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NWA Chattanooga results from 1/20 in Soddy Daisy, TN

- from NWA Chattanooga

Attendance was 225.

Corey Hollis def. Logan Alvey via pinfall;

Dru Delight def Brandon Collins via pinfall;

Ace Rockwell def Chip Day after interference from Corey Hollis backfired when Rockwell's protege Logan Alvey evened the odds;

- The Scenic City Hall Of Fame ceremony occured with announcer Scott Hensley giving a detailed title history and bringing out the presenters for each inductee.

- Longime NWA official Charlie Smith presented the award to Joyce Grable,

- Chattanooga media fixture, and long time News Channel 9 weatherman Bill Race presented the award to Pat Rose.

- ESPN Radio Chattanooga host Nick Bonstanto presented the award to Ricky Morton.

Tune in to "This and That" with Don Welch on Monday 1/23/12, ABC affiliate WTCV News Channel 9 at 12:30 PM for a special look at the ceremony. We will also post the highlights later this week. It was clear that the recognition meant a great deal to each of the legends. Both Rose and Grable were nearly moved to tears stating what the Hall Of Fame distinction meant to them with Rose exclaiming "THIS is MY WWE Hall of Fame!" and Grable stating that "no one knew exactly how much this meant to her". Ricky Morton told all the fans that without them, he wouldn't wouldn't have existed.

As Morton was wrapping up his acceptance speech The Juggernauts crashed the party. Juggernaut #2 stated that yes, the rumors were true...there were two Juggernauts and this was the perfect time for them to debut. It was great that the legends were being honored, but they were the past and The Juggernauts were the future. He said it was time they made their name at Ricky Morton's expense. The two mammoth Juggernauts circled Morton when Jessco Blue came out to make things fair. Morton said he didn't come here for a fight but he was always ready for one and he just so happened to know a thing or two about tag team wrestling , so he proposed that the Juggernauts put their money where their mouths were and face he and Blue in a tag bout. Management saw fit to honor the legend's request on his night and sent a ref to make it official.

Ricky Morton & Jessco Blue defeated The Juggernauts via DQ reverse decision. Juggernaut #1 actually pinned Morton in the match with the aid of the loaded mask. Hall Of Famers Pat Rose and Joyce Grable quickly let the referee know what happened, and official James Rhodes found the foreign object. The Juggernauts attempt at a post match sneak attack was thwarted with Rose and Grable both clocking a masked man, and Morton and Blue topped it off by clearing the ring with the old R'N'R staple, the double dropkick.

Andrew Alexander defeated Jessco Blue ,Kyle Matthews and Bryan Casanova in the 4 Way Match for a shot at ANY title at ANY time after hitting the piledriver on Blue. This was a hard fought contest, but the beating Blue took at the hands of the Juggernauts may have cost him. Matthews appeared to be the favorite in the match, and almost secured victory but Alexander's calculating coniving let Matthews score a victory blow, and tossed him out of the ring and drove the nail home himself. This bout settled one thing...Andrew Alexander will now get a shot at any title of his choice at any time he likes. But the issues, both between Casanova and Blue and Matthews and Alexander are far from solved.

Shaun Tempoers defeated Patrick Bentley in a near 30 minute 2/3 falls contest to settle their rivalry once and for all. This was a true classic style championship bout. They battled back and forth for almost 20 minutes before the first fall was scored, which Tempers did after dropping Bentley ribs first on the steel turnbuckle. There was a 30 second rest period between falls,and Bentley was still unable to rise, so the ref began the count. Tempers continued to pound the obviously injured Bentley, but out of nowhere Bentley was able to level the playing field by hitting the 360 Piledriver and scoring the 2nd fall. This time, both men struggled to reach their feet after the rest period and it was anybodys match. In a true display of how well they'd scouted each other from previous matches, Tempers went for the tiger driver, Bentley blocked it went for the hurricanrana, Tempers countered with the tiger driver for a near fall. Bentley countered the hangman's neckbreaker with a backslide for a 2.9 of his own, and then hit the Spring action kick for a 2.9999. Bentley went to finish it off with the 360 piledriver, but Tempers was able to shoot a last second double leg and cradle for the completely unexpected 3 count.

Tank defeated Se7en via pinfall in a bloody, hard hitting and brutal dog collar match to retain the NWA Southeastern title. This was two of the biggest and baddest men in the NWA laying it all on the line in a blood bath. It started at an even keel, and Tank took over showing his experience advantage in this type of match. Se7en's incredible pain tolerance allowed him to withstand this onslaught though and a clever move of removing his collar and tieing it to the top rope allowed Se7en to come within inches of dethroning the champion, but once Tank was able to break free and create a bionic lariat by wrapping the chain around his arm, and Se7en was unable to kick out after that almost super human blow.

It was announced that the return date for Soddy Daisy Middle School is 2/17/12 will feature a Triple Threat match with all titles on the line featuring NWA Southeastern Champion: Tank, NWA North American Champion: Shaun Tempers, and former NWA Southern Champion: Ace Rockwell. These are three men who's careers and destinies have been intertwined for a decade, but never have the stakes been so high. All close friends at one point, all bitter enemies at another point, all have carved their own paths, and on 2/17/12 only one can emerge victorious.


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