Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cody Rhodes interview highlights

Cody Rhodes recently spoke with, here are the highlights…

On Mysterio Dressing As Captain America For WM: For the most part, it was a complete surprise. I know he'd mentioned to some people that he had intentions of dressing up in comic book form this year and I had a lot of assumptions about who it could be, but I didn't know he'd be Cap or that the costume would be so close. From the wings on the hood to the way he entered, he gave it the full on Captain America—or maybe Captain Mexico, if you look at the treatment on his chest. I've seen Rey in many costumes over the years, so I think it's cool that all these years later I'm wrestling Captain America.

On His WM Ring Gear: Yeah, my jacket was supposed to be more Mister Sinister themed, but as the designer got to work on it, it became more "Assassin's Creed" themed, which was also fine by me. At one point there was this huge diamond in the waistband but it was too much, a bit too close to the Sinister vibe. We could never get the jewel to work, but the diamond is still there in rough leather form if you look closely.

On His Mask: Well, here's a little known fact, because in the world of entertainment things do get misconstrued: one thing that legitimately happened was my broken nose. It was a horrible thing that ended up being a great thing in terms of my career. I had an idea where I wanted to take it but I looked online and saw Rip Hamilton, from the Detroit Pistons. He had the exact mask I wanted—I even went to the same doctor who molded his and had it cast to my face, allowing you to still see my face without obscuring my features. It actually was much more clear when I started but WWE fogged it up a bit, which makes it look cool especially when the lights bounce off.


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