Monday, August 29, 2011

OUR AREA....a must read

Hello, my name is James Carvill. Ive been asked by WNC to do a column, and am happy to do so. I was also asked to tell a little about myself, so here it goes..
I have lived in Little Rock, AR my whole life. I became a fan of pro wrestling at a very young age (3-4 yrs old). Being from here, we got Mid South on tv, and WCCW on cable. Those promotions were great, but I will never forget visiting my great grandmother in Wynne, AR. It was then that something special happenend, I became a fan of Memphis Wrestling.
Seeing Jerry Lawler on the mic sparked something in me. It was different than what I was used to. While I forget what he said, I remember the moment, thinking this is cool. It wasn't long before the Memphis style of wild brawling, the comedy etc. became my personal favorite. I still love watching the great matches and interviews to this day.
Jerry "The King" Lawler is my hero in the ring. His body of work in our area, to me, is unrivaled. Granted, there were contributers to his success, but few could have pulled it off the way he did. His matches in the ring were classics, and his mic skills had few peers. I also think it speaks volumes, that he is still with the WWE, and has had many high profile pieces of business.
Now that thats out of way, Im also a big fan of others in our area. Compared to other areas; especially, west of here, we are rich in talent. Not only do we have our Legends (Lawler, Dundee etc), we also have great names, and ring generals (GMS, Kevin White etc). With them is great young talent, who can go (Austin Lane, 3G etc). And to top it off, I always see young prospects at just about every show I attend. Keep in mind, I do know we have way more examples than I listed above. I felt two examples of each was fair to make my point.
My point of this first column is this....We should be happy for what we have in OUR area. Our area is rich in its history, and can still have a bright future. Now I know, we wont go back and sell out the Coliseum every week. But I do know, when promoted the right way, there is nothin better than southern wrestling on a hot Saturday night. We should go out of our way to support what WE have, and be thankful. We have a great mix of talent, and are very fortunate. Thus we must support what is good, in OUR area.
This column will, for the most part, remain unbiased and focus on the positive. However, as it warrants, there may be some things that need to be addressed not everyone will like. I will, however, not speak on emotion, rather base it on fact n logic.
In closing, I want to thank Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Blaylock. Both of you are great personal friends outside the ring. But inside the ring, and/or after the shows, both of you have gone out of your way (many times) for my boys Chris, and King Andrew. While Im thankful for our friendship, I am more grateful for the kindness to my sons. Thank you both, very much!
Till next time, lets all do OUR part....

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Kay Lawler McPherson said...

James, that was a good article. I will check out this blog more often to see what is happening where and with whom.