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Will The Rock ever return to WWE?

On his official Facebook page, Dwayne Johnson invited his fans to throw some questions at him, entitled "DJ On Demand". This resulted in thousands of questions being asked and he answered the most commonly asked ones. As expected, tons of them were asking about the WWE and of a possible return to which he said:

" "the Rock's millions and millions"...who will forever be my family.. honest and direct answer to you is this: I left the WWE because I had succeeded in accomplishing every goal I set to achieve. ...I've never done this before, but I will now because I feel it's important you know..let me share with you the goals I set for myself in the WWE so you can have a better understanding and perspective.. - become the youngest WWE World Champion - help set box office and attendance records in every arena in the country - help set PPV buy rate records ..the final two and my most important goals to achieve in wrestling: - become the most entertaining and electrifying performer the WWE had ever seen or will ever see again - take the brass ring of the WWE that Vince McMahon had faithfully allowed me to earn and take it places it had never gone break new achieve unprecedented greatness for not only for myself and the fans to enjoy...but for the business of professional wrestling itself and the WWE... A business and company that is in my blood and that I will love forever. ...I achieved these goals in the WWE at 30 years old and decided then to HUMBLY and QUIETLY step away and retire. ..and set my sights on another goal...a childhood dream...Hollywood. ..will I ever come back to the WWE? of course I will..not a match though, but in a capacity that would allow me to do so much more.. I LOVE that company and the fans...without the two I would not be standing where I am today... Vince and myself stay very closely connected and when the opportunity is right - which will be alot sooner than you think - we will do something electrifying and historic for the fans...he and I were toying with the idea of a special show called "ROCK RAW"... sounds like a perfect title for me to come back and SLAP THE LIPS OFF THOSE JABRONIS and LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN ON AAAAALLLLL THEIR CANDY ASSES!!! carried away..I'll save that one of a kind electricity for Rock Raw.. is important to me to say this from my heart - to the incredibly loyal "..The Rock's Millions and Millions..." and the entire WWE UNIVERSE...I am forever humbled and grateful to you for allowing me the HONOR to entertain you over the have my word I will continue to entertain you in ways like no one's only just the beginning... I dream big...and we've achieved those dreams together because you never left my side..I love you for that and thank you... I am Dwayne Johnson...and I will also always be The Rock."


NWA-MSW Wrestling event
Sat. Feb. 5th
Rec. Center
5701 Church Drive
Rand, WV
7:30pm est.


NWA World Heavyweight Championship
"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce (champion)
NWA Mountain State Heavyweight Champion and former WCW star
Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling"

Plus more matches for TV taping....

Credit: Stro @

WWE star injured - again

WWE star Rey Mysterio is currently working with a rotator cuff injury that he suffered during the company's recent overseas tour reports Jason Powell of WWE officials have limited his work with the company and have opted to book him in tag matches when needed for television or house show events. Mysterio hand picked Cody Rhodes for his current feud over on Smackdown in what calls for plans to have a match between the two at Wrestlemania 27.


HWA Wrestling Card For 2/5 in LaVergne, TN











111 Blue Valley Rd.
Off Old Nashville Highway

Bell Time Is 7:30pm
Doors Open At 6:00pm

Admission Is $8 For Adults
Kids 6 And Under Are FREE.


XOW Returns To Independence With Special Guest

With Special Guest....The Deadman

WWE Royal Rumble Results

Alberto Del Rio won the 40-Man Royal Rumble Match
Del Rio’s shocking victory was one of many surprising moments in this year’s over-the-top melee. Before the match even began, No. 1 entrant CM Punk was ambushed by The Corre, resulting in a massive brawl between the SmackDown group and The New Nexus. When the smoke settled and the Rumble started proper, The Straight Edge Superstar survived long enough to be joined by his New Nexus cohorts and the sinister set proceeded to control the match for an extended period of time. That was until John Cena arrived.

Putting on one of the most impressive performances in Rumble history, the Legendary star was by far the most dominant man in the ring, dumping seven Superstars over the top rope, including every member of The New Nexus. But Cena’s fury soon gave way to frivolity as he teamed up with No. 23 entrant Hornswoggle to hurl both Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd. Those unfortunate Superstars should’ve taken a page out of John Morrison’s book. Early in the bout, The Shaman of Sexy avoided elimination by clinging catlike onto the barrier and then jumping back into the ring.

As the action continued to heat up, top Superstars like Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett entered the fray. Even former World Champions Booker T and Diesel made unexpected appearances in the match, much to the delight of the WWE Universe. But it was the man who drove to the ring in a $200,000 Bentley that had the biggest impact on the night’s events.

As one of the final men to enter the ring, Del Rio had an advantage over the last three participants — Cena, Barrett and Orton. The Mexican Superstar lucked out when Cena was unceremoniously tossed by an interfering Miz. From there, it was a rapid turn of events as The Viper chucked Barrett before being dumped himself by an opportunistic Del Rio.

It was not over yet, though. Santino Marella had not been officially eliminated and crawled back into the ring, nailing a distracted Del Rio with The Cobra. The Italian Superstar nearly threw the arrogant competitor over the top rope, but Del Rio reversed at the last second to secure his spot in the main event of The Show of Shows.

To view the complete list of WWE Superstars who were a part of the 2011 Royal Rumble as well as their Statistics and Eliminations, visit

WWE Champion The Miz def. Randy Orton
Months of taunts and attacks reverberated through WWE’s Apex Predator, who seemed almost destined to wear the WWE Title for a seventh time – refusing anything less than victory. But the final decision would not lie with Orton. Instead, members of The New Nexus entered and distracted The Viper, at which point the group’s leader, CM Punk, emerged to level Orton with a GTS and drag Miz’s ragged body atop for the three-count.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Dolph Ziggler
When Vickie Guerrero interfered with the match and jumped up on the ring apron to continuously slap Edge, Kelly Kelly appeared from nowhere and took her out.

Ziggler soon locked in his infamous sleeper and, while the World Heavyweight Champion struggled to break it, the referee got knocked to the canvas and was rendered out of commission. Seizing the opportunity, The Ultimate Opportunist brought the WWE Universe into hysterics, blasting his adversary with the outlawed Spear. Then, as the referee was coming to, he followed it up with the Killswitch for the victory – perhaps paying homage to his former partner Christian.

Eve won a Fatal 4-Way Match (New Divas Champion)
In a shocking turn of events at a sold-out TD Banknorth Garden, Raw’s Anonymous General Manager evened the odds in Natalya’s Divas Championship defense against Lay-Cool, ordering the bout become a Fatal 4-Way Match. This decision would set the stage for Eve to capture the butterfly for the second time in her young career.

The battle was fierce and competitive as the sexy, smart and powerful Divas each desired to head in the right direction on the Road to WrestleMania. When the dust settled, Eve stood victorious by taking advantage of the situation, capturing her second Divas Title by pinning Layla. However, Eve’s victory did not come without controversy as the referee did not see Michelle pinning Natalya at the same time.

Although at the end of the match Michelle protested the referee’s decision, her argument would fall on deaf ears, as the former Diva Search Winner Eve was officially declared the winner and left the Royal Rumble as Divas Champion.


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IBIW results from 1/29 in Orlando, FL

I Believe In Wrestling was in Orlando, FL, on January 29. Results: Gus Money & Mike Cruz defeated the James Boys; Ricky Young (w/Scott Hall) defeated Jack LeDuc
(w/Robin Donahue); Alex Pourteau defeated Santana; J.D. Amazing defeated Mike Reed (w/Cherry Layne); Brandon Scherer defeated Brian Badical; QT Marshall defeated Conner Murphy; and Bumz 'r Us vs. the Heartbreak Express ended in a double DQ.

