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NWA ProSouth presents Wicked Havoc 2 RESULTS from Piedmont, AL.

NWA ProSouth Wrestling
Wicked Havoc 2 Results
ProSouth Arena- Piedmont, Alabama

Mark Grason welcomed the fans and brought out General Manager Gene Jackson, Commisioner Terry Batey, and NWA representive Brice Anderson.  Jackson apologized to the fans for what happened the week before during the main event in which he unintentionally allowed Mike Posey to retain the NWA ProSouth All Out championship against Frankie Valentine by using the new title belt as a weapon.....He announced after seeing the footage he couldn't strip Posey of the title because this was the NWA, not the NFL but he fined Posey $1000 and has signed him to defend against the top 5 contenders in a Six Way Scamble match for the ALL OUT title.  Jackson went on to tell everyone that his big suprise he promised last week when he raised ticket prices would be announced by NWA Official Brice Anderson.  Anderson announced that he had the signed contract to confirm that the NWA North American Heavyweight Champion "The Temptation" Shaun Tempers would be in Piedmont, Alabama on November 11th to defend the title.  The crowd cheered and Gene was congratulated by Terry Batey and Mark Grason, Jackson turned to leave but was told there was one more announcement.  Anderson then pulled out another contract and announced that Terry Batey had gotten it signed to bring NWA World Champion "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce to ProSouth on December 16th.  Jackson looked annoyed and left the ring as the crowd cheered the announcement of another World title match happening in Piedmont.

NWA All Out Championship Scramble
Mike Posey vs. "Stinger" Shawn Seagle vs. "Awesome" Scott Spade vs. Frankie "So Fine" Valentine vs. "Epic" Grant Mitchell vs. Jed Johnson

A fast paced match with a lot of high flying moves where whoever gained the first decision won the title whether Mike Posey's shoulders were pinned or not, after a lot of nearfalls and potential new champions Valentine looked to have the match won when Posey hit him with a legdrop off the top rope across the back of the head and rolled him off Jed Johnson to then cover Jed and get the pin....Mike Posey retains the All Out Championship.

Next up was the Halloween Costume contest which yielded two winners: One child and One adult who each won a photo book signed by all the stars of ProSouth Wrestling.

Texas Bullrope Match
"Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes vs. Rick Freeman's Mystery Opponent

This match was originally scheduled to be Rhodes vs. Freeman but due to injuries suffered at the hands of 'Southern Stud Enterprises', Freeman could not be medically cleared to he promised he would have someone that would exact revenge on his behalf, the Piedmont fans went wild when Freeman announced his mystery man, BULLDOG RAINES!  Rhodes was none to happy with the sight of Bulldog Raines and a building full of barking fans who wanted to see the 'Southern Stud' pay for everything he's done in recent months.  Rhodes none the less still gave Bulldog a hard fought match and it looked as though 'Southern Stud Enterprises' was gonna pull off another win when Rhodes used the bullrope to pull Bulldog into the referee knocking him out, this allowed Scott Spade, Grant Mitchell, and Big Tomb to hit the ring but Bulldog couldn't be denied as he single handidly fought off Southern Stud Enterprises,  then as Rhodes was about to throw powder into the eyes of Bulldog,  Raines kicked his hand knocking the powder into Rhodes' eyes allowing Raines to take him out and get the victory in this big grudge match.

NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Title
Brian Alexander vs. "The Future Classic" Tyler Gage

This one had been brewing since Alexander attacked Gage with a flaming baseball bat weeks ago putting 'The Future Classic' on the shelf, Gage was eager for revenge but as fate would have it, his first child would be born on this very day and choosing to be with his family for this important event, Gage would be unable to appear for his title shot.  Gage was counted out and Brian Alexander was declared the victor and after a brief mic spiel, Alexander declared he was done for the night and headed home when G.M. Gene Jackson came out and announced that he wasn't in fact done for the night.  Jackson said the fans came to see the champion in action and that's what they were gonna see, he said it took him all day but he managed to find Alexander a more than worthy opponent.  A ProSouth Hall of Famer.....the legendary former AWA World Tag Team Champion "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers.  Gene did say that since Doug was not part of the regular roster that the match would be a non-title match....however Commisioner Terry Batey came out and said not to step on Jackson's toes but since the fans were promised a title match that the match would in fact be for the ProSouth Title...which now lead to a new match.

NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Title
Brian Alexander vs. "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers

Somers gave the champion all he could handle but once again Brian Alexander managed to successfully defend this title for the second time of the night getting the win over the AWA legend.


Main Event
Career vs. Career
No DQ, No Countout- There must be a winner
"The Last Hero" Ace Haven
"The Fallen Hero" Brandon Collum

This match was very personal and Haven dove off the top rope on to Collum before he could get into the ring while he was arguing with fans at ringside.  This match was a wild, brutal brawl that saw Brandon Collum's head put through the bathroom wall at one point!!  While fighting in the crowd, Collum was choking Ace Haven, prompting Haven's fiance who was in the crowd watching the show to come up behind Collum and scratch him down his back to get him off of him (Collum was sporting HUGE Freddy Krueger like claw marks down his back after the show)  This made Collum go after Haven's woman, grabbing her and just as Collum was about to attack her, Haven went to punch Brandon who ducked out of the way causing Haven to punch her square in the mouth.  Haven try to check on her but Collum was right back on the attack and the match continued....finally the brawl made it's way into the ring and these two bitter rivals went at it hard for several minutes til the referee was knocked out missing a clear pinfall by Ace Haven......eventually Collum recovered and got the upperhand and went out to the floor to yell at Ace Haven's mother who was in the front row while Ace was down in the Collum threatened to attack her as well, from outta nowhere behind the curtain came Terry Batey who decked Brandon who attacked him last week and tossed him in the ring....allowing Haven to hit the 'Ace Crusher'.....a new referee entered but Ace only got a two count.....a few moments later Collum schoolboyed Haven and the new ref gave the fastest three count in the history of wrestling as Collum quickly rolled out of the ring with his hand raised in victory.....the Piedmont fans were in shock as Brandon Collum was declared the victor and Ace Haven's ProSouth career was seemingly over as he attacked the referee who just screwed him and then fell to the mat in disbelief.

But as Collum went to leave from the dressing room came NWA Rep. Brice Anderson followed by almost the entire ProSouth roster...Anderson declared that he wasn't gonna allow what just took place to stand and that the match would be restarted.  Collum reluctantly went back into the ring where his fight with Ace Haven resumed, after several close calls that nearly saw Haven lose legit, Haven mananged to land another 'Ace Crusher' and get the three count on Brandon Collum.  The crowd cheered as Haven's hand was raised and his father Terry Batey came out and embraced him at ringside....the fans then chanted the standard, "Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah....Hey, Hey, Hey, GOODBYE!" at Brandon Collum the one time hero who would now be forced to leave ProSouth Wrestling a bitter and defeated man.

(Report courtesy of Russell Clark)

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