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Wrestling results from the state of Georgia

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 10/15/11, from Rossville, GA

The Show opened up with The Reverend in the ring. He stated that even tho Jessco Blue was not at the show, Ben Thrasher would be defeanding the Empire Tag Team Titles tonight. This brought out Jason Hampton. Hampton asked for a rematch for the Empire Heavyweight Chamionship. The Reverend said yes, if he beats Rush in the main event. If Rush wins, he will get the title match.

Ganz got a measure of revenge tonight defeating "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper;

Lamar Phillips defeated Logan Alvie;

"The Chunky Dragon" Keith Hamill came to the ring. He said that last week, Seven demolished him. He then asked for a rematch against Seven tonight. Andrew Alexander and The Reverend came to the ring and told Keith No. Keith then asked for a match with Andrew. Andrew Alexander defeated "The Chunky Dragon" Kieth Hamill after Andrew rolled thru a crossbody.

1/2 of the Empire Tag Team Cahmpions Ben Thrasher defeated The True ITalins (Chad Guilani & Tristian Daniels) w/ Adam Stevens to retain the Empire Tag Team Championships.

Jason Hampton earned at rematch for the Empire Heavyweight Championship by defeating Rush after The REverend and Andrew Alexander attacked Rush behind the referees back.


Results: TNT Pro Wrestling, 10/15/11, from Clayton, GA

Matt Sells defeated Scott Mayson;

CB Gibson defeated TNT US Champion Juan Delgado & T-Money in a Handicap Match;

TNT Tri-States Champion Chad Silva & Alex Decker defeated Zackary Blane & Zee Williams;

TNT Tag Team Champions The Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) defeated Mystic Storm & Ken O'Sullivan;

Zach Daniels defeated Chip Day;

After the match, TNT Heavyweight Champion Chaos made his way to the ring, leading to a heated confrontation with Daniels that forced TNT President Jason Speed to intervene before things got completely out of control. Speed promised that a rematch would be taking place in the very near future


Results: Universal Independent Wrestling, 10/15/11, from Villa Rica, GA

"The Real Deal" Jake Slater defeated "Wildchild" Joey Kidman;

UIW Cruiserweight Champion Stupid (w/Tweety) defeated "The Local Scene" Josh Storm;

Kyle Matthews defeated Anthony Andrews;

UIW Tag Team Champion (w/AJ Steele) Murder One defeated Awesome TC;

Marvelous Michael Stevens, Drew Adler & Billy Knight defeated Brad Lynch, "Epic" Grant Michell & UIW United States Champion Rob Adonis with Stevens pinning Adonis;

After the match, Stevens challenged Adonis to a match for the US Championship on 10/29 at UIW's big Halloween show at Bay Springs Middle School in Villa Rica, GA. Adonis accepted the challenge.

Pretty Boy Doug Somers vs "So Fine" Frankie Valentine ended with both men being counted out of the ring;

Valentine came to the ring after intermission and announced that he and Somers would face each other in a steel cage on 10/29;

Bull Buchanan pinned Cru Jones after Peanut and the announcer, Mark Grason, jumped onto the ring apron and interfered with the match;

After the match, Cru Jones and Peanut pummeled Grason until Bull Buchanan made the save. Buchanan offered Grason one shot at redemption after interfering in a match in which Bull lost the title in July. Grason asked for a second chance; Bull was unforgiving and leveled him with one punch;

Stay tuned for more info on UIW's big Halloween show on Oct 29th at Bay Springs Middle School in Villa Rica, GA.


NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling Report for 10/16 in Warner Robins, GA

At the beginning of the show, a message from Doc Gayton tells everyone that Jimmy
Rave and Kyle Matthews will be in a 1 on 1 match just a few days before Doctoberfest
as part of Impact Wrestling’s show in Macon, Georgia. He also informs everyone that
Mike Posey will be the referee, and that if Mike Posey shows favoritism towards Rave
or even looks unprofessional he will be gone from Rampage Pro Wrestling. With that,
Jimmy Rave Approved makes their way to the ring. Rave goes on to explain about
how Hollis already hurt Patrick Bentley and how his Approved are already at the
advantage for their big 10-Man Tag Match later on in the show. He continues by
saying that he will beat Matthews at Impact Wrestling and go on to lead his Approved
to victory at the War Games match at Doctoberfest.

“Adorable” Anthony Andrews (w/ “Marvelous” Michael Stevens) vs Drew Adler
Referee: Stan Robinson

Andrews receives a “Sweat Tart” chant from the fans for his pink and yellow attire.
Marv attacks his old friend, Adler, while being vocally against the fans who continue to throw insults at Andrews. Just as Adler was about to pick up the pin, Marv got on the apron to distract the ref and was left unpunished. He came in again to interrupt a pin and was allowed to stay at ringside as the match continued. Finally, with Adler on the top rope, Marv jumps on the apron to push Adler down to force the referee to call for the bell.

