Sunday, April 24, 2011

USWO/ATL results from 4-22 in Nashville, TN

105 attended

White Tiger beat Jason Nesmith (w/Mr. Friday Night) in 6:00 with a rollup

USWO Music Champion Panther beat Redneck Danny Copass in 6:00 with a feet on the ropes pin

Steve-O beat Damien Payne in 6:00 with a half nelson slam

Tim Renesto & Saint beat ATL Tag Team Champions Jamey Farrari & Nick Iggy in 10:00 in a non-title match when Saint pinned Iggy

Shawn Hoodrich beat Mike Cobbs in 10:00 when Cobbs rolled through on a crossbody and Hoodrich pinned him

ATL Champion Drew Haskins beat Gary Valiant by DQ in 11:00 when Haskins tossed the belt to Valiant and fell down as the ref turned around

Chris Michaels & LT Falk beat USWO Champion Wolfie D & Jocephus in 12:00 when LT pinned Wolfie

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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