Credit: Brian Slack @

NWA Anarchy 2/12 in Cornelia, GA

Konkrete Gorillaz vs Shadow Jackson & Kimo;

NWA Anarchy TV Title Match: Shaun Tempers VS Brody Chase;

TAG Turmoil (Winner faces Hate Junkies for NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles that night) with Youth Gone Wild, New Wave, Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck and one more team;

Mike Posey vs Adrian Hawkins;

Tank will defend the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against a former Anarchy and Wildside Champion;

NWA Anarchy Young Lions Champion, Slim J will appear;

More "surprise" returning stars and matches.


Peachstate Wrestling Alliance 2/5 in Carrollton, GA

PCW results from 1/28 in Atlanta, GA

Pandora and Aisha Sunshine wrestled to a double-countout;

Chip Day pinned Mason;

Vordell Walker defeated Kyle Matthews by submission;

The Profits of Doom (Andrew Pendleton III & Dany Only) pinned The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams);

Team MGCW (Curry Kid, Mr. X, Russian Assassin #2, Deadpool & Tyson Dean) pinned Team PCW (Jay Fury, Nemesis, Simon Sermon, Rick Michaels & Brian Blaze);

Grotesque beat Sugar Dunkerton by countout;

The Vandal pinned The Phantom;

By virtue of his pinfall following an amazing 450 splash from the top rope, "The Revelation" Shane Marx defeated Andy Anderson for his Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling title in a title versus title match. "The Revelation" Shane Marx is now the MGCW Champion, as well as the Platinum Championship Wrestling World Champion!

Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday! Bell is at 8 p.m.

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

The main event is the new MGCW Champion (and PCW World Champion) "The Revelation" Shane Marx defending BOTH TITLES against The Curry Kid, winner of last week's Platinum Royal!

Stephen Platinum gets whipped by MGCW's "Screamin'" Marty Freeman and Miss Jackie, since Team MGCW managed to beat Team PCW at last night's card at the Masquerade!

The Gym Class Heroes debut for PCW and take on the Washington Bullets!

Sugar Dunkerton takes on Mr. Jones!

Plus: The debut of Jacob Ashworth! Nemesis addresses Jay Fury! Grotesque! And all of your other PCW favorites!


MCW results from 1-28 in Osceola, AR

1st match - Chris Steele & Chris Idol lose 2 weeks in a row to the LA Hustlers !!!

2nd match - winner gets a heavyweight title shot !! Big Jim over Loose Cannon !!!

3rd match - Hambones retain the tag titles defeating the Hillbillies !!!

4th match - Frankie Tucker narrowly defeated Stretch !! With a little assistance from Cookie St James !!!

5th match - East Coast Bad Boyz win over the team of Kilo & Drive-by !! Good match !!!

Credit: Brian Tramel @

USWO/ATL results from Friday night in Nashville, TN

USWO Tag Team Champions Deathwish b Steven Roy & Kevin Dunn when Roy was pinned

USWO Music City Champion Saint b Tim Renesto

Psycho Medic & Danny Copass vs Panther & ATL Champion Jamey Farrari went to a double DQ when Deathwish attacked both teams

ATL Southern Champion Chrisjen Hayme b Nick Iggy

Bryan Casey b ATL Champion Drew Haskins by DQ after the ref caught Haskins with a chain

Gary Valiant b Crusher Eric Hodge

Gary Valiant b Arrick Andrews by countout after Andrews left the ring area

Damien Payne b Wolfie D

USWO Champion Jocephus b Mike Woods in a no-DQ match

Credit: Jimmie Daniel via Brian Tramel @

ASWF results from 1-29 in Tuckerman, AR

First match: CL Smuve defeated Hot Rod w/Johnny Harper & Johnny Hawk by DQ when Harper & Hawk interfered. Stryker & Mark Marshall made the save.

Second match: Seth Sabor retained the X Division Title over Lee Michaels, Jon Allan, and Mike Anthony (subbing for Kid Krazzy) after Sabor hit a SKO on Lee Michaels.

Third match: Hot Rod & Johnny Hawk w/ Johnny Harper retained the Tag Team Titles over Chris Stryker & Mark Marshall after Marshall was distracted and Hawk hit the Chalupa Drop on Stryker. Afterwards Marshall choke slammed Stryker for losing the match.

Fourth match: Dirty Lil Dave defeated Mike Anthony after Austin Lane speared Anthony and pulled DLD on top. As a result Mike Anthony must leave ASWF.

Fifth match: "C. C. R." [Wild Bill/Demon X] defeated The "Hollywood Blondes" [Brody Hawk/Sarge O'Reilly] by double pin fall to capture the Tri State Tag Team Titles.

Sixth match: Chuck Fears ended hi professional wrestling career by defeating ASWF Champion Austin Lane by pin fall.

550-580 in attendance!

Credit: Brian Tramel @

Review Of The Nashville Show..

Overall this was probably the best live independent show I have ever been to. I'd like to congratulate everyone who was involved. Meet and Greet was great, fans were able to meet everyone before the show started. WWE Hall of Famer "Soulman" Rocky Johnson and "Dirty" Dutch Mantell among other performers were there. The show sold out with somewhere around 1500 people.
The pre-show matches were alright, more to warm-up the crowd.

1. SAW Tag-Team Championship Match - The Wildboys defeated The Weatherbys, First match of the night all the fans were firmly behind The Weatherbys. I myself thought the titles were to be put on them. Good ending Jordan pinned Cody Weatherby.

2. Tony Falk defeated "Luscious One" David Matthews, Falk still showed his ability to move around the ring, very short match, around five minutes.
Brief intermission, Aaron Camaro pumped up the crowd, speaking of his native Wisconsin, then referring to Nashville as the wrestling capital of the United States.
Then the regular matches began.

3. "Showtime" Eric Young defeated Arrick "The Dragon" Andrews, Andrews started in the ring antagonizing the crowd reiterating his Open-Challenge, Cody Melton then proceeded to dash to the ring and was thrown back out almost as fast as he ran in. The crowd was livid. Then, Eric Young, walked to the ring with everyone in shock. Young controlled the match for the beginning half, Andrews then worked Young's ankle. Young mounted a comeback then hit his signature, Death Valley Driver for the win. This was a great opening match.

4. The Diamonds in the Rough (with The Goddess Athena) defeated The Maddox Brothers, In my opinion match of the night, The Maddox Brothers have become seasoned veterans in the ring, and seem to know everything the other will do.Their double-team moves were great. Sigmon did seem to fit in very well as a "Diamond in the Rough," a very fluid match, many top rope moves. Young got a quick pin for the win.

5. "The Headliner" Chris Michaels defeated "Notorious K-I-D" Kid Kash, Kash began the match as he always does antagonizing the crowd, inciting an old woman to the point at which she tried to climb the guard rail. It was quite funny. A back and forth match between the two, both looked very good, Kash then began to work Michaels, eventually attempting his "Brainbuster," Michaels then quickly reversed it into a roll-up for the win. Kash then began to incite the crowd once again, having to have security surround him as he returned backstage.

6. SAW Southern Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification Match - Hammerjack defeated Lonestar, Lonestar brought his signature noose to the ring, the match started with a back and forth between the two, Hammerjack then proceeded to get a chair and hit Lonestar. Lonestar then retaliated by placing the bottom rim of an open chair on Hammerjack's throat and striking it with a second chair. The two went on for awhile with basic wrestling maneuvers, then Hammerjack threw Lonestar from the top rope through a table on the outside the ring. They then ended up back in the ring with Lonestar controlling the match, he mounted the top rope. Hammerjack then performed a snapmare variation and pinned Lonestar to win the title. The crowd went wild through the entire match.

Then Camaro announced an intermission, fans then began to resume the Meet & Greet with the arriving Jerry Lawler, who had just wrestled a match in Burns, Tennessee.
Tracy Smothers then began an in-ring segment about the fairgrounds and his many experiences there. Jocephus, Derrick Neal, and The Wildboys. Smothers and Jocephus fought off Jordan, Neal, and Neely.

