Monday, October 31, 2011

Does this name sound familiar to anyone?

The following was posted by Mike Aldren at today:

"There was an independent show this past weekend in Poteau, Oklahoma, promoted
by Dwayne Huckaba.

He booked several well known names including Tammy Sytch and Jim Neidhart who
did a pre show meet and greet. Several others guy didn't go as they hadn't received
their retainer. Huckaba claimed to at least one person that he sent a check, and that
the check he sent had been cashed, but didn't provide any proof.

The show was pretty much a disaster drawing less than 100 paid. Huckaba skipped
town soon after bell time when he realized ticket sales wasn't going to cover his
payroll. He hasn't since returned anyone's calls or messages."

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Anonymous said...

oh yea. Sounds like what happend back last year with mr Izzy