Drew Adler wins via disqualification at 5:53

After the match the two go to beat down Adler until Jacobs rushes to the ring. Andrews and Marv together prove to be too much for Jacobs and Adler. A fan jumps the rail causing a big disruption and ends the conflict in the ring, ultimately resulting in the fan being escorted out by security with Adler and Jacobs looking confused.

NWA RPW Heavyweight Championship Match
“Untouchable” Jeremy Vain (w/ Doug Somers)(C) vs Frankie Valentine
Referee: Dustin Robinson

Prior to the match starting, Jeremy Vain says he’s scared of nobody and will accept
the challenge of anyone at Doctoberfest. Bill Behrens informs Doug Somers that he
is set to face Frankie Valentine at Doctoberfest. Vain is much more aggressive in this match than previously, a nice development for the new Heavyweight Champion. The
match reaches a finish when Somers plays distraction and Vain nails Valentine with
the Heavyweight Title, followed by a DDT for the win.

Jeremy Vain wins via pin fall at 6:15 to retain the RPW Heavyweight Championship

After the match Somers and Vain attack Valentine. J-Rod, Kyle Matthews, Adrian
Hawkins, and Ace Rockwell make the save. A promo then plays with Mikael Judas
accepting Vain’s open challenge. Doctoberfest will have Mikael Judas making his
debut against Jeremy Vain for the RPW Heavyweight Title.

#1 Contender Match for the NWA RPW Tag Team Titles
Cash Vault (Rob Adonis & Bobby Moore)(w/ Charlie Cash) vs Hot Like Lava (Shaun
Banks & Cru Jones)
Referee: Stan Robinson

The crowd was very supportive of Hot Like Lava in this match. Banks and Jones didn’t
use as many of their rule-breaking tactics in this match while Cash Vault pulled all of their usual cards. The match comes to a close with Suspects rushing to the ring with steel chairs and attacking Cash Vault. The ref calls for the bell and the match is announced as a No Contest (as opposed to a DQ in favor of Cash Vault).

No Contest via interference at 9:54

Suspects clear the ring of everyone and remain until both Cash Vault and Hot Like
Lava leave. They then celebrate with the crowd cheering.

Ben Masters stands in the ring to interview Jeremy Vain and Doug Somers. Key
points include Vain sending a message to Mikael Judas saying he will show why he
is “Untouchable” and when Somers is interrupted by a recording of Doc saying that
Valentine vs Somers will be a Non-Title First Blood Match.

5 On 4 Handicap Tag Match to determine first entry in War Games
Jimmy Rave Approved (Mike Posey & Chip Day & Corey Hollis & Sal Rinauro & Jimmy
Rave) vs J-Rod & Ace Rockwell & Adrian Hawkins & Kyle Matthews
Referee: Dustin Robinson

The match apparently had Rampage Rules (Luchador tag rules) but it wasn’t
advertised or announced. Approved seemed to use a lot of hit and run tactics until
around 8 minutes in, where the match gets more intense. J-Rod missed the top rope
when he went to spring into the ring from the apron, resulting in him getting caught in the ropes and hurting his knee. Around 16 minutes in, everyone gets into the ring and some alternations between team members hitting each other with signature moves
takes place before continuing the match. Approved manages to trap Ace Rockwell in
the ring and wear down his knee for about 10 minutes while keeping themselves
fresh. Kyle Matthews hot tags in around 30 minutes in, followed by another sequence
of signature moves by both teams. When Rave accidently hits Sal with a Spear meant
for Matthews, the two get into another confrontation. Matthews uses this to push Sal
into Rave, knocking Rave out of the ring, and locking Sal in the Hidaka Lock for the

Kyle Matthews & J-Rod & Adrian Hawkins & Ace Rockwell win via submission at 36:
39 to gain the first entry into War Games.

The Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion, Davey Richards, will be facing Kyle
O’Reilly in what will be the first Proving Ground match from ROH. Proving Ground will be a term for a match held between a ROH Champion and other contender, and if the champion loses the match the winner will be given a ROH title shot within the next 60 days.

Doctoberfest tickets are on sale. Buying them in advance will give you a deal for $8. Getting them at the door will be $10 but if you attend the Impact Wrestling even in Macon, GA on October 26 you can bring the ticket stub for said event to get into
Doctoberfest for just $5. Head to TNA’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Macon on October
26th and show your support for Rampage Pro Wrestling.

The opening match for Impact Wrestling will be shown to the live audience but not
recorded for Impact Wrestling’s broadcast. This match will put RPW’s own stars,
Jimmy Rave and Kyle Matthews, in a match against each other less than a week prior
to their big War Games match for Doctoberfest. RPW star Mike Posey will be the
referee for this match.

Credit: Daniel Lee Lumm and Avery Edwards @

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