Sunday, October 16, 2011

MCW results from 10-14 in Osceola, AR

1st match - JT Storm defeated Spiker !!!

2nd match - Psycho & Dynamite Kid won by DQ over The Hambone Express !!

3rd match - Myles Murphy & Misery defeated C-money & Dell Tucker !!!

4th match - Derrick King & Stretch defeated Tommy Drama & Notorious Bradley Diggs !!

5th match - MCW Heavyweight Champion Frankie Tucker lost the title to Big Bad
Bishop !!! After the win V-man & Bishop with Sexy Sam Dollar beat up Frankie including a double choke slam !! Reggie B Fine runs out to save Tucker & sets up a match next week with Reggie B Fine & Frankie Tucker vs V-man & Bishop !! Your new MCW Heavyweight Champion Bishop !!!

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