Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review Of The Nashville Show..

Overall this was probably the best live independent show I have ever been to. I'd like to congratulate everyone who was involved. Meet and Greet was great, fans were able to meet everyone before the show started. WWE Hall of Famer "Soulman" Rocky Johnson and "Dirty" Dutch Mantell among other performers were there. The show sold out with somewhere around 1500 people.
The pre-show matches were alright, more to warm-up the crowd.

1. SAW Tag-Team Championship Match - The Wildboys defeated The Weatherbys, First match of the night all the fans were firmly behind The Weatherbys. I myself thought the titles were to be put on them. Good ending Jordan pinned Cody Weatherby.

2. Tony Falk defeated "Luscious One" David Matthews, Falk still showed his ability to move around the ring, very short match, around five minutes.
Brief intermission, Aaron Camaro pumped up the crowd, speaking of his native Wisconsin, then referring to Nashville as the wrestling capital of the United States.
Then the regular matches began.

3. "Showtime" Eric Young defeated Arrick "The Dragon" Andrews, Andrews started in the ring antagonizing the crowd reiterating his Open-Challenge, Cody Melton then proceeded to dash to the ring and was thrown back out almost as fast as he ran in. The crowd was livid. Then, Eric Young, walked to the ring with everyone in shock. Young controlled the match for the beginning half, Andrews then worked Young's ankle. Young mounted a comeback then hit his signature, Death Valley Driver for the win. This was a great opening match.

4. The Diamonds in the Rough (with The Goddess Athena) defeated The Maddox Brothers, In my opinion match of the night, The Maddox Brothers have become seasoned veterans in the ring, and seem to know everything the other will do.Their double-team moves were great. Sigmon did seem to fit in very well as a "Diamond in the Rough," a very fluid match, many top rope moves. Young got a quick pin for the win.

5. "The Headliner" Chris Michaels defeated "Notorious K-I-D" Kid Kash, Kash began the match as he always does antagonizing the crowd, inciting an old woman to the point at which she tried to climb the guard rail. It was quite funny. A back and forth match between the two, both looked very good, Kash then began to work Michaels, eventually attempting his "Brainbuster," Michaels then quickly reversed it into a roll-up for the win. Kash then began to incite the crowd once again, having to have security surround him as he returned backstage.

6. SAW Southern Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification Match - Hammerjack defeated Lonestar, Lonestar brought his signature noose to the ring, the match started with a back and forth between the two, Hammerjack then proceeded to get a chair and hit Lonestar. Lonestar then retaliated by placing the bottom rim of an open chair on Hammerjack's throat and striking it with a second chair. The two went on for awhile with basic wrestling maneuvers, then Hammerjack threw Lonestar from the top rope through a table on the outside the ring. They then ended up back in the ring with Lonestar controlling the match, he mounted the top rope. Hammerjack then performed a snapmare variation and pinned Lonestar to win the title. The crowd went wild through the entire match.

Then Camaro announced an intermission, fans then began to resume the Meet & Greet with the arriving Jerry Lawler, who had just wrestled a match in Burns, Tennessee.
Tracy Smothers then began an in-ring segment about the fairgrounds and his many experiences there. Jocephus, Derrick Neal, and The Wildboys. Smothers and Jocephus fought off Jordan, Neal, and Neely.

7. Brian Christopher & Kevin White defeated Derrick King Enterprises, Christopher and White were loved by the fans, before their match they brought a young child to the ring to throw Christopher's bandanna into the audience. Christopher and White worked DKE for awhile, Christopher even gave Haskins the wedgie of a lifetime. King and Haskins attempted to mount a comeback, but to no avail. Christopher then hit his signature leg drop for the win. After the match Christopher and White brought more children into the ring and began to dance with them. The fans were very into the match.

8. Wolfie D defeated "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, The crowd was heavily behind Wolfie D. Gilbert was booed the entire match. Both still moved at a very fast pace. A lot of great wrestling technique in the match. Very back and forth. Towards the end Gilbert pulled a chain out of his tights and attempted to hit Wolfie with it, but was stopped by the referee. The ref took the the chain to lay it down in the corner of the ring, letting Wolfie grab his hubcap and hit the "Cap for your dome," and get the three count.

An in-ring segment was then conducted by Aaron Camaro, introducing Marcus Pastorius, as the mastermind behind the show at the fairground. Pastorius walked to the ring and received mixed reactions from the crowd. He then brought The Weatherbys and Hammerjack to the ring claiming they made this all possible. He then called TJ Weatherby to the ring to thank him for the opportunity for his position at SAW. Weatherby was presented with a cake, then returned backstage.

9. Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Dirty" Dutch Mantell was the special guest referee, Camaro described as the last meeting between the two. Dundee got on the microphone, and began to antagonize Mantell, Lawler, and the crowd. Lawler then replied and said Dundee was the "...toughest person, I've ever been in the ring with." The match then began with many head throws and arm drags. Lawler then went on the offensive, beating Dundee down, Dundee then picked up a chair and threw it into the ring. Lawler then hit Dundee with the chair. The two went back and forth for awhile then Lawler was thrown into Mantell. Dundee was then on the offensive till Mantell rose up. Lawler then hit his signature piledriver on Dundee, and got the pin.
Dundee then got on the microphone and claimed that the piledriver was an "illegal" maneuver in the state of Tennesee, but was overturned by Mantell.

Dundee then performed a shoot on Jeff Jarett claiming he could not even plug a show with 600 people. Everyone then began to cheer and he closed the show.
In my opinion, it will probably be one of the best shows of the year.

Credit Jordon@Mid-South Wrestling Board

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