7. Brian Christopher & Kevin White defeated Derrick King Enterprises, Christopher and White were loved by the fans, before their match they brought a young child to the ring to throw Christopher's bandanna into the audience. Christopher and White worked DKE for awhile, Christopher even gave Haskins the wedgie of a lifetime. King and Haskins attempted to mount a comeback, but to no avail. Christopher then hit his signature leg drop for the win. After the match Christopher and White brought more children into the ring and began to dance with them. The fans were very into the match.

8. Wolfie D defeated "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, The crowd was heavily behind Wolfie D. Gilbert was booed the entire match. Both still moved at a very fast pace. A lot of great wrestling technique in the match. Very back and forth. Towards the end Gilbert pulled a chain out of his tights and attempted to hit Wolfie with it, but was stopped by the referee. The ref took the the chain to lay it down in the corner of the ring, letting Wolfie grab his hubcap and hit the "Cap for your dome," and get the three count.

An in-ring segment was then conducted by Aaron Camaro, introducing Marcus Pastorius, as the mastermind behind the show at the fairground. Pastorius walked to the ring and received mixed reactions from the crowd. He then brought The Weatherbys and Hammerjack to the ring claiming they made this all possible. He then called TJ Weatherby to the ring to thank him for the opportunity for his position at SAW. Weatherby was presented with a cake, then returned backstage.

9. Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Dirty" Dutch Mantell was the special guest referee, Camaro described as the last meeting between the two. Dundee got on the microphone, and began to antagonize Mantell, Lawler, and the crowd. Lawler then replied and said Dundee was the "...toughest person, I've ever been in the ring with." The match then began with many head throws and arm drags. Lawler then went on the offensive, beating Dundee down, Dundee then picked up a chair and threw it into the ring. Lawler then hit Dundee with the chair. The two went back and forth for awhile then Lawler was thrown into Mantell. Dundee was then on the offensive till Mantell rose up. Lawler then hit his signature piledriver on Dundee, and got the pin.
Dundee then got on the microphone and claimed that the piledriver was an "illegal" maneuver in the state of Tennesee, but was overturned by Mantell.

Dundee then performed a shoot on Jeff Jarett claiming he could not even plug a show with 600 people. Everyone then began to cheer and he closed the show.
In my opinion, it will probably be one of the best shows of the year.

Credit Jordon@Mid-South Wrestling Board

Sold Out Crowd In Nashville!!

The pictures and story was posted on Dutch Mantel's facebook...Wow what a Crowd!!!

FULL HOUSE IN NASHVILLE!!! Beautiful day too with the temperature at 68 degrees. It was just one of those days where everything felt right. On the show were Lawler, who the crowd loved, Dundee, who they hated, Kid Kash, Chris Michaels, Jocephus Brody, Brian Christopher, Tracy Smothers..Wolfie D, Doug Gilbert...etc. Great crew.

NASHVILLE...SOLD OUT!!! No HUGE over paid prima donnas...wrestling the way it should be...where fans can reach out and touch you. That's the way I like it. Thanks Nashville.

The Kat Will Be In Vegas

The T-Bone Effect: Issue 8 Brining in the New Year

Standing in at 5'10 and weighing 195 my newest inductee was born in Jackson, TN on Dec 21 1987. He started watching WWF around 1991, and pretty much didn't have a clue any other wrestling company existed until WCW came about.He would watch a grungy old beat up tape from the back of a Hollywood Video when he was about 9 or 10, that two workers under hoods made a "training" video, but really it just showed how to take bumps, take a buckle, call a spot, get color, nut shots and what not. So he thought his friend and he were the only ones who'd really came across this video. So he would keep the "secrets" to myself. Little did he know Vince McMahon had already told everybody what wrestling truly was. But his friend and him, and his brothers would have matches in his den for hours. They made made belts, had matches outside, the whole nine yards, just a funny story I thought I'd share. But when he was 5 he started tae kwon do, and progressed into boxing, jujitsu, and Kung Fu.
He has always been big into Chinese culture. He would married to his wife Tiffany in 2006 and had child Montana. Well in 2007 after he got fired from a factory job, he stayed up late one night (lol just one he says) and saw Bill Dundee on the Bill Whey show, and it had a number for wrestling training, he jumped on it, got the money up and trained. Kevin White was his main trainer, he had a lot of help from Bill and later on Brian Christopher and Derrick King have helped teach and polish him a lot (mainly in the "entertainment" part of our business).
He has gotten to wrestle in 10 different states so far, against guys like (his trainers) and other legends and top guys in the area like Lawler, Koko B Ware, Bobby Eaton, Road Dogg, Doug Gilbert, Wolfie D, Psycho Sid and more . He has been on a handful of shows with 1200+ in the crowd and televised. He has worked for SAW , MW, USAWrestling, NEW and RCW as far as televised wrestling, countless random and televised. As of now he currently is working for SAW, FNW, USA Wrestling and Hub City. For his strive to be the best, and could be considered one of the top in the Mid-South, I am proud to induct Cody Melton into the Unsigned Wall of Greatness for 2011.

VIDEO: Kevin Nash Interview In Boston Airport, Sporting New Look

Source:'s Chair Shot Reality hosts Justin LaBar & Josh Isenberg caught up and spoke with Kevin Nash on Saturday night at the Logan International airport in Boston.

In the following video Nash spoke about the Royal Rumble, his status with TNA, Booker T's future and Shawn Michaels.

They did confirm that Nash is sporting black hair and goatee, which again leads to speculate that he may be working the Rumble as his former gimmick Diesel.

Special Thanks and Credit to Chris Cash, Justin LaBar & Josh Isenberg @ for the great video

Steve Austin to Host WWE Tough Enough

The following is a new article from

Austin more than a "Tough Enough" host

NEW YORK CITY – USA Network and WWE announced that WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will host USA Network’s upcoming reality series "WWE Tough Enough." The non-scripted series will premiere Monday, April 4 at 11/10 CT, immediately following USA’s ratings juggernaut WWE Monday Night Raw, and move to its regularly scheduled slot in primetime, Mondays at 8/7 CT, starting on April 11.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has captivated audiences around the world with his magnetic presence and bold, yet charming nature. Austin has done it all in sports-entertainment, winning 17 championships, including the WWE Championship six times. He has an immense and incredibly devoted fan base, and is considered one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. Austin was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

"I am very excited about the opportunity to work with my old friends at WWE on 'WWE Tough Enough.' Sports-entertainment has always been an important part of my life, and I look forward to finding the next generation of WWE Superstars," said Austin.

"Stone Cold" will share his intimate knowledge, experience and flair for the stage as one of the most popular figures in WWE history to a group of individuals looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the next WWE Superstar or Diva. Austin will mentor the diverse group of men and women who will live, train, eat and sleep under one roof in a house in Simi Valley, Calif. Each week, the contestants will battle it out in a series of unique challenges designed to test for such characteristics as showmanship, creativity, athleticism and desire, just to name a few. Viewers will witness the trials and tribulations of what it takes to be one of the best in the world’s greatest sports-entertainment organization. The grand prize winner will be awarded a contract with WWE.

Since leaving the world of sports-entertainment, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has made a name for himself in Hollywood, with roles in such blockbuster hits as The Expendables, staring Sylvester Stallone and The Longest Yard, starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. Other film credits include Damage, The Condemned and Hunt to Kill. In addition to film, Austin is a household name from his work on hit television shows such as NBC’s Chuck and CBS’ Nash Bridges.

Shed Media US, noted for its strong characters and memorable casting in the non-scripted arena, will produce "WWE Tough Enough." The company’s previous reality credits include The Real Housewives of New York City, Who Do You Think You Are and World's Strictest Parents. Producing for Shed Media US are Alex Demyanenko and Eric Van Wagenen.

