Sunday, August 28, 2011

MCW results for 8-26-11 in Osceola, AR

1st match - The Hambone Express with Sexy Sam Dollar defeated Zoink the Clown & Jeremy Spiker !!!

2nd match - Dynamite Kid became the new MCW Cruiserweight Champion with a huge upset over Dirty Lil Dave with SSD !!!

3rd match - MCW tag team Champions The LA Hustlers Ruffshot Lamonte Potts & Notorious Bradley Diggs with SSD defeated Stretch & El Luchador !!!

4th match - Spyro & Big Daddy Lafonce vs C-money & Mr Pimptacular with SSD !! C-money pushed his nephew down causing the nephews father (east coast bad boy Serpent) to hit the ring all over C-money !! No contest on the match !!!

5th match - MCW Heavyweight Champion Frankie Tucker vs MCW Middleweight Champion Tommy Drama with SSD !!! Tucker is about to win when LA hustlers along with Mr Pimptacular jump on Tucker beating him down !!! Big Daddy runs in to help & he gets beat up also !! They're beating Tucker & Big Daddy all over the ring when out comes the surprise Chris Hollywood to clear the ring !!! A wild fight ensues to set up next week's match !!!

9-2-11: Double main event - Original East Coast Bad Boyz Serpent & Spyro vs C-money & Tommy Drama !! 2nd main event Moondog Street Fight - Big Daddy Lafonce, Frankie Tucker & Chris Hollywood (Moondog Spot's Son) vs The LA Hustlers & Mr. Pimptacular !!!! It's going to be a wild night of matches !!!

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