Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wrestling results from the state of Illinois

IWA Unlimited results from Olney, IL on 10/26 --

*Tony Flood d. Matt Maverick
*Cody Ray Strong d. Travis Weir
*Scott Parker d. Dante Ember
*AT Brooks d. Blake Reed by DQ
*Joey O'Riley, Alex Castle & Cash Bordin d. Matt Cage, Christian Rose & Rockstar Cole James

New Midwest Wrestling results from Springfield, IL on 10/29 --

*Scott Keyes pinned Perry Winkle
*Tony G, Eric Logan & Derek Moss pinned CI Champ Tyler Priegel, NMW Tag Champs Guy Smith & Spencer Powers
*Michael Flannery pinned Bucky Collins
*Truk Thompson pinned Nate Knox
*NMW Heavyweight Champ Ryan Phoenix pinned Dan the Man
*Michael Flannery won a 20-man royal rumble

Dreamwave Wrestling results from Peru, IL on 10/28 --

*Tyler Priegel d. Bucky Collins
*Justice Jones d. Ninja Bill
*DWW Alt Champ Mr. 450 Hammett fought Nick Brubaker to a no contest
*Steve Boz d. Matt Knicks
*Dixieland Destroyer & Bobby Houston d. Waylon Beck & Dan the Man
*DWW Heavyweight Champ Austin Roberts d. Marshe Rockett by DQ (reverse decision)


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