Thursday, March 31, 2011

Latest from Pro Wrestling Ohio

PWO TV #112: Raven's Rules

PWO, Pro Wrestling Ohio, has established itself as one of the most-watched independent wrestling television shows in the country today. Airing weekly every Sunday night at 10 PM EST on SportsTime Ohio, a channel available in over 4.5 cable homes throughout Ohio and surrounding states, as well as available nationwide on providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network, and AT&T U-verse. Since premiering in the fall of 2007, literally starting from scratch and building from the ground up with countless eyes upon them, PWO has slowly grown and evolved year-by-year and stands proudly today bigger and stronger than ever before.

Now, PWO reaches the next stage of its development as PWO TV finally makes its way online! PWO TV has strived to present compelling conflicts and characters and episodic television in a manner rarely seen on an independent level. Now, you online will have the opportunity to view new episodes of PWO on a weekly basis, as well as dig into the PWO archives and watch our evolution, pitfalls, trials and triumphs from day one.


PWO TV #112: Raven's Rules

Raven/Krimson/Kirst vs. Matthew Justice/Jason Gory/Corey Winters
For many weeks now, "The Embodiment of Evil" Krimson and his demonic disciple Kirst have been planning a "family reunion" with a man they expect to join and enhance their cause of misery and destruction, former multiple-time World Champion Raven. With Raven by their side, Krimson and company could very well be unbeatable. However, Matthew Justice has been the only man brave enough to stand up to Krimson and his macabre mind game and this usual "One Man Militia" has enlisted Jason Gory and Corey Winters into his army, two young men looking to make an impact and get noticed. A win here would certainly accomplish that, but does everyone know what they are getting into? Will this battle of mind games illicit some unexpected results?

Marion Fontaine's First Week As PWO Champion
"The Megastar" captured his first PWO Title, thanks in part to his friend and rumored business partner Aaron Maguire. This week, we hear from the new champ, but unbeknownst to him we'll also here from his first challenger and newly-named #1 contender. Is Fontaine's celebration short-lived?

Johnny Gargano Injured - Exclusive Footage
Marion Fontaine used a nightstick to the already-injured neck of Johnny Gargano to defeat him for the PWO Title, however it was what happened after PWO TV went off the air that may have been even more damaging. Gargano was the victim of a mysterious and unexplainable assault, and we hope to have exclusive footage of the incident and an update on Gargano's condition this week.

Sex Appeal's "True Talent" Bobby Shields vs. Aeroform's Louis Lyndon
The Sex Appeal vs. Ninja Elite Squad/Aeroform rivalry continues to heat up over philosophical differences. Shields & company may feel the NES style has no place in pro wrestling, but the East Lansing Dojo graduate Lyndon will bring a vast array of martial arts skills and high-flying offense to the table. Sex Appeal's Nicki Valentino defeated Aeroform's Flip Kendrick two weeks ago. Can Bobby Shields make it 2-0 or will Louis Lyndon even the score?

"The Natural" Brian Bender vs. Dan Arkham
Bender has been out to prove he's a changed man since embarking on his own, and thanks to a rigorous gym & diet regimen is in fantastic physical shape, and also fantastic mental shape as well. Can Brian Bender prove his athleticism and skill can take him where he needs to go? Step one is this week.


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