Credit: Matt Boone @

Story On Rumble Winner Who Was Accidentally Eliminated

The following is an excerpt from a new blog by former WWE creative team member Dave Lagana:

The moment between Bastista and Cena lead to an appearance from Mr. McMahon. This was supposed to be Batista’s night. Speculation has it that Batista had his bell rung by a punch by Cena and when he went to throw out Cena, they both tumbled to the floor causing chaos. The PPV time window was expiring quickly. There was a call for either Eric Bischoff or Teddy Long, the respective GMs, to go out and restart the match but due to the size of the arena in Fresno they were not close enough. Vince McMahon got up from the production table where he had sat for nearly three hours.

We all had stopped and looked at the screen not knowing what had happened; I don’t think we were alone with anyone watching that day. He hadn’t stretched, he hadn’t warmed up. And here he sat in the middle of the ring; the main event of Wrestlemania hanging in the balance and time ticking down on the broadcast. From that position, Vince McMahon was able to render his decision for the live house and restart the match. Batista quickly threw Cena out of the ring to make sure the audience at home saw the conclusion. But what the audience didn’t see was Vince McMahon, full of pride, walk to backstage area.

Vince had torn both of his quads and in an instant was gone from the on-site WWE creative process. Stephanie McMahon, with no warning and her mind on her father, had to jump right in. The next day, we produced the first WWE Supershow without him and then boarded a plane to Japan where WWE taped television for the first time ever. It was the fast-forward button on a time when WWE would exist without Vince McMahon. Six years later, people still speculate when that will be and what will happen.

The Royal Rumble can truly change the course for the WWE. I’m excited to watch the event on Sunday. I’d love to hear more examples of Rumbles in the past that changed the course of WWE.

Check out the complete blog online at

Credit: Matt Boone @

Saturday, January 29, 2011

ROH At WrestleReunion 5 Results (1/28): Los Angeles, CA

Ring of Honor Live Event (Los Angeles, Calif. at WrestleReunion 5)

Report by Will Pruett and

My buddy and I arrived at the hotel about two hours before the show and found Roddy Piper and Bob Orton in the lobby, both of them were really cool and shook our hands. As we were waiting in line to go into the ballroom, Edge walked by us. I caught up with him and he was very friendly (and much taller than I thought he was). Terry Funk walked by soon after. We sat to the left of the entrance about four rows back. The section next to us was empty, but filled up with wrestlers coming out of the back for the entire evening.

Roderick Strong and Christopher Daniels were signing autographs at tables when we came into the ballroom. Roddy Piper and Bob Orton watched the first half of the show from the back of the ballroom.

The show opened with a promo from the Kings of Wrestling. They mentioned all of the teams that they had beat (including the Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me) and added Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to that list. They also ran down The Lakers and said that Euro-Disney is way better than Disneyland. Hero covered most of the talking, with Claudio occasionally chiming in. Finally, they said Kings reign supreme and walked to the back.

1. The Bravado Brothers defeated Cedric Alexander and Kaleb Konley in about 12 minutes via pin. This was a really fun opening match that got the crowd into the show. One of the Bravados took a hard hit to the nose and started bleeding. He turned to the crowd and said "No one makes me bleed my own blood" which got a nice laugh. Really good tag match that ended when The Bravados caught Alexander with a victory roll type maneuver into a pin.

2. Jay Briscoe defeated Colt Cabana in about 10 minutes via pin. Lots of "Man Up" chants from the crowd to begin. Some great comedy from Cabana with his towel. We had our first dueling chant of the evening between "Let's go Briscoe" and "Colt Cabana." Cabana showed why he is so much funnier than Derrick Bateman in this one. Jay got with win with the Jay-Drilla.

3. All Night Express defeated The Cutler Brothers in about 15 minutes via pin. The fans were very much behind the hometown boys (The Cutlers) even though they were continuously blowing spots and really took a lot out of the match. ANX definitely look like stars in the ring. ANX got the win with a cool backbreaker/flying knee double team combo.

4. Davey Richards defeated TJ Perkins in about 20 minutes via submission. This was easily the match of the night. The crowd was very into both wrestlers since Perkins in a hometown PWG talent. This match was really well put together and Richards looked like a star. The finish came after some rapid fire submission and pin attempts until Richards finally caught Perkins with a Falcon's arrow into an Armbreaker. Amazing match and definitely worth buying the DVD of this event for.

During intermission Davey Richards was posing for pictures and signing autographs at the merchant table. Edge walked into the ballroom and quickly made his way backstage. Shane Helms was wandering around, as was ODB. Mike Graham was at the bar grabbing a quick beverage before heading back into the show.

5. Christopher Daniels (w/ Alison Danger) defeated Mark Briscoe in about 15 minutes via pin to retain the ROH World TV Championship. It took the crowd a little while to get into this one coming back from intermission. There were significantly fewer "Man Up" chants during this match than Jay Briscoe's. His match built up nicely and paid off in an exciting series of near falls until Daniels hit the BME and got the win.

6. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin defeated The Kings of Wrestling in a non-title match in about 20 minutes via submission. This was the best tag team match that I have ever seen live. It began with dueling chants between the two teams (where Chris Hero pointed to himself when the fans chanted "World's Greatest Tag Team"). This is another match worth watching the DVD for. It was not quite as exciting as Perkins and Richards, but it was tremendous. After a hard-fought battle Haas locked in the Haas of Pain on Claudio and Claudio tapped out. Great match that showed why tag team wrestling is alive and well in ROH.

7. Roderick Strong defeated El Generico in about 30 minutes via pin to retain the ROH Title. The fans were very into El Generico. Every time anyone in the ballroom thought the word "Ole" everyone was singing Generico's theme song. This was another match that started a little bit slow but built to an amazing crescendo. Roderick Strong has some of the best kicks in the business. Every time he hit Generico, there was an audible groan from the crowd. Strong hit Generico with the ROH Championship, followed by a leg lariat and a Gibson Drivier for the pin.

After the match Strong grabbed a mic and bragged about still being ROH Champion after beating Christopher Daniels, Mark Briscoe, Davey Richards and now El Generico. Daniels, Briscoe and Richards came to the ring and ran Strong off. Daniels then said that this event was about honoring the legends of the business and that they are Ring of Honor. The three of them helped Generico out of the ring and that was the event.

After the show, Diamond Dallas Page and Shane Helms were walking from the back. They both stopped and said hi to us. After that, my buddy and I wandered over to the technical area and chatted with the lighting and sound people who were very nice. They showed us their equipment and we got to see the All Night Express tape a promo for the ROH video wire. I don't want to give anything away, but there was rapping involved and it will blow your mind.

This was a great experience. I'd say that it was the second best event I've ever been to (Wrestlemania XXVI is number one). I'm amazed by ROH's talent and willingness to put it all out there in every show. I will definitely be going to future ROH appearances in LA and ordering iPPVs for the foreseeable future.

Credit: Matt Boone @

Booker T Cancels Weekend Appearances is reporting that former WWE and TNA star Booker T has canceled his booked appearances for this weekend. This invites speculation that he might be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble Match this Sunday night, and according to reports Booker has indeed been in talks with WWE about a potential return to the company.

Credit: Jules Allen @

DDP to Host DVD

Former WWE and WCW star Diamond Dallas Page has noted the following on Twitter: "IT's Official! I will Host "The BEST OF NITRO"! This a Great thing for the WCW/NWO/WWE fans! Plus a Great way for DDP to return to the WWE!"

I'm already getting hit with Questions! Ha! This "Best of Nitro" is a DVD box collection that will include the years 95/96, 97/98 & 99/2001."

Credit: Jules Allen @

Jerry "The King" Lawler to headline New Millennium Wrestling's Feb. 26 event in Balch Springs, Texas

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Matt Riviera headlines New Millennium Wrestling's Feb. 26 event at the Balch Springs Recreation Center in Balch Springs, Texas.

Credit: Ryan Clark @

Wrestlicious' Future

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart said last week on The Bubba the Love Sponge Show that Wrestlicious is close to securing a television deal with MTV2.

