Monday, April 25, 2011

Upcoming Platinum Championship Wrestling documentary

Press Release: 4.19.11

Platinum Championship Wrestling Documentary Wraps Filming, Starts Kickstarter Fund.

Beast OA Films of Atlanta is starting a Kickstarter fund to help in completing its documentary film of Platinum Championship Wrestling after 3 years of following the wrestling troupe. The film will document PCW from the earliest practices, exploring the struggles of creating and running a professional wrestling show. Every bump and bruise is exposed, from the locker room at their first event all the way to the 5,000 seat show Sacred Ground.

Professional wrestling has its stigma; muscle bound athletes beating each other up and yelling at the crowd, the basest level of entertainment. But behind the characters in the ring there are ordinary people: teachers, bank tellers, mothers and fathers, people who approach their sport with the same zeal that one would find backstage at the local community theater. What makes them different from those same actors at the local playhouse who are performing “Our Town?” Is what they do any less of an art form?

“The focus of our film is to really get behind the scenes at these shows and meet the people who beat themselves up for their art. What made these folks pick pro wrestling as their form of expression? It was just a unique situation to get into at the ground floor and watch it develop,” said the film's director Mike Perkins.

The funds raised via Kickstarter will go towards paying for edit suite time as well as sound mastering, DVDs of the movie and film festival submissions. Kickstarter is an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects. The micro fund raising site facilitates gathering monetary resources from the general public through 'crowd funding.' Project owners choose a deadline and a target minimum of funds to raise. If the chosen target is not gathered by the deadline, no funds are collected.

“The cost of shooting this film was essentially just our time and effort, but when it comes to doing the post stuff, the costs grow exponentially,” said Perkins about the reason for starting a fund raiser via Kickstarter. “We have over 60 hours of footage of the wrestlers in all the stages of the promotion's development, so we're looking forward to getting in the edit room and pulling out the stories.”

The fund raiser will run for online 45 days, with rewards for donating ranging from a copy of the movie to a dinner with the director and PCW's owner Steve Scarborough. The donations are tax deductible and can be made with a credit card, Pay Pal account or debit card.

Beast OA Films is an Atlanta based documentary company. In business since 2003, they have produced films ranging in subject from musical improvisers (“On the Fly”) to supercross teams (“The Highest Level”) to universal pre-k programs ("First Come, First Served"). The entirety 2010 was spent on a commissioned 10 episode doc series, “The Superbike Family,” which aired in early 2011 on HD Theater. Beast OA is currently producing two documentaries, the PCW film and “I Work With The Dead,” a film about people who work with cadavers daily.

Mike Perkins, Beast OA Films

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