Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sad Story of Shannon "Daffney" Spruill's treatment while in TNA

Here is an article that many will find to be controversial, to say the least. It deals with the way Daffney, and other female stars, have been treated by TNA Wrestling. There are two sides to every story, and this article presents one side of the situation, Daffney's. Frankly, I am disappointed in TNA after reading this article. I offer TNA an opportunity to respond - as much space as they need - in order to defend themselves.

You can read the article at this URL:

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Will said...

It is sad that things like this happen.Daffney was one of my favorite wrestlers in TNA.I remember her from WCW and she was great back then.
One of the things I always was looking forward to was seeing Daffney getting the Knockouts Champ. belt.But it never happened.I could never understand what was going on.How could such a great talent like Daffney not get that respect.I haven't seen all the matches at TNA but the match between Daffney and Hamada was one of the best I'd ever seen in TNA,and I've seen alot of TNA matches.I should have known something was wrong when week after week went by and I saw less and less of her.My expectation of seeing her get the belt kept me tuning in.I kept thinking she'll eventually show up,that TNA would have to be idiots to let her go.But they are idiots.
I'm an old school wrestling fan so I know what I'm talking about.I remember seeing matches with Whahoo Mcdaniels,Bruiser Brody and one of my favorites Mr. Wrestling Number 2.My favorite...God's gift to the wrestling world,Dusty Rhodes the American Dream.(I hope he wasn't around when all this stuff started happening to TNA.)
I love the ladies' wrestling,they are great and I love watching the improvement some of them made like Velvet Sky.Watching her sharpening her wrestling skills was the best,she's still no match for Angelina Love but she could get there.
As much as I like her wrestling, Daffney is FINE!!She's beautiful and built like a god...AND CAN WRESTLE,that's the total package.Even though I appreciate how good looking Daffney and the ladies of TNA are,their wrestling is the other half I appreciate.If they were just beautiful but couldn't wrestle,I'd say "Get them out of here and get some women who can wrestle!"
TNA needs to fix its problem.If they don't they're going to lose me as a viewer.I'm sure others are thinking the same way.
P.S. I'd really like to know if there is any update on Daffney and if she's wrestling again. Thanks