Credit: Ryan Clark @

SPW presents TOUGH LOVE February 12th 2011 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Are you ready for Tough Love? The best wrestlers in the Hampton Roads area will be battling against each other in the squared circle February 12th 2011 for ultimate supremacy at 8pm. Curtis Mack will brawl against Sterling Williams in the Third Round of Best of Five Series. Several wrestling superstars will compete for the TV Title. Athletes like Phil Brown, Nathan Mustang and many more! Tickets only $10.00 and a Military ID gets half off admission. Children under 6 free!

Southside School of Professional Wrestling
SPW Studio's
557 S Birdneck Rd Suite 111
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 UNITED STATES


A message from Jimmy Valiant

This Sunday, January 30, 2011, at 12 noon, third generation wrestling legend Jimmy Golden a.k.a Bunkhouse Buck will be at Boogie’s Wrestling Camp, 2916 Alleghany Springs Road, Shawsville, VA. Jimmy recently appeared on WWE as Jack Swagger’s daddy. Come meet this wrestling legend as he and big time promoter James Strange will be at camp to scout our talented BWC students for their new Rocky Top Wrestling promotion. Come out and enjoy a day of free fun for the family!!!!

Jimmy and Angel Valiant

Friday, January 28, 2011

WWE executive resigns

WWE Director and Chief Operating Officer Donna Goldsmith resigned her position this past week and will be leaving the company to pursue other interests effective 2/28.

Goldsmith, 50, had served as WWE COO since December 2009, and before that ran the company's consumer product division for nearly a decade.

She had pushed for the PG direction in recent times and was instrumental in securing the new multi-million dollar merchandise deal with Mattel.

She also picked up most of the slack when Linda McMahon resigned to run for Senate.

Last year, Forbes magazine named her the second most powerful woman in sports behind USA Network President Bonnie Hammer.


Scott Hall talks about his recovery/treatment

Scott Fishman is featuring an interview with Scott Hall discussing his recent recovery/treatment with support from Vince McMahon and WWE.

"I have been to about nine rehabs," said Hall. "They were high dollar and some of the best ones around. [WWE Chairman] Vince [McMahon] has picked up the tab the last couple of times. If you ever work or worked for WWE, if you ever need help, he will give it to you. He is really cool. Thank Vince, his wife Linda, [daughter] Stephanie, [son] Shane and Paul [Levesque/Triple H]. Thank you for helping me. It's hard to ask for help. It's even harder to accept it, when people offer it."


Press Release RE: Jake "The Snake" Roberts retirement

Wrestling Legend Retires

(Los Angeles, CA) - Jake "The Snake" Roberts name makes many wrestlers and fans cringe as they remember his vicious finishing move the DDT, then add insult to injury as he let his snake Damien slither over his victims. On January 29, 2011, Jake the Snake will retire from professional wrestling against former WWE star Sinn Bodhi at Wrestlereunion in Los Angeles, CA.

Growing up Sinn Bodhi idolized Roberts, and Roberts was probably the only wrestler that actually intimidated Bodhi.

The two superstars would eventually wrestle each other for the first time in a tag-team match where Jake "The Snake" Roberts teamed up with Nigel McGuiness to face Sinn Bodhi and TNA's Doug Williams. The match ended with Sinn Bodhi finding himself on the receiving end of Robert's vicious DDT.

In Ottawa, 2002, Roberts and Bodhi became friends and Roberts taught Bodhi everything he knows.

"I probably learned the most just sitting on his couch watching videos of his matches with Legends like Ricky Steamboat, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, and "Ravishing" Rick Rude etc... Jake would play and pause the videos explaining to me what he was thinking and doing throughout the matches. It was scary just how intelligent he was AND is" says Bodhi

This match at Wrestlereunion in Los Angeles isn't just a retirement match, it's a match between teacher and student. Bodhi will be the last match his idol will ever partake in, an honor for him in so many ways.

"I will be facing Jake "The Snake" Roberts in his Retirement Match at Wrestlereunion. Jake has described me as, "Too dangerous for WWE to control." Yet, I will be facing the most innovative, dangerous man in Pro Wrestling history... My teacher... My friend... I love you Jake, however, at Wrestlereunion you will be passing the torch whether you like it or not..." says Bodhi on the match

What: Wrestlereunion 5
Where: Hilton Hotel at the Los Angeles Airport
When: January 29, 2011
Time: 8:00 PM

For more information contact the hotel at (310) 410-4000

For more information about Sinn Bodhi visit

For more details about Wrestlereunion visit

Sinn Bodhi is available for interviews. Please contact Shannon Rose, Eclectic Media Productions (347) 92-STARS or (347) 927-8277, Email:

Sinn Bodhi is represented by Eclectic Media Productions, a National PR Firm. Website:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

EPW results from Saturday night in Booneville, MS

Chocolate & Vanilla (Josh Matthews/Chrome w/Antoin Smooth) defeated Chazz Stone & "Dangerous" David Cox.

Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, along with all the members of The Hollywood Clique & Smooth, Inc., came to the ring to present "Big daddy" Neno with the North Mississippi Championship belt, which Neno had won the week before by winning the championship tournament. They had quite a celebration, then Blaylock called out former EPW owner Edith Poole. Hollywood and his goons applied clown makeup to Edith and put a clown wig & Nose on her. Hollywood told her how much he hated her and then ordered her out of the ring.

Robert "The Main Factor" Devine won a 3-way match over "DC" David Cross & "The Future" Chris Styles.

North Mississippi Champion "Big Daddy" Neno w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock defeated Buzz Harley due to interference by Blaylock.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor over Justin Rhodes by reversed decision.

EPW Tag Team Champions Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid w/Hollywood over 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) by DQ.

EPW returns to action this Saturday night, 1/29/11, at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. Remember, you never know what will happen or who will show up at an EPW show, so DON'T MISS IT!

TFW results from 1-21 in Tupelo (Skyline) MS

Smooth, Inc. (Chrome/"Big Daddy" Neno w/Antoin Smooth) defeated Chazz Stone & Robert "The Main Factor" Devine.

Brett Michaels w/Terrell Moore defeated "DC" David Cross.

Super Metal Brothers (Jai Webster/Suicide) over New South Fight Club (Izzy Rotten/David Andrews) by DQ. After the match ended, NSFC continued to beat down Webster & Suicide - Chop in to make the save.

Tony Dabbs defeated Chris Styles.

Main event was a 3-way elimination match: Josh Matthews vs. LSD vs. Curley Moe. LSD was first to be eliminated (by Matthews).Match was thrown out a short time later when Shadow/Chris Styles/Brett Michaels interfered. During the altercation that followed Shadow was unmasked by Tony Dabbs and revealed to be none other than referee Joey Lynn.

Next TFW event is this Friday night, 1-28-11, at the TFW Arena on Highway 178 in Skyline.

Guess Who?

Can you guess who this wrestler is that works all over the south. I give you a little hint..He's Big and he's worked most of the promotions in this area including Memphis Wrestling. Can you guess? Send your guess to

Former WWF star charged with murder

Former wrestler Ion Croitoru, who appeared on various World Wrestling Federation cards from 1986 to 1989 as Johnny K-9, was charged Monday with first degree murder in connection with the 2008 gangland execution of Jonathan Barber in Vancouver.


Well known Carolinas wrestler passes away

John Heidemann, who was very well known among the wrestling scene in the Carolinas, passed away this morning at the age of 90 reports The Wrestling Observer. Heidemann had been hospitalized in the past few weeks after suffering a fall before Christmas.

Les Thatcher wrote the following via Facebook about his passing: "Another wrestler passing as Johnny Hiedeman age 90 left us this morning in a Charlotte Nursing Home. A fine gentleman, great worker and teacher who gave so much to the business. Rest in peace my brother."


