Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Livewire Wrestling Results from 1/26 in Augusta, GA

Livewire Wrestling was in Augusta, GA, on January 26. Results: Vincent Sykes defeated Ja Stone; Oz Saint defeated Justin Chambers, Jason Gold, Michael Saint, Wade Adams, Rellik, and Christian Fury in a seven-man elimination match to win the Livewire Southern TV Championship; Dustin Knight defeated Chris Mayne in the third match in their best-of-seven series; Charlie Anarchy defeated Gavin Cross to retain the Livewire Hardcore Championship; Ryan Rain vs. Jack Brooks vs. Jeremy Cruz ended in a no contest after interference from David Coleman; Smooth Excellence defeated Drowning in Excellence to retain the Livewire Tag Team Championship; Darkness vs. Anthony Henry ended in a double countout; and David Coleman defeated D.J. Bam to retain the Livewire Championship.

Credit: Brian Slack @ http://www.gwhnews.com

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