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Report from MCW's 1st Annual SmackDown in K-Town-August 20, 2011

Ring announcer Kenny Marcel welcomed everyone to Mississippi Championship Wrestling's "SmackDown in K-Town!" Then, Marcel introduced WWE Hall of Famer, "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart, who said he was born just down the road in Jackson and his mother was actually a member of the Norton family from Kosciusko. Hart spoke about just returning from LA and the big WWE SummerSlam spectacular. At different times, during the night, I had to do a double take because one moment I thought Kenny Marcel was Mr. Showtime and the next I thought I was watching Memphis Wrestling with Corey Maclin and Jimmy Hart. "BIG MOVE!"

Mr. Wayne Bolin was recognized for buying tickets for all of his employees.

Opening Match-Rondale Roosevelt vs Jeremy Awesome-Roosevelt is quite agile for a big man as he was flying around that ring. Awesome would ground him, by sending his shoulder into the corners and delivering a suplex. Out of nowhere, Roosevelt would connect with the PELE! (Don West needed) Roosevelt would then execute a death valley driver and go up top. Roosevelt got the three count after a big frog splash. Your Winner, Rondale Roosevelt!!!

2nd Match-Thomas Shock vs Street Bandit-Close call during this one as Shock got sent to the floor, my life flashed before my very eyes. Luckily, the big man threw on the brakes and didn't flatten me. Street Bandit would dive out on him. Back inside the ring, Shock would catch Bandit with a big belly to belly suplex, followed by a running senton. Bandit retaliated with the pendulum in the corner, followed by an innovative Russian legsweep out of the ropes. Bandit went for a ddt, but Shock held on to the ropes, sending Bandit crashing to the canvas. Thomas Shock would pin Street Bandit, placing his feet on the ropes. Botched count by the referee. Your Winner, Thomas Shock!!!

3rd Match-Chris Braxins vs Justin Overstreet with McKenzie York-Crowd was really behind Overstreet. Chris was rather odd. He kept looking up for extra guidance and talking to hisself. Or maybe there was a leak? Chris with a double underhook. Overstreet flew off the ropes with a flying clothesline. LeBell lock applied by Chris. Overstreet would battle back with a spinebuster, full nelson slam and belly to belly suplex. Chris with a modified running lariat for a two count. Overstreet caught Chris with the mic check and then locked in a submission to get the win. Your Winner, Justin Overstreet!!!

Kenny Marcel and Jimmy Hart introduced "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock to the Kosciusko crowd. It didn't take him long to win them over as "Hollywood" Jimmy stated, "These are the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life!" "Hollywood" told Jimmy Hart how much of a big fan he was of his while growing up and praised him for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005 alongside Hulk Hogan and The Iron Sheik. Then, "Hollywood" Jimmy told Hart that he's also a big star and has been on Conan O'Brien. It's brought up that Jimmy Hart was born in Jackson, Mississippi. "Hollywood" said that whenever he goes places he always says that he's from Memphis, Tennessee because Mississippi is the fattest state. One thing led to another with Jimmy Hart informing us that there's a big six-man main event coming up later with "Hollywood" Jimmy managing one of the teams. Jimmy Hart agreed to manage the other team if it's alright with the Athletic Commissioner. Sammy Hall was in tha house and didn't see anything wrong with it so it was approved.

4th Match-Whiskey Hangover (Ron Horn & Barry Wolf) vs Jai Webster & Jeremy Awesome-On a side note, it's been a tumultuous week for Matt as he's had a twist of fate that may have coincided with a "Whiskey Hangover." My bad! Thought it was someone else....Oops!

Jai Webster teased the women and children with a bag of Skittles tied to a rope. Kids grabbed the Skittles so he traded them for a pack of Starburst.

The crowd was on fire. Before the match, while Jeremy Awesome was stretching, Ron Horn yelled, "C'mon, Jane Fonda!" Whiskey Hangover took it to Awesome, punishing him with a series of holds including a double clothesline, double elbows and double leg drops while the ref was tied up with Jai Webster in the corner.

When Jai Webster made the tag, Ron Horn dropped to his knees to get on his level. They locked up with Horn tossing Webster easily.

Then, Horn slapped Webster. Later in the match, Jai Webster and Jeremy Awesome would take over and isolate Barry Wolf in their corner. Fans rallied behind Barry as they chanted, "Whiskey!" in unison. Double suplex by Jai and Awesome. Ron Horn was eventually able to make the hot tag and came in, cleaning house. Whiskey Hangover got the win with their double team finisher that I believe was referred to as Whiskey Bent, by the announcer. Your Winners, Ron Horn & Barry Wolf, Whiskey Hangover!!! As he left ringside, Jai Webster was really getting heckled by all of the kids.

