Thursday, August 25, 2011

Available MLW matches

Match 468, Melanie Cruise vs. Sara del Rey
Melanie Cruise, in her first Magnificent Ladies Wrestling World Championship defense, defended her title against the "QUEEN" of wrestling, Sara del Rey. MLW wanted her to have the Best competition in the world, so Sara gave Melanie all she ever wanted in a wrestling match, but the Windy City Lady had a ace up her sleeve, or maybe it's called a chain on her body.... Sara didn't know what happened except Melanie had to have something on that hand.

Match 449, Lil Bit Vs Destiny
Lil Bit has only been at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling for 2 months.... Both times she has come in and stunned the crowd with her wrestling ability. Pound for pound she might be the toughest little gal to ever hit the M L W ring. This time she took on the Queen of Destruction, Destiny, and considering she might have cheated a little bit (no pun intended) she surprised everyone in the building for sure.

Match 471, Jessika Havok vs Nikki St. John
Nikki St John came all the way from Chicago only to find out she was facing the one and only Jessika Havok! Jessica is known for sending many other wrestlers to the emergency room, but Nikki gave her a battle that surprised everyone and even Havok. Nikki is very tough, but Jessika is the best in the world, and if you don't believe me, JUST ASK HER!

Match 470, Portia Perez vs Sara del Rey
Sara del Rey and Portia Perez are world travelers, and they both have worldwide reputations within the professional wrestling world. Magnificent Ladies Wrestling was the luckiest promotion in the world on August 20th, 2011, as these two gifted ladies met in the M L W studio ring. They showed us why they are household names, worldwide stars in professional wrestling. Money well spent watching these two put on a clinic!

Match 469, Barbi Hayden Vs Sara del Rey
Barbi Hayden has it all - she is well trained, looks magnificent, and has a positive attitude. She now has a match with the True "QUEEN" of wrestling, Sara del Rey. She did really well in her first match with the Great One - Just getting in the ring with Sara is totally awesome - Barbi learned, and Barbi will be a star in professional wrestling in the near future!

Match 466, Barbi Hayden Vs...Arkansas Terror
In a previous match, Barbi took on Jamey Gibson in a one fall inter-gender match,
and - well, honestly, didn't fare too well.... So she requested another match with another male wrestler. We are not sure who this man is, but from parts unknown, weight unknown, wrestling under the name of Arkansas Terror, he said he was there to challenge the Texas beauty, Barbi, to a match. Barbi did a little better this time, but still got a good work over. Barbi told us she will not quit trying 'til she defeats a Male at MLW.

Match 465, Nikki Lane vs Taylor Made
Match 465 features two talented ladies who always give you, the fans, 110% every time they step into the M L W studio ring. Great looking young ladies - and with Nikki Lane's new nickname, "SMOKIN HOT," that is exactly what kind of action you will see in this match. ENJOY!

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