Sunday, October 30, 2011

PowerPro Wrestling: Results from Ripley, TN 10-29-11

 PowerPro Wrestling returned to the Mid-South scene this Saturday night with the help of "The Superstar" Bill Dundee and Randy Hales.

The show began at 8:00pm sharp with an introduction by multi-time Announcer of the Year award winner Terrence Ward who explained the rebirth of PowerPro Wrestling. He would then call PowerPro Wrestling Owner/President/Founder Randy Hales and The Superstar Bill Dundee to ringside. They would explain the history of PowerPro and the stars that came from this once developmental territory of the WWE. After the introduction the matches would begin. On hand for the events would be Wrestling Book Author Mark James, with his two latest books MWH Presents 1982 & MWH Presents the 1960's, and Newport's Magic of Wrestling Owner Betty Butler.

1st Match: One Fall/15 Min. Time Limit
Alan Steel vs Mike Revick
Winner: Alan Steele by pin-fall.

2nd Match: One Fall/15 Min. Time Limit
Damien Payne vs Zac Zero
Winner: Damien Payne by pin-fall

3rd Match: One Fall/30 Min. Time Limit
Josephus vs Chris O'Neil
Winner: Chris O'Neil by pin-fall

4th Match: One Fall/30 Min. Time Limit
Brandon Barbwire vs Austin Lane
Winner: Austin Lane

5th Match: One Fall/30 Min. Time Limit
L.T. Faulk vs Tatt2
Winner: Tatt2

Main Event: Rumble Match for the PowerPro Heavyweight Title.
12 men would enter this match and it would come down to the last two, Chris O'Neil and Alan Steel. Josephus would distract the referee as O'Neil tossed Steel over the top rope and on to the floor. Steel would return to the ring just as the referee turned around and would eliminate O'Neil to win the title. PowerPro Head Randy Hales would take to ringside after being called out by O'Neil to reverse the referee's decision. Hales would instead give him a match next week for the title.

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