Thursday, January 13, 2011

OVW results from 1-12 in Louisville, KY

Jimbo Onoo & Raul Lamotta beat Benjamin Bray & Jason Wayne

Paredyse w/CJ Lane beat Mitch Johnson

Flash beat Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr. B

Christopher "Dynamite" Silvio & Ryan Nemeth w/Raphael Constantine beat The Elite to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

"Mr. Media" Cliff Compton w/Mo Green, Christian Mascagni & The Paparazzi guy beat "Lowrider" Matt Barela to retain the OVW heavyweight title

Randy Terrez & James "Moose" Thomas beat Rudy Switchblade & Alex Silva

Credit: Trent Van Drisse @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

NOTE: Trent has a very good write up posted on Mid-Southern Wrestling message board. You can find it here:
Check it out - it's worth the read.

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