5th Match-MCW Heavyweight Championship-Precious with The Legendary Porkchop Cash in his corner (Fresh off his tour with ZZ Top) vs The MCW Heavyweight Champion Brother Love

This is my first time seeing Brother Love since he was ran over by "The Chosen Appointed" Antwane Wise in the parking lot on IWA television. At the beginning of the match, while Precious had Brother Love in a a side headlock he ordered me to write it down.

Brother Love would counter with some explosive offense of his own, which included a Japanese armdrag, leapfrog, more armdrags and a dropkick. Precious decided to take a break. Precious slapped Brother Love telling him, "I told you! Don't make me mad!" Brother Love, once again, took it to Precious sending him fleeing to the floor. Porkchop Cash would trip up Brother Love, giving Precious the advantage. Precious would follow with his signature leg drop. Precious kissed Love on the mouth. Porkchop Cash choked Brother Love in the ropes, while Precious distracted the official. Big elbow by Precious. Precious maliciously attacked Love in the corner as he was tied up in the tree of woe.

Precious took my cap off my head, put it on and continued the match. Oh no she didn't!

Hat hair exposed! Hey, now! It's not that funny over there!

Precious would miss a big leg drop from the top. He got some wicked airtime. Brother Love fought back with punches and a big back body drop. Precious got the clippers, but Love stopped him from using them. Brother Love hit Precious with a fisherman suplex and connected with a flying headbutt from the top-rope to get the victory. Your Winner and STILL MCW Heavyweight Champion Brother Love!!! Precious viciously attacked Love after the bell, but in the end Brother Love was the only one standing in the ring. Well, for a brief moment. Brother Love got all the kids in the ring to celebrate. I mean all the kids. This was really cool.

Birthday Boy, Eli, was recognized got his picture taken in the ring by Branning Photography while the crowd wished him a Happy Birthday.

Main Event-Six Man Tag Action-Former WWE Superstar, Big Daddy V (Also known as King Mabel & Viscera), The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock


Versus The Team of MCW Tag-Team Champions Cameron Valentine & CJ Cash and Mike Carter managed by WWE Hall of Famer "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart

Pappy started with Cameron Valentine. Cameron hammered Pappy with his trademark elbows. Pappy rolled out to the floor while the fans chanted, "Hammer!" Psycho tagged in. Cameron headlocked Psycho, but Psycho shot him off the ropes with Cameron flying off and striking Psycho with a forearm. Psycho went to the floor. Mike Carter made the tag, working over Psycho's arm. CJ Cash with an axehandle and a stinger splash on Pappy. CJ Cash and Cameron Valentine hit Pappy with a double shoulder block. One of the kids in the crowd asked "Hollywood" Jimmy if he had burgers in the suitcase. "Hollywood" shouted, "Shut up! Ain't no burgers in here!" Big leg drop by Mike Carter. Cameron in with an axehandle.

After taking a great deal of punishment Pappy was able to make the tag to Big Daddy V. Big Daddy V shoved down Cash with ease. Fans chant, "CJ!" Big Daddy V continued his onslaught by chopping CJ and choking him with his massive size eighteen boot. CJ Cash attempted to pick up the big man, but failed. The Asylum in with a deadly combo in the corner. Psycho with a devastating leaping elbow. Psycho tossed Carter to the floor where "Hollywood" Jimmy choked him with a chain. Back inside, Pappy hit him with a big knee drop. "Hollywood" Jimmy yelled, "Break him into!" Big Daddy V caught Mike Carter with a massive sidewalk slam. Big chops by Psycho that was followed by a jaw-dropping clothesline that almost decapitated Carter. Carter would bounce back, catching Psycho with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Carter made the tag to CJ Cash, who ran in clotheslining everyone. CJ Cash hit a suicide dive over the ropes and out onto The Asylum. This sent the fans into a frenzy. Jimmy Hart chased "Hollywood" Jimmy around the ring. Inside the ring, Big Daddy V missed a big splash. CJ Cash hit Psycho with a spear to get the three count. Your Winners, CJ Cash, Cameron Valentine and Mike Carter!!! The hot crowd in Kosciusko embraced their hometown hero, CJ Cash, as the first annual SmackDown in K-Town came to an end.

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