Thursday, October 20, 2011

Florida Championship Wrestling Results from 10/13 in Tampa, FL

For November 6: William Regal defeated Dean Ambrose; Abraham Washington
defeated Erick Rowan, with James Bronson attacking Washington post-match; Titus
O'Neill & Percy Watson defeated Brad Maddox & Briley Pierce; Mr. Antonio Cesaro
defeated C.J. Parker; and Rick Victor defeated Peter Orlov.

For November 13: Leo Kruger defeated Husky Harris and Richie Steamboat in a triple
threat to retain the FCW Championship; Aksana & Caylee Turner defeated Audrey
Marie & Cameron Lynn; Damien Sandow vs. Seth Rollins ended in a draw; and the
Ascension (Conor O'Brian, Kenneth Cameron & Tito Colon, w/ Raquel Diaz) defeated
Mike Dalton, Jason Jordan & Colin Cassady.

For November 20: Husky Harris defeated Richie Steamboat in a falls-count-anywhere
match; Damien Sandow, Mr. Antonio Cesaro & Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins,
Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman; Big E Langston defeated Kevin Hickman; Leakee
defeated Corey Graves; and Donny Marlow & C.J. Parker defeated Brad Maddox &
Briley Pierce.

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