Sunday, January 30, 2011

The T-Bone Effect: Issue 8 Brining in the New Year

Standing in at 5'10 and weighing 195 my newest inductee was born in Jackson, TN on Dec 21 1987. He started watching WWF around 1991, and pretty much didn't have a clue any other wrestling company existed until WCW came about.He would watch a grungy old beat up tape from the back of a Hollywood Video when he was about 9 or 10, that two workers under hoods made a "training" video, but really it just showed how to take bumps, take a buckle, call a spot, get color, nut shots and what not. So he thought his friend and he were the only ones who'd really came across this video. So he would keep the "secrets" to myself. Little did he know Vince McMahon had already told everybody what wrestling truly was. But his friend and him, and his brothers would have matches in his den for hours. They made made belts, had matches outside, the whole nine yards, just a funny story I thought I'd share. But when he was 5 he started tae kwon do, and progressed into boxing, jujitsu, and Kung Fu.
He has always been big into Chinese culture. He would married to his wife Tiffany in 2006 and had child Montana. Well in 2007 after he got fired from a factory job, he stayed up late one night (lol just one he says) and saw Bill Dundee on the Bill Whey show, and it had a number for wrestling training, he jumped on it, got the money up and trained. Kevin White was his main trainer, he had a lot of help from Bill and later on Brian Christopher and Derrick King have helped teach and polish him a lot (mainly in the "entertainment" part of our business).
He has gotten to wrestle in 10 different states so far, against guys like (his trainers) and other legends and top guys in the area like Lawler, Koko B Ware, Bobby Eaton, Road Dogg, Doug Gilbert, Wolfie D, Psycho Sid and more . He has been on a handful of shows with 1200+ in the crowd and televised. He has worked for SAW , MW, USAWrestling, NEW and RCW as far as televised wrestling, countless random and televised. As of now he currently is working for SAW, FNW, USA Wrestling and Hub City. For his strive to be the best, and could be considered one of the top in the Mid-South, I am proud to induct Cody Melton into the Unsigned Wall of Greatness for 2011.

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