TNA offers contract to new knockout

Thea Trinidad, wrestling under the name Divina Fly, has been offered a contract by TNA Wrestling after having a successful tryout with the company at the last set of Impact TV tapings in Orlando, Florida.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter via

SWF Card for 1-28-11














Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time is running out for you to cast your votes in the 2010 INDY DIVAS Awards


For those of you who have not yet cast your votes
in the numerous categories
for the 2010 INDY DIVAS Awards,
PLEASE do so as soon as possible
because the deadline for you to cast your votes
for the Top 6 nominees
whom that are nominated in several categories
during the 2010 INDY DIVAS Awards
will conclude at the end of
Thursday night,January the 27th.

INDY DIVAS is a YAHOO! group site
that discusses,features
and showcases the most beautiful,the most talented
and the most hardworking female wrestling personalities
in the independent wrestling circuit today
from all across the United States
and even from all over the entire planet Earth.

The INDY DIVAS YAHOO! group site
has been in operation
for just a little over the last 5 years.

Several group members
and independent women's wrestling fans
have sent in their nominations
either via the INDY DIVAS YAHOO! Group Site
or by E-mail
in November of last year
upon selecting and establishing
the Top 6 nominees to qualify
in several categories for the 2010 INDY DIVAS Awards.

In order for you to cast your votes
at INDY DIVAS for the 2010 INDY DIVAS,
you must join and officially become a member of INDY DIVAS......

You may do so by clicking on this link button below:

style="border: 0px;"
alt="Click to join indydivas"/>

Click to join indydivas

Upon voting
PLEASE do bear in mind......

After when you join INDY DIVAS,
click on the Polls link on the left
hand side of the INDY DIVAS page.
You will see several poll questionnaire links
in regards to the 2010 INDY DIVAS Awards.

Submit your vote
for the female independent wrestling personality
as to whom you wish to vote for
by clicking on the little circle that is beside her name
and by clicking on the blue Vote button
at the bottom of each poll.
It is just that easy,plain and simple!

Voting in the categories
of the 2010 INDY DIVAS Awards
will be ending on the end of
Thursday night,January 27th,2011.

Winners will be announced
on the morning of
Friday,January 28th,2011.

Your votes will determine the winners
in each category!


A two-time consecutive winner
-Kacee Carlisle-

-Sara Del Rey-
-Tiffany Roxx-
-"The Polynesian Princess" Tracy Taylor-
-Mercedes Martinez-

2005- April Hunter
2006- Dixie
2007- Sara del Rey
2008- Kacee Carlisle
2009- Kacee Carlisle

-The Goddess Athena-
-Felony Foxx-
-Joyce Grable-
-Rabid Rizzo-
-Jessie Belle Smothers-
(real-life daughter of
former ECW/WWE/WCW Superstar
Tracy Smothers)

2005- Irresistible Danielle
2006- Irresistible Danielle
2007- Charity
2008- Irresistible Danielle
2009- Lacey

2008 WINNER!!!

-$$Million Dollar Baby$$-
-Angela DeBella-
-"The Voluptuous Vixen" Veronica Fairchild-

-"The Queen Of Kingsport,TN/East Tennessee" Misty James-
-Su Yung-

2005- Scarlett Rose
2006- Dixie
2007- Princess Kimberly
2008- Jelena
2009- Veronica Fairchild

-Sara Del Rey-
-Chrissy Johnson-
-Kacee Carlisle-

-"Pryme Tyme" Amy Lee-
-Camron Star-

2005- Camron Star
2006- Zip
2007- Charity
2008- Sara Del Rey
2009- Kacee Carlisle

-West Tennessee Black Widow-
-Tiffany Roxx-
-Tracy Taylor-
-Veronica Fairchild-

-Mia Yim-

2005- Irresistible Danielle
2006- Destiny (Alabama Wrestling Federation)
2007- Vain
2008- Amber O' Neal
2009- Veronica Fairchild


-Brittany Force-
-Tiffany Roxx-

"The Queen Of Destruction" Destiny-
-West Tennessee Black Widow-
-Ashley Nicely-
-Jessie Belle Smothers-

2005- Alicia
2006- Nikki Roxx
a.k.a. former TNA Knockout
Roxxi LaVeaux
2007- Talia Madison
now known these days as
TNA Knockout
Velvet Sky
2008- Jelena
2009- Tiffany Roxx


-"The Blossom Twins"-
-Holly Blossom and Hannah Blossom-
-"The Belle Saints"-
-Tina San Antonio and Marti Belle-
-Amy Lee and Missy Sampson-
-"The Fly Girls"-
-Niya and Divina Fly-
-"Rachel and Jessica's Excellent Tag Team"-
-Jessica James and Rachel Summerlyn-
-"The Canadian Ninjas"-
-Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews-

"T & A"
Talia Madison (Velvet Sky) and April Hunter

"The Experience"
Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka

Ashley Lane,
now known these days as TNA Knockout
Madison Rayne
and Nevaeh

"Team Blondage 2.0"
Krissy Vaine (Kristin Astara) and Amber O' Neal
(by virtue of a coin flip)

-Su Yung vs. Rock N' Roll Rock-C-
-Tiffany Roxx vs. Jessica Wetmore-
-Mercedes Martinez vs. Rain-
-Tracy Taylor vs. Nikki Diamond-
-Cheerleader Melissa vs. Madison Eagles-
-Pippa L'Vinn vs. Shelby Beach-

2005- Nikki Roxx vs. Arianna/Ariel
2006- Dixie vs. Zip
2007- Charity vs. Irresistible Danielle
2008- Mercedes Martinez vs. Angel Orsini
2009- Veronica Fairchild vs. Su Yung


-Jazz vs. Tracy Taylor (c)-
-PGWA Women's Championship-
September 11th,2010-

-22 Woman Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal-
-Women Superstars Uncensored
-Union City,NJ
June 26th,2010-

-MsChif vs. Tasha Simone-
-NWA Top Rope
July 24th,2010-

-Cheerleader Melissa vs. Madison Eagles (c)-
SHIMMER Women's Championship
-SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 33
September 11th,2010-

-Miss Dixie vs. Misty James vs. Chrissy Johnson-
Super Star Wrestling
October 23rd,2010-

-Sara Del Rey vs. Ayumi Kurihara-
-SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 31-
April 11th,2010-

Lexie Fyfe vs. Luscious Lily
(November 26th,2005)

Nikki Roxx vs. Ariel
(August 13th 2006)

Sara Del Rey vs. Nikki Roxx
(April 22nd,2007)

Samantha Steele vs. Kacee Carlisle
Thunder Wrestling Federation (TWF)
"Wrestlelution X (10)"
(January 26th,2008)

Amber O' Neal vs. Krissy Vaine vs. *Daffney*
"Old Time Rock N' Roll Farewell To Legends Tour 2009" show
Dothan Civic Center
(Friday,May 29th,2009)

-Professional Girl Wrestling Association
-Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation
-Women Superstars Uncensored
-nCw Femme Fatales-
-SHIMMER Women Athletes-
they have won this particular category
for the last 5 consecutive years
(2005,2006,2007,2008 and 2009)!!!

-Magnificent Ladies Wrestling



-Tiffany Roxx-
-Su Yung-
-Roxie Cotton-
-Divina Fly-
-Mickie Knuckles-

2007- April Hunter
2008- Irresistible Danielle
2009- Amber O' Neal


-Miss Rachel-
-Angela DeBella-
-Chrissy Johnson-
-Tiffany Roxx-
-$$Million Dollar Baby$$-
-Brittney Love-

and,last but not least.....

-Jessie Belle Smothers-
-Veronica Fairchild-
-Kacee Carlisle-

-Chrissy Johnson-
-Tracy Taylor-

2005- Lady Amazon
2006- N/A
2007- Irresistible Danielle
2008- Amber O' Neal
2009- Kacee Carlisle

And there you have it,everybody!
Who wins these categories is totally up to you!

