Friday, October 28, 2011

Wrestling legend Barry Windham hospitalized

Bob Windham,
known in the wrestling world as
WWE Hall Of Famer Blackjack Mulligan,
revealed on Wednesday (October 27th) that his son,
former NWA/WWE/WCW Superstar Barry Windham,
is in an Intensive Care Unit
in a Florida hospital.

"I have a son near death,"
he posted on his Facebook page,
asking for prayers.
Other posts say that the 51-year-old Windham
suffered a heart attack.

Barry Windham broke into the wrestling business in 1979
and by the mid-'80s was a national star,
first in the WWF
as a two-time World Tag Team Champion
with Mike Rotundo,

and then in the NWA,
where he was a constant challenger
for Ric Flair's NWA World title,

until aligning with Flair's Four Horsemen
in April of 1988.

In February 1993,
he became NWA World Champion,
beating The Great Muta
at Superbrawl III.

On a national level,
he was last seen in the WWF in 1996
alongside Bradshaw
(John Bradshaw Layfield)
as The New Blackjacks,
and in WCW in 1999.

He has worked
for World Wrestling Entertainment
as both a backstage agent
and a producer.

SLAM! Wrestling

As of press time,
Barry remains in ICU,
but there is "much improvement"
according to his father,
which is very encouraging news.

All of us here at Wrestling News Center
will most certainly keep Barry Windham
and his family
in our thoughts and prayers
in hopes that have will have
both a full and complete recovery.

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