Saturday, October 15, 2011

USWO/ATL Cyberslam results from 10-14 in Nashville, TN

USWO / ATL Wrestling’s Cybeslam Wrestling results from the Stadium Inn in
Nashville, TN, on October 14: Michael Jablonski beat the Convict; Shawn Shultz beat
Nick Iggy; L.T. Falk beat Bryan Casey (with Devious Gordon) to win the ATL
Championship; Fireball Roberts beat Mike Revick and Shawn Hoodrich to win the
vacant ATL Jr. Championship when he pinned Hoodrich; TNT Mottley beat Jocephus
by DQ when Jocephus choked him with a chain; Cyberslam Champion Jeremiah
Plunkett beat Chris Michaels; and Gary Valiant & Krull (with Miss Boogie) beat Kliff
Hanger & Damien Payne when Valiant pinned Hanger.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel @

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