So with that being said,
PLEASE join and go to INDY DIVAS
and PLEASE cast your votes
for your favorite independent wrestling personalities
at the 2010 INDY DIVAS Awards.

Remember that old saying.....
DON'T VOTE.......
DON'T B****!!!

Thank you.....

style="border: 0px;"
alt="Click to join indydivas"/>

Click to join indydivas

In the event of a tie
in any category,
the final deciding tie-breaking vote
will be determined by a coin flip,
therefore the winner in a particular category
or categories will be determined
in that manner.

The Hollywood Blondes Will Be At ASWF This Saturday Night (Check Out The Interview)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Latest from Pro Wrestling Ohio


Huge news on our DVD front, as many of our titles from our first three years are now marked down to only ten dollars! Its a convenient and affordable way to add to your wrestling DVD library and catch up on any of the PWO action you may have missed over the years! Not only that, but we have a brand new title in stock, and a VERY special deal where you can own the complete history of two of our most important annual events for only $30 each! It's a deal you can't pass up, and here are all the details!

PWO Third Anniversary Show - $15
Official DVD Commercial -

It's a time of change and progression as PWO begins its 4th television season, celebrates its 3rd anniversary, and recovers from the backlash of an unforgettable "PWO Wrestlelution 3" all in one night, emanating from STiR nightclub. The ante is raised in the PWO Title picture, as Marion Fontaine and Jason Bane make their intentions of wearing PWO gold known, as Fontaine challenges Gargano for the PWO Title! Plus all the matches and interviews from that evening's PWO TV tapings! It's chapter 1 of what will be a wild year-long ride and it's yours to own today!

PWO Wrestleution 1-3 Set - $30

It is quite simply the pinnacle of what PWO presents. Every sport or entertainment entity has that one show that people look forward to seeing all year because it is a little bit bigger, a little bit better, and a little bit more special than all the others. In PWO, that event is unquestionably "Wrestlelution". Each August, well over 1,000 fans pack the beautiful outdoor Nautica Pavilion venue to see a year of hostility and tension reach its culmination. Many of PWO's most enduring highlights are included in this special 3-event 6-disc set available to you at a special discount price! Includes unforgettable matches and moments featuring Johnny Gargano, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross, Raven, Josh Prohibition, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Jason Bane, Al Snow, Mike Tolar, King Kong Bundy, Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe, Sex Appeal, Marion Fontaine, Madison Rayne, Zach Gowen, NFL Legend Bob Golic, Aeroform, Michael Facade, Sons of Michigan, Portia Perez, Hailey Hatred and so many more! Order now for the best Wrestlelution value you'll find anywhere!

PWO Anniversary 1-3 DVD Set - $30

Historically, PWO's yearly "Anniversary" celebrations have been a time of reflection and change. A time to look back at where we've been and to look ahead at where we will soon be. A time to recover from the madness and chaos that is "Wrestlelution" and forge the next path forward to attempt to top ourselves once again. In this 3-event set, you'll see rare footage and enduring memories. Our First Anniversary will forever be remembered as the first time M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross defended the PWO Title... and the first time he competed against Jason Bane. Plus Josh Prohibition, Johnny Gargano, Mike Tolar, and several historic PWO debuts including "Omega" Aaron Draven, "True Talent" Bobby Shields, and Eric Ryan (Kirst). Our 2nd Anniversary saw the Dream Team (Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake) re-unite on television for the first time in 22 years as they challenge PWO Tag Champs The Clash, plus Johnny Gargano's first PWO Title defense vs. Mike Tolar and much more! Our 3rd Anniversary sees Gargano battle Marion Fontaine, Jason Bane set his sights on PWO gold, Sex Appeal vs. Aeroform, Michael Facade vs. Matthew Justice and much more! See how the wild ride of each PWO television season began with this intriguing and enthralling DVD set available now!

Head to our Store today, for all your PWO DVD needs!

PWO continues to break new ground traveling throughout the state of Ohio, reaching hundreds of new fans and working with new and exciting charitable organizations and worthy causes on a regular basis. One of our most anticipated new stops, so it seems, it Fostoria, OH, where PWO will debut on Saturday evening, March 12, for what is simply being referred to as an "Epic Event". This card takes place at Fostoria High School, 1001 Park Avenue - Fostoria, OH 44830. This WILL be a national television taping for PWO TV, seen Sunday nights at 10:00 PM on Sports Time Ohio, so fans bring your signs and be enthusiastic!

We can confirm big things are in the works for this event, as it has been announced that all three PWO Titles will be defended in Fostoria! Furthermore, we can confirm that Fostoria will also see the diabolical former WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA star Raven in action as well. With Raven's newfound alliance with "The Embodiment of Evil" Krimson and his "Demonic Disciple" Kirst, what could these three men have in store for Fostoria?

Advanced tickets for this event can be purchased NOW in our Online Store, under "Live Event Tickets". Tickets are $15 front row; $10 general admission (tickets for online sales are marked down to offset automatic shipping costs added in by our store). If you reserve your tickets online, they will be waiting for you at the door the day of the event! This "Epic Event" has the potential to be one of the most highly-attended PWO tapings of all time, so reserve your tickets early and be a part of PWO Live!


We’d like to thank all the PWO fans who tuned in to our special “Best of M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross” episode of PWO TV this past Sunday night. The feedback and response has been exceptional thus far, and we look forward to bringing you more PWO profiles as we count down to our “PWO Pressure Rising” TV taping February 20 in Streetsboro, OH.

Due to the tremendous response, we’ve decided to post one of the most talked-about and rarest PWO clips in existence - “A Day In The Life of M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross”

Check it out right here - - as Matt demonstrates some of his unusual and jaw-dropping physical feats in a vignette from the PWO archives! This package aired during only our second ever episode of PWO TV in November of 2007 and was not seen again until this past week.

PWO TV 1/30 - PWO Personality Profile - “PWO’s Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane

PWO - Pro Wrestling Ohio - your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

PWO TV regularly airs Sunday nights at 10:00 pm (check local listings for pre-emptions and additional replay times) exclusively on Sports Time Ohio, official television home of MLB’s Cleveland Indians. If you don’t get STO, call your cable or satellite provider today and demand it! For more information on channel availability, and on Pro Wrestling Ohio, visit PWO Online at

Pro Wrestling Ohio TV airtimes this week -

Sunday, January 30: 10:00 PM
Friday night, February 4: 1:30 AM
Saturday night, February 5: 3:30 AM

Check local listings for additional information and airtimes.

Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

The Best of Jason Bane in PWO!

Since PWO’s inception one man has risen above all others as bringing a strength, power, intensity, and intimidating aura into PWO rings that is quite simply unmatched. That man is known as Bane. Early on in PWO’s existence, Bane earned the reputation and moniker of “PWO’s Most Dominant Man”, and has been defending and living up to that namesake ever since. This week on PWO TV, we take a look back to the triumphs, the pitfalls, the successes, and the adversities that Jason Bane has encountered and steamrolled through in his PWO career.

With new exclusive comments and interviews, we’ll look at Jason Bane’s entire road to present day. From his early days as a locker room leader standing up to bullies and villains like Johnny Gargano & Josh Prohibition, to his memorable issues with Cronus in our first year, culminating in a huge clash of the titans at the first-ever “PWO Wrestlelution”, we will cover it here. We will also show you Bane’s rollercoaster ride of issues with Agent Aaron Maguire, which saw many highs and lows, including Bane sending Maguire to the poorhouse, and Maguire coming back just in time to screw Bane out of the PWO Title. We’ll also see Maguire’s failed attempts at putting a bounty on Bane’s head, some of the less-successful attempts at collecting it, and the legendary Raven’s encounter with Bane at “PWO Wrestlelution 3”. And with Bane preparing to meet three opponents on February 20 at “PWO Pressure Rising”, we’ll take you back and show you when Bane handily took care of far more men than that back at the first-ever “PWO Wrestlerama Rumble”!

