Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BANG Results from 10/15 in Ocala, FL

BANG Results from Ocala on 10/15

BANG was in Ocala, FL, on October 15. Results: Blain Rage defeated El Diablo
Negro, Johnny Romano, and Jayson Falcone in a four-way to win the BANG TV
Championship; Cory Weston vs. Shane Chung ended in a time limit draw; Hollywood
Heather & Luke Spencer (w/ Daffney) defeated Corey Weston & Claudia Reiff to win
the BANG Inter-Gender Tag Team Championship; and Dory Funk Jr., Cory Weston &
Jayson Falcone defeated Luke Spencer, Shane Chung & Blain Rage (w/ Hollywood
Heather & Daffney).

Credit: Brian Slack @

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