Monday, August 29, 2011

Jim Ross talks aboput Ric Flair & Samoa Joe

"Many have asked me via Twitter @JRsBBQ and in the Q&A Section of this site to comment on the ESPN/Grantland article regarding Ric Flair's personal finances and other personal issues. Ric has been a friend for well over three decades and I was uncomfortable reading the piece. Ric has always enjoyed life to its fullest, and beyond, which, last I looked, wasn't a crime.

Lots of famous athletes and entertainers have had financial hurdles to overcome. If Ric has the issues that Grantland outlined, I wish Naitch well and he has my support.

That's what friends do.

Several people have asked me about Samoa Joe. I personally like Joe's work and feel that his best days lie ahead. I do not know Joe. I've never conversed with him that I can recall. Bottom line is 1. he has a contract where he now works and 2. I am not involved in talent acquisition for WWE."

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