This is all in preparation for one of the biggest PWO live events to date, “PWO Pressure Rising: Beware of the Krimson Mask” on Sunday afternoon, February 20 at
3:00pm from The Arena Sports & Entertainment Complex in Streetsboro, OH. Tickets are on-sale now at! The main event features a 4-way elimination match for the PWO Title as PWO Champion Johnny Gargano, “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, “Megastar” Marion Fontaine, and “PWO’s Most Dominant Man” Jason Bane do battle! Plus, former multiple-time World Champion Raven returns to PWO to join the demonic duo of Krimson & Kirst as they battle Streetsboro’s own “One Man Militia” Matthew Justice, “Heavy Metal Highflyer” Jason Gory, and former tag partner of Kirst, Corey Winters. For more information visit our website or on Facebook!

Official Website:
Official Online Store:
PWO On Smark Mark Video:
Official YouTube:
Official FaceBook:

Questions and comments on this press release, or requests for information on having your news site added to the list of recipients of this release, should be directed to

PWO Wrestling is a regional independent professional wrestling organization based in Cleveland, Ohio and owned and operated by PWO Productions. PWO TV airs weekly, every Sunday night at 10:00 EST on Sports Time Ohio, official network of MLB’s Cleveland Indians. Sports Time Ohio is available in 4.5 million cable homes, and nationwide via premium satellite sports packages. We at PWO stress family-friendly entertainment and present some of the most compelling personalities in independent professional wrestling today including Johnny Gargano, “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Shiima Xion, Portia Perez, Jason Bane, Michael “The Bomber” Fa├žade, Aeroform and more! Some of wrestling’s most timeless legends have also stepped foot in PWO, including Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and King Kong Bundy. PWO is proud to work alongside several charitable organizations and worthy causes such as Cleveland’s Cops & Kids program, Cleveland Police Athletic League, the local Army National Guard, among others. Live events are held routinely throughout eastern Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

Bonecrusher & Kid Receives A Big Award At EPW ( This Video Is Funny)

Bonecrusher and Casanova Kid receives their Big Award at EPW. This video will make you laugh and Hollywood throws a fit at the last of the video.

Monday, January 24, 2011

USCW American Thunder Jan 29th

USCW American Thunder

All Proceeds go to benefit the family of Ron and Brandi Horner

Main: War Games-Cage
Wade Garrett, Kody Kreuger, Whiskey Hangover VS South Side Saints, Menace, The Nick Mason Experience

Semi: USCW Tag Team Titles
BFG's VS The Untouchables

Feature: USCW Open Weight Title
Anton LeVeigh VS '2 Quick' Eric Austin

Neil Taylor VS Rainbow Warrior

Pappy & Psycho VS Crazy Charlie & Dante Collins

Soul Taker Grim VS 'The Hitman'

'Wildride' Jon Evans VS Paul Riot

Special Appearance By Tony Vegas

Card Subject to Change
Doors open at 5 PM
Tix: $9 for adults
$6 for kids ages 6-10
Military in uniform or with ID is free
Wheelchair confined is free

NWA Chattanooga Results from 1.21 in Soddy Daisy, TN

From NWA Chattanooga:

NWA Chattanooga results from the Soddy Daisy Middle School on January 21. Attendance was approximately 250.

Pre Show: NWA Representative Bill Behrens was introduced as a special guest overseeing tonight's matches on behalf of the NWA board. He gave a brief history of NWA Wrestling in Chattanooga.

(1) Corey Hollis defeated Adam Roberts via pinfall.

(2) Shaun Tempers defeated Micah Hughes via pinfal after the Hangman's Neckbreaker.

(3) Patrick Bentley defeated Drew Delight via pinfall after the Dark Driver.

(4) Adam Jacobs defeated Seven (with The Rev) via DQ when Shaun Tempers interfered. Corey Hollis hit the ring for the save. Jacobs challenged Tempers & Seven to a tag team match on 2/18.

(5) Kimo & Matt Fortune vs. The Hellbillies (Jessco Blue & Nick Young) was thrown out before the match got started, as the returning Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) surprise attacked Hellbellies on their way to the ring with a chair and brass knux. Behrens had officials remove the Junkies from ringside and suspended them indefinitely from NWA wrestling in Soddy Daisy/Chattanooga. A battered
Blue begged Behrens not to suspend them and instead let the Hellbillies dish out their punishment in a tag team match on 2/18. Behrens agreed and signed the match.

(6) Phil Shatter (with Jeff G. Bailey) defeated Tank via pinfall to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Said to be a great match during which the action spilled into to the audience. Post match, Tank slugged Bailey for his antics during the bout. Though Shatter defeated Tank cleanly with the spear, Bailey stuck his nose in several times during the course of the match. Bailey then berated his own client for letting Tank hit him. Shatter had enough and slugged Bailey. Tank and Shatter showed each other respect for a hard fought battle.

(7) Ace Rockwell defeated Andrew Alexander via pinfall after Aces High. The special guest referee was Tobin Davidson, the principal of Soddy Daisy Middle School. Earlier in the day, Alexander and Tempers had teamed against Hughes and Rockwell in a special attraction match for the middle school pep rally. Alexander cheated to win, but Davidson saw it, called Behrens, and got approval to be the special
referee. Alexander then slapped Davidson in a wild scene where security had to intervene. Davidson said he'd call it down the middle, but after the match all bets were off. True to his word, Davidson leveled Alexander with a vicious spear post match to leave the fans on their feet. The score in the Rockwell/Alexander rivalry is now 1-1.


APW results from 1-22 in Statesboro, GA

American Premier Wrestling
Statesboro, GA

Jeremy Young defeated Scotty Bullwinkle to win the APW championship

Mr. P defeated La Ninja

Slim Sexy defeated High Roller Haize

Chris Lightning defeated Jay Clinton

Titan defeated Lamar Phillips

Cowboy Raines defeated David Powers

Scott Bullwinkle & Titan were the last two wrestlers left in a 12 man battle royal and therefore became the new APW tag-team champions

TnT results from 1-22 in Clayton, GA

Alex Decker defeated Chad Silva;

The Carolina Wrecking Crew (Wicked & Ric Hart) defeated Team Kryptonite (Robert Mack & TJ Boss);

Gavin Reigns defeated Rob Killjoy;

Matt Sells defeated Nigel Sherrod;

The Bounty Hunter defeated J-Dawg;

Zach Daniels & TNT US Champion Mystic Storm defeated The Empire (Thomas Britain & Stoney Hooker);

TNT Heavyweight Champion Scott Mayson defeated Will Demented;

The Texicans (Taco Delgado & Johnny Dollar) defeated The Asylum (Ryan Bonebrake & Draven) to unify the TNT World & US Tag Titles


Southern Wrestling League "New Beginnings" 1/29 in Summervilla, GA















Platinum Championship Wrestling 1/27 in Atlanta, GA

The main event is the biggest in PCW history as PCW World Champion "The Revelation" Shane Marx takes on MGCW Champion Andy Anderson in a title versus title match where there MUST be a winner! Someone is walking out of there with both titles!

Kyle Matthews makes his PCW debut and takes on "The Shooter" Vordell Walker!

The Phantom takes on The Vandal in the first match of a best-of-seven series! The Phantom Invitational begins!

Team MGCW takes on Team PCW (The Exotic Ones and The Konkrete Gorillaz) in a five-on-five war!

"Do Or Die" Chip Day takes on the Demi-God Mason!

The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) take on the Profits of Doom (Andrew Pendleton III and Dany Only with Enoch Tsarion) in their ongoing tag team feud!

Grotesque (with Miss Quinn and Miss Rachael) takes on the returning Sugar Dunkerton!

Pandora takes on Aisha Sunshine in the hottest feud in women's wrestling anywhere!

That is a loaded card...don't miss it!