jones' strange behaivor since has been attributed to the fact that Camaro allowed the incident to happen.

Perhaps AAron Camaro's most contriversial decision came at the recent NWAME Christmas Event, where he forced an injured "Wild Thing" Will Owens into defending his NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Championship against Nick Iggy. Iggy would go on to defeat Owens for the title, as VP Camaro rejoiced with the Fans!

This Thursday Night at NWA: Main Event presents: CAST A SHADOW, Vice President Camaro has been notified that the NWA Board of Directors has made a decision about his future as Vice President and Match Maker at NWAME. A representative of the NWA will be in attendance, and will render the verdict of the Board LIVE!

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