Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remix Pro Wrestling - Sat. 10/8 in Marietta, OH

On Saturday night, October 8th in Marietta, OH at the Middle School Gym, Remix Pro Wrestling presents its fourth live pro wrestling fundraiser for the Ohio Valley Humane Society. While the evening promises to be a fun event for an extremely worthwhile cause to all fans who attend, hanging in the balance for a young, blossoming company is control, power and the most prestigious championship to be defended inside a Remix Pro ring.

Chance Prophet - one time touted as the fastest rising young star in the area, the stress and pressures of professional wrestling have driven this once polite and personable young man over the edge. Now a twisted, dark and soulless implement of destruction, Prophet joins Remix Pro management's rogue defector Sam Smith heading a group of "Anti-Heroes" dead-set on the destruction of others and the acquisition of ultimate power and control of Remix Pro.

While Chance's disposition has taken a 180-degree turn his in-ring abilities may have never been better. Chance recently defeated TNA Impact Wrestling star Gunner to re-capture the NWA National Title, a championship that has been held throughout the years by such legends as Jack Brisco, Ted DiBiase and Dusty Rhodes. With championships come power and influence, and with more power, Chance becomes even more menacing and threatening to all around him.

"The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer - Over a twenty year career, Tommy has personified "heart", "passion", and "sacrifice". Through long odds and challenging circumstances, through debilitating injures and personal tragedy, Tommy has persevered as one of the most courageous and beloved talents in professional wrestling. His unwavering drive and love for professional wrestling has pushed him through life-altering wars with some of wrestling's most dangerous men - from Raven to The Dudley Boys to the legendary Mick Foley. Tommy has given his mind, body and soul for what he believes in, and has always fought for the noble cause and overcome the odds to emerge as a voice and face of the people.

Now, Remix Pro management's Adam Johnson & Joe Offenberger have brought Tommy Dreamer to Remix Pro Wrestling with a mission - to thwart the diabolical plan of the "Anti-Heroes" to overthrow the company, and bring his unique brand of violence and pain as only he can to win one more just fight, to champion one more noble cause, and to ensure the salvation of the fastest rising professional wrestling company in the area today and the fans who support it.

On Saturday night, October 8th in Marietta, Ohio, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Dreamer has an opportunity to win a coveted NWA Championship and to sway the balance of power away from the "Anti-Heroes" as he meets a man who once idolized him, Chance Prophet, one-on-one with the title on the line! October 8th will be "One Nation Under Violence" with the liberty of Remix Pro Wrestling hanging in the balance! You've been 4-Warned!

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