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NWA ProSouth Wrestling Results from Piedmont, Alabama on 10/15/11

NWA ProSouth Wrestling Results
ProSouth Arena
Piedmont, Alabama

The show opened with Owner/Commisioner Terry Batey announcing that due to health concerns and NWA commitments he will have less time to take care of the day to day operations of NWA ProSouth Wrestling and to help fill that void he has hired a new General Manager for ProSouth....He then introduced Gene Jackson as the new General Manager.  Jackson came out in a suit and tie and promised that he has big plans for ProSouth and that he's already been scouting new talent to bring in and his first new acquistion was 25 year ring veteran Al Horne.  Jackson brought Horne out and introduced him to the fans but was interupted while running down Horne's resume by the ProSouth Heavyweight Champion Brian Alexander.   Alexander said he didn't appreciate "people showing up uninvited to his HIS house."  An inpromptu match then occurred.

NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Champion Brian Alexander defeated Al Horne after a distraction involving a foreign object that Alexander pulled out of his tights and tossed at Horne.

Brandon Collum came out dressed like "The Last Hero" Ace Haven, mocking him after his vicious attack on Haven following their match the week before that saw Collum stab Haven in the neck with a SCREWDRIVER!!....Collum's promo was interupted by Haven himself whose neck was bandaged and currently isn't cleared by his Doctor to compete.....Haven announced that the new G.M. Gene Jackson officially signed a rematch between he and Collum that would take place October 28th at Wicked Havoc.....Collum asked Ace what would stop him from attacking him again here which Haven pointed behind Collum and said, "him" , Brandon turned around into a flying crossbody from Jed Johnson which led to match #2.

Brandon Collum defeated Jed Johnson by submission

Bulldog Raines defeated Big Tomb by DQ when Southern Stud Enterprises (Grant Mitchell/Scott Spade) hit the ring and attack Raines which brought out Kyle Matthews and Frankie Valentine for the save!

Following the intermission, General Manager Gene Jackson came to the ring to announce that he's decided to add a stipulation to the Ace Haven/Brandon Collum match at Wicked Havoc on October 28th....Due to the bitter hatred shown between these two and the potential for injury if this feud doens't end soon....Jackson has now made the match a ProSouth Career vs. ProSouth Career match...the loser of the match will NO LONGER wrestle for NWA ProSouth Wrestling and the contract would be signed in the ring next week here in Piedmont, Alabama. NO DQ/NO COUNTOUT...there must be a winner!

NWA ProSouth Tag Team Title Match
Champions Kyle Matthews/Frankie Valentine successfully defended against "Epic" Grant Mitchell/Scott Spade

Make sure you're in Piedmont, Alabama on October 28th for WICKED HAVOC....more details below

NWA ProSouth Wrestling
Wicked Havoc 2

Tickets $6 General Admission
Tickets $7 Ringside Seat
Doors Open at 6 PM & Bell Time at 7 PM

~ProSouth Heavyweight Championship Match~
#1 Contender "Future Classic" Tyler Gage
ProSouth Heavyweight Champion Brian Alexander

~Career vs Career: No DQ/No Count Out~
"The Last Hero" Ace Haven
Brandon Collum

~Texas Bull Rope Grudge Match~
Hall of Famer Rick Freeman
"Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes

Plus a costume contest for kids! And much, much more!
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