Monday, January 30, 2012

Empire Wrestling Entertainment results from 1/28 in Rossville, GA

- from Empire Wrestling Entertainment

We'd Like To Thank The 150+ Fans In Attendance On Saturday Night, We Appreciate The Growing Support Of THE Empire! Of Course We Will Be Back For What Already Promises To Be A Knockout Show On February 4th. Let's Get Right To The Issues!

Next Saturday night will be the Final Showdown between former X-Treme Generation partners Jason Hampton and Jerry "Friggin'" Anderson.

Yes the Final Showdown, as this is a Loser Leaves Town match. These 2 individuals were tag team partners for years, however their working relationship crumbled within a matter of 3 months. Here are the facts: Nearing the end of their X-Treme Generation tag team, Jason Hampton grew further incensed with Jerry Anderson as Jerry resorted to using a chain in matches repeatedly; Jerry would always resort to pulling the chain out and using it on opponents, even when not necessary. Hampton told Jerry before several matches, "Jerry! Focus!". Anderson seemed more concerned about screaming at The Empire Ring Announcer Buzz, insulting, ridiculing, and mocking the fans, and just "losing it" basically. Well last night was the "straw that broke the camel's back".

Jason wrestled a grueling match against Empire Heavyweight Champion Rufus Black, only to have Jerry Anderson make his way to ringside at the end, distract Hampton and cause Hampton to lose the match. The match had high stakes as Rufus Black said he would grant a title shot to Jason Hampton if Hampton could pin him. It was not to happen, as Anderson made sure of it. After the match was over, and Hampton was in no shape to be considering any future match, Jerry Anderson grabs the ringside microphone and challenged Jason Hampton to a "Loser Leaves Town" match for next Saturday night. As Jason was struggling for air, he accepted Jerry's challenge. I don't know about Jason's sense of judgement in accepting Jerry's challenge so quickly, but nevertheless he did, and next Saturday night, will be the Final Showdown between these former Empire Tag Team Champions. The fans are now solidly behind Hampton and we are inviting all to come out in force to get behind Jason to rid The Empire of Jerry Anderson once and for all.

In another development, as you can see the post from "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper, yes Viper defeated Logan Alvey in a matter of seconds.

However, Mr. Viper left out a few details. At the beginning of the event last night, Logan Alvey came out to try to let the fans know why he seemingly no showed the January 21st scheduled matchup between he and Viper. It was only about 30 seconds into the interview and Logan challenged Viper for a match later last night, and out came Viper and his "Illuminate`" stablemates Brandon and Jason Collins. No word from Logan about exactly what happened, but Viper said he was "sorry about the 4 flat tires". Logan told Viper "No one said anything about flat tires!" (Also Known As: The "Illuminate`" was responsible for Alvey's absense January 21st).

When The Empire heard Viper stumbling for words back to Alvey, Jason Collins "Pearl Harbored" Logan Alvey and it became a 3 on 1 beatdown until "Wyld Stallyn" Corey Cox made the save-with a steel chair in hand. Well the match was set for later in the evening, but when Logan's music played, again he didn't come out as he normally does, but stumbled through the entrance curtain and collapsed. Ring announcer Buzz went to check on Logan, called for help, and Jason Hampton and Corey Cox came out, got Logan up, and tried to restrain him from getting in the ring. Alvey was in no condition to wrestle, as he had obviously suffered not 1, but 2 beatings prior to the match. Logan never backs down, entered the ring to his demise, and was short work for Johnny Viper. That's How Johnny Viper won last night folks. The Empire fans despised Viper before last night, but it's safe to say, they LOATHE him now! Viper you have not heard the last of Logan Alvey, Mark That Down!

On February 4th it will be cold outside, but we'll have the heat on in the Empire Arena, and of course the action in the ring will be way hotter than the warm temperature in the area's most spacious Professional Wrestling Arena.

And for our EMPIRE Fans: All Tickets Are $5.00....See You At The Empire-Where The Titans Collide!


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