Sunday, January 30, 2011

USWO/ATL results from Friday night in Nashville, TN

USWO Tag Team Champions Deathwish b Steven Roy & Kevin Dunn when Roy was pinned

USWO Music City Champion Saint b Tim Renesto

Psycho Medic & Danny Copass vs Panther & ATL Champion Jamey Farrari went to a double DQ when Deathwish attacked both teams

ATL Southern Champion Chrisjen Hayme b Nick Iggy

Bryan Casey b ATL Champion Drew Haskins by DQ after the ref caught Haskins with a chain

Gary Valiant b Crusher Eric Hodge

Gary Valiant b Arrick Andrews by countout after Andrews left the ring area

Damien Payne b Wolfie D

USWO Champion Jocephus b Mike Woods in a no-DQ match

Credit: Jimmie Daniel via Brian Tramel @

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