Monday, January 23, 2012

NWA Deep Southern Championship Wrestling results from 1/21 in Ellijay, GA

- from NWA DSCW

241 exuberant fans overflowed the Gilmer Couny Civic Center in Ellijay, Ga on 1/21/12 for NWA/DSCW.

The first match of the evening was Blue Ridge's one and only Ray Ray taking on the Crash Test Dummy in a lightweight division match this was a good match which could have possibly been the best match of the evening. At the 9:08 mark CTD hit Ray Ray with the Total impact which is a version of the Razors Edge for the victory.

The second match of the evening was a Three Way Dance between Shawn Bell, The Bad Boy Tork and Ellijay's very own Dave Diamond. This was a great match for a Three Way Dance. Dave Diamond gets the win at the 12:15 mark when Diamond hits both opponents with Spine Busters.

The following match Was The All-Star tagging with the Black Menace against fan favorite The Scorpion tagging with legend Rock & Roll Express's Ricky Morton ascorted to the ring by Semper Fi Cody Roberts. The fans were getting behing their favorite team by chanting "Rock and Roll" throughout the match. At the eleven minute mark, a melee broke out with all four men in the ring exchanging blows. The Scorpion and The All-Star squared off the middle of the ring while Ricky Morton and The Menace were in the corner dukeing it out. Scorpion and All Star collided heads, knocking each other unconscious. The Menace arranged the scene to make it look as though All-Star had The Scorpiohn pinned. Before the Ref could see the scene, Semper Fi redirected the ref’s attention, slipped in the ring and rearranged the unconscious pair so that it now looked as though Scorpion had The All-Star pinned. Ricky Morton & The Scorpion took the win and the crowd went wild.

The fourth match of the evening was a title match for the DSCW Heavy Weight Title between All -Business Brian Rivers, 2 year reigning champion, accompanied by manager Logan Chase III, against Chip Hazard in a bull-rope match. Fifteen minutes into the match, things started to get out of control. Logan Chase III jumped onto the ring apron and hit Chip Hazard on his back with a tennis racket. River’s capitalized on the opportunity for the win. Promoter, Big Wood, came into the ring and stated that he was tired of Logan interfering with the matches and gave Hazard an opportunity at another shot at the title. He would have to beat Rivers with-in 5 minutes to get that chance at a rematch. As the 5 minute challenge got under way, Rivers got the upper hand and was going to run Hazard into the tennis racket of Logan Chase. Hazard ducked at the last second and Logan knocked out his boy, Rivers. Hazard won the challenge and gets another shot at the Heavy Weight title at the up-coming Valentine’s Vengeance show in Blue Ridge, GA on February 4th.

The Main Event of the evening was also a title match with the win going to the first to 2 out of 3 falls for the Light-Heavy Weight DSCW title. The match was between the current champion, The Messiah Talon Williams against challenger Mr. Showtime. The house was rocking throughout the match with chants of “What Time is it? – SHOWTIME!”. Showtime won the first fall in 1 minute 12 seconds with a small package. The second fall went to the champion at 9 minutes 18 seconds to even the score at 1 – 1. The third and final fall went to the challenger, Mr. Showtime around the 7 minute mark when Talon tapped out to an ankle lock. The crowd jumped to their feet and blew the roof off the building with their cheers and congratulations.

We would like to thank Ricky Morton for working with NWA/Chattanooga and NWA/DSCW over the past two days.

Our next show will be on February 4th at Fannin County High School in Blue Ridge, GA. Join us for Valentine’s Vengeance! Bell-time 7pm


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