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PCW results from 4-27 in Avondale Estates, GA

The crowd was down to 65 this time. The switch to a Wednesday night didn’t help.
Neither did the tornado warnings.

(1) Completely Awesome (TNT Champion Zack Daniels & Chad Silva) beat
Warhorses #2 & #88 (with Oscar Worthy) in a Tag Team Season match at 6 minutes.
PCW does a tag team deal similar to a baseball season with playoffs in the fall. This was OK for what it was. Awesome are top stars for the TNT promotion based in
Clayton. They’re reasonably sized guys. Daniels had attitude and good facials. Silva
either needs new tights or a new ass. Warhorses are the designated jobber team in
the tournament.

(2)“Spitfire” Thomas Johnson (with Jonathan Malick & Simon KROSS & EXTREME
ASSASSIN) beat Kyle Matthews in 11:11. Malick’s crew is collectively known Assassin’
s Guild. Kross is a big dude that walks around with a 4 X4 on his shoulder. Assassin
is a little guy. They’re all green. Malick did a long-winded promo came across like he was reading a script. Johnson is a legit British-trained wrestler. His inexperience shows through at times, but he’s got talent. He’s not a huge guy, but large enough to do big man power spots with Matthews, now billed as hailing from Omaha. They were having a perfectly fine match until a mistimed mess where Matthews moved causing Johnson to plummet off the top onto Assassin’s Guild, establishing them as a group of incompetents. The match lost momentum but they were able to get back on track with some nice near falls down the stretch. Matthew avoided Johnson’s shotgun forearm and applied the Hidaka Lock, then used a downward spiral maneuver for a near fall. Johnson then hit the shotgun forearm out of nowhere for the win.

(3) Brandon Kage was the winner of the Platinum Royal in 11:09. The bizarre thing
about this was ring announcer Grant Case standing calmly in the ring to introduce
additional entrants with the guys already in the ring battling all around him. The other participants included Washington Bullets, Rick Michaels, Curry Kid, (with Marty Freeman), Marco Polo, Mason (with the Witness), Chad Silva, Zach Daniels, Tommy Daniels, Assassin’s Guild. Bullets sole purpose was to injure Michaels and take him of the tag match to follow. Hmm…I thought they were babyfaces. Polo entered
wearing a pimp outfit with a girl dropping a trail of rose ahead of him. Funny stuff. Kage looks like a kid. He has really good energy, but badly needs to tighten up his flabby physique. It came down to Daniels (much improved of late) and Kage. Daniels got the “who are you” chant. Kage knocked Daniels off the top rope to become the last man standing. Platinum rules dictated that he faced Mason, the guy that scored the most eliminations. Finish saw Kage cause a collision between Mason and his Witness and score the pin with Shock & Awe (think Zig Zag).

Postmatch, Mason used a board on Kage’s leg. At least that was the idea. It was
painfully obvious that he wasn’t making contact. Kage sold it big by hopping to the
back on his good leg.

(4) Washington Bullets (Trey & Jon Williams) beat Exotic Ones (Rick Michaels &
Simon Sermon) in a Tag Team Season match at 7:10. Michaels came out with his
arm in bad shape. Bullets destroyed his injured arm for the entire match. After using his bum arm for a sacrificial lariat to get a tag, Michaels stubbornly re-involved himself in the match and fell victim to the Bullets signature backcracker finisher.

Chip Day cut a promo of the earnest, ultra-determined babyface variety to set up his
main event title challenge. Let’s just say it didn’t exactly going over like gangbusters with the jaded PCW crowd.

Profits of Doom said they would beat the hell out of anybody. Konkrete Gorillaz
answered the challenge. Before the match got underway, Nemesis cut a promo on
his former partner, Jay Fury, talking about how he was at home watching TV with his
mama. If Nemesis could wrestle as well as he talks, he would be a hall of famer.
That match takes place on June 1.

(5) Konkrete Gorillaz (Nemesis & Geter & Brian Blaze) vs. Profits of Doom (Dany Only
& Stryknyn & Andrew Pendleton III with Pandora) ended as a double count out in 14
minutes. This match had the best heat. Geter’s power and Nemesis’ vicious chops
made for an entertaining shine segment. They beat the holy hell out of Stryknyn. Blaze’s role was to take punishment. Smart move because his wrestling sucks. After not-so-gentle giant Geter no sold a superkick from Only, Pandora jumped on Geter’s back and the match disintegrated into a colossal schmozz. The memorable thing here was Geter stepping over the top rope with Pandora still on his back to continue his battle with Only. Profits did a stellar job of making Geter look invincibile.

(6) Aisha Sunshine (with Washington Bullets) beat Pandora (with Profits of Doom) via
DQ in 4:55. This was a war. They did a first blood match last month and these two
crazy bitches really went at it again. They’re not silicon injected Barbie dolls, they’re PCW wrestlers!” Bullets came out midway through to second Sunshine. Sunshine hit her finisher and Pendleton interfered for the DQ. Bullets got into it with Profits and Matthews joined Bullets to even the odds.

Trey challenged Profits to an eight person mixed tag on June 1. Platinum made it an
elimination match.

(7) Grotesque (with Miss Quinn & Rachel Tension) became the new PCW Champion
by defeating Vandal and Chip Day and PCW Champion Shane Marx in an elimination
match in 15:34. It was mostly Marx vs. Day, which was a very good thing. Marx is
underrated. Nothing flashy but totally solid in the ring. It’s his look that needs work. Day scored the shocking pinfall with Day of the Dead (double knees off the top) at 10:30. The crowd applauded Marx, who had been PCW”s first and only champion since March 26, 2010. Day decked Vandal with a tornado kick. Grotesque (a little guy with a gimmick vaguely resembling The Gimp in Pulp Fiction) kicked out of Day of the Dead at the count of one. Day hit the move again and Grotesque kicked out at two, goozled Day, and drilled him into the mat until he was unconscious. Vandal was also out cold at the hands of the evil Miss Quinn. Ref Duke Korey ruled that Grotesque was the winner. Some interesting booking here. Marx lost the title but has never been pinned by the new champion. Day pinned the champion yet didn’t get the title. Grotesque as champion is a farce. He’s no taller than Mad Dog Vachon, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Mad Dog could still beat him at age 81 and with only one leg. It will take all the smoke and mirrors Quinn and booker Platinum can muster to keep the title on him.

Afterward, Quinn proclaimed that she was unstoppable and promised to continue the
celebration at the Academy show Friday night. Marx returned to challenge Grotesque
to a rematch on June 1.

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