Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great American Wrestling results from 4-22 in Bellvue, IL

Great American Wrestling results from Bellevue, IL on 4/22 --

*Dixieland Destroyer d. Robbie McCann
*Joey Grunge & Johnthan Napier d. Corbin Blaze & Ray (Buzz Jr.) Rogers to win the GAW Tag Titles
*GAW CS Champ Connor Riley d. Gavin Alexander in a hardcore match
*Andy "Aiden Ambrose" Roberts d. The Henchman (The War Pig #1?)
*GAW Heavyweight Champ Matty Montcalm d. Josh Powers & Temple Rain (triple)
*Zero Gravity d. Kyle Rich & Party Time Ray Hez
*Ryan Phoniex d. Scott Keyes in a falls count anywhere match
--Chris Cobalt could not compete in the GAW tag title defense due to injury, Buzz Rogers Jr. took his place.


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