Monday, April 25, 2011

TNT results from 4-23 in Clayton, GA

TNT Pro Wrestling held their 5th Anniversary show at the North Georgia Flea Market in Clayton, GA on April 23.

"Psycho" Scott Mayson (who entered at #1) won the 2011 Rabun Rumble to get a shot
at any TNT title of his choosing.

Other participants included: Simon Sermon, "As Seen On TV" Nigel Sherrod, Brokishi,
Dirty, Christi Whiplash, "Texas" Johnny Dollar, Flyin' Ryan, RM-1, Gavin Reigns,
"Drunken" Danny Diesel, Ryan Bonebrake, The Bounty Hunter, Draven, Kroatoin, Mr.
Mystery, Goat Boy, Milly, Xcitement, and "The Korean Monster" Ryze.

TNT U.S. Champion "The Attraction" Chad Silva defeated Mystic Storm to retain his

"The 500lb Enforcer" T-Money & TNT Tag Team Champions Zackary Blane & C.B.
Gibson defeated Matt Sells & "The Rage" Ryan Michaels, & "The 7 Foot Monster"

As the main event was being introduced, Scott Mayson interrupted and announced
that he was cashing in his Rabun Rumble title shot to turn the main event into a Triple Threat Match.

"The Awesome" Zach Daniels defeated "The Original Chosen One" Rick Michaels
and “Psycho” Scott Mayson to become the new TNT Heavyweight Champion when he
pinned former champ Michaels.

Despite coming up short in his bid to become TNT Heavyweight Champ, Mayson
delivered one of the most impressive one night performances in TNT history. After
surviving the entire 45 minute Rabun Rumble, Mayson then went toe-to-toe with the
top two ranked TNT wrestlers for nearly 20 more minutes in the main event.

Following the main event, Rick Michaels revealed that he’d been suffering from a
severe staph infection and had ignored doctor’s orders to pull out of the match
because he was determined to defend his TNT Heavyweight Championship at this
historic event. He may have lost his title, but he gained a lot of respect in the TNT locker room for his performance.

Ryze made the drive all the way from Orlando, Florida to compete in this year's Rabun Rumble.

Matt Sells, Simon Sermon, & The Bounty Hunter have the distinction of being the only
wrestlers from last night’s show who also competed on the very first TNT show back
in April 2006. Sermon & Bounty were participants in the original Rabun Rumble while
Sells was part of the very first match in TNT history.

TNT Pro Wrestling returns to The Georgia Mountain Market on Saturday, April 30th for
another exciting night of wrestling action.

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