Wednesday, March 30, 2011

IWA Mid-South closes down - again

IWA Mid-South has shut down yet again. Jerry Wiseman of The Columbus Pro Wrestling Examiner posted an article outlining the real life drama that has occurred behind the scenes.

- In a radio interview, promoter Ian Rotten offered to sell the group's wrestling ring, concession items and the IWA-MS video library.

- "Halfbreed" Billy Gram called in to the program and accused Rotten on leaving him threatening messages on his answering machine, which Rotten didn't deny.

- Mickie Knuckles, who had a short run in TNA as Moose, claimed that Rotten physically and mentally abused her during the course of their five-year relationship.

- The father of the deceased wrestler J.C. Bailey, who died from complications of head trauma, also called and wanted Rotten out of the business.

- Wrestler Bull Pain called in and lashed out at Rotten for not paying him the money he is owed.



Fallout from the now infamous Ian Rotten podcast interview - my opinion on the legal issues that cropped up. Joe Bailey's case against using footage that had JC Bailey appearing on IWA-MS videos - it will not be easy to get that blocked. Besides suing IWA-MS, he would also have to sue Smart Mark Video which has a pretty aggressive legal team. Joe Bailey would have to prove that JC didn't give consent to be filmed and show he wouldn't had known that these events would be sold on DVD. Anyone who willingly takes a booking at IWA-MS knows they are being filmed and I can't see how can be proven otherwise. The selling of drugs issue, Joe Bailey would have to press charges in Peoria County, Illinois. The type of drug given wasn't mentioned out loud during the podcast so witnesses would need to be subpoenaed to testify what drug was sold. Another question that was asked, was Ian Rotten paid to do this interview. An email inquiry to Jerry Wiseman himself by me yielded the answer that he was not paid to do this interview. And as promised by Joe Bailey, the Clarksville, IN show was blocked though IWA-MS may take the venue owners to court. As for CM Punk, I heavily disagreed with him saying OVW is the reason why he's in WWE. Whenever anyone gets signed with WWE they go to WWE developmental, which OVW was the developmental territory at the time (now it's FCW). Punk had prior runs in TNA and ROH, prior to that and concurrently was working with IWA-MS. Wiseman for some reason believed he started with OVW and got signed with WWE because of that.


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