Thursday, April 28, 2011

NWA main Event 4-30 in Nashville, TN

Saturday April 30th
NWA Main Event presents Flashback
NWA Arena and TV Studio 1056 East trinity Lane

Matches already signed:

Forsaken/Great Mephisto vs Shane Morton/Blackjack Brown

Medic/Steve O/? vs Richard Lowe/Terry England/Derek Neal W/FaronFoxx

Bad Boy Billy Briggs vs Kid Dynamite

Otis Bass, Kaige Kutler,The Good Ole Boys will be in action and Much More in store. See some stars of the past as they make an appearance in area for first time in a while Featuring Gypsy Joe.

Ticket Prices Ringside 7 Dollars/ Gen Admission 3 Dollars

Remember wrestlers from the are who worked in the area in the 90s are welcome for a dinner at 5pm.

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