Friday, December 31, 2010

Update On Jeff Hardy's Legal Issues

North Carolina newspaper The Pilot reports that TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy will enter a negotiated plea Jan. 20, according to his attorney, James Van Camp.

"We anticipate a resolution of this matter in January," Van Camp said earlier this month at an administrative session of Moore County Superior Court.

Moore County District Attorney Maureen Krueger said that Hardy will plead guilty to one or more of the charges he faces.

Krueger did not disclose details of the state's plea offer but said it will include a sentencing arrangement. It should be noted that even misdemeanor guilty pleas in the state of North Carolina require a MANDATORY 45 days in jail. We shall see.

The Pilot reports that the plea would have to be approved by the court. A judge may refuse to accept a plea arrangement involving a negotiated sentence although it's unlikely.

County deputies raided Hardy's home on September 11, 2009 after Fayetteville police received a tip about drug use there. He was arrested on charges of trafficking in controlled prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids, after a search of his residence yielded 262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. As that time, Matt Hardy tweeted "it's no big deal" and that the "truth" would come out.


Price of Glory Wrestling presents "The Awakening" 1-2-11 in Coldwater, MI

If you are a fan of wrestling entertainment, then don't miss out on this affordable local live event! Two hours of high flying, charismatic wrestling action comes to you from Former WWE wrestler and UFC Hall of Famer, Dan "The Beast" Severn's "Michigan Sports Camps." The 81st edition of Price of Glory Wrestling welcomes the New Year with one of it's top rated events, "The Awakening," this Sunday evening at 6pm. The match listing is packed with Michigan's top talent, including:

* POG Heavyweight Championship Main Event: $Dollar$ vs. Champion, Sean Tyler

* POG Chaotic Championship: LUMBERJACK Match: Jonny Lawless vs. Champion, Noah Lott

* Osyris & The SI vs. Jack Verville & Louis Lynden

* Joseph Schwartz vs. Adam Bueller

* Ryan Epic vs. POG Tag Team Champion, Mr. Nifty

* Scotty Young vs. POG Tag Team Champion, Keith Creme

Also, a special pre-show match is scheduled for 5:30 p.m., so make sure you are there early to catch everything! Concessions and merchandise available. Tickets are only $8.00 each, and the best part is... kids 10 & Under get in free (must be accompanied by adult).

Michigan Sports Camps is located at 315 N. Fiske Rd. in Coldwater, MI. For more details on this event, go to

Thursday, December 30, 2010

EPW $3.00 Night This Saturday Night





Eric Bischoff speaks out on a variety of topics

Eric Bischoff was on Monday Night Mayhem, here are the highlights…
The changes he believes that himself & Hulk Hogan, both individually & collectively, implemented effectively in TNA since coming into the company one year ago: "If you look at TNA as a brand & as a media property, I think that Hulk Hogan in particular, and to a lesser extent myself, probably brought more media awareness & industry awareness to the brand than anything they had done up to that point. I think the residual effect of that brand awareness is still playing itself out and is something that TNA is taking advantage of, and it will probably continue to do so."

Why Spike TV decided to cancel TNA Reaction, his reaction to the news, & when he found out about the decision: "No it won't unfortunately. We found out toward the second-to-last day of the TV tapings we had, and Spike had decided to make a different programming decision and go in a different direction. The Reaction you see on the 30th will be the last Reaction."

His reaction to Jim Ross' recent comments (on his BBQ Sauce Blog) regarding TNA being able to compete with the WWE in 2011 & that TNA will "never" overtake the WWE in the marketplace: "I agree 100%. WWE has been around for a long, long time. They've been well-entrenched & well-established in cable television for the last 20 years. It's a television juggernaut. TNA comparatively is a Kool-Aid stand compared to Coca-Cola in terms of its resources & infrastructure. The idea of TNA ever being able to compete with the WWE, although I've been out there, and I've been promoting it as such: I believe in a lot of ways we do compete. There are a lot of things about TNA that are better than the WWE on an individual basis. But you can't compare TNA as a company to WWE as a company. In that regard, Jim Ross is absolutely 100% right on the money. Doesn't mean we don't want to try. Doesn't mean we don't wanna swing for the fences whenever we're given the opportunity. Doesn't mean that we don't want to do things that put ourselves out in front of the WWE audience, just like we did with the Monday night effort. That was something that got people to sample us. It created awareness, and that's important for us. I don't think anybody within TNA realistically felt we were going to compete on a business level with the WWE."


CZW star wanted for robbing bank

"Hardcore" Nick Gage, real name Nick Wilson, is being sought by New Jersey authorities in connection with a bank robbery.

Surveillance cameras caught Gage leaving a Collingswood, NJ PNC Bank on December 22nd after he allegedly handed a bank teller a note demanding money, threatening to shoot her.

Gage allegedly made out with $3,000 in cash.

Local media has been showing the video lately, so Gage's involvement has not been a secret. An arrest warrant was issued today. Bail, should Gage be arrested, has been set at $150,000 cash.

CZW sent out the following today: Combat Zone Wrestling, LLC has no direct knowledge of any alleged wrong doings by Nick Gage. We firmly discourage any fans from emulating any of the actions alleged. We also hope that if these accusations are true that Nick will turn himself over to authorities. If you have questions about Combat Zone Wrestling please feel free to contact CZW Owner DJ Hyde or CZW Vice President and Promoter Maven Bentley at or (302) 345-1077.


Winners of the 2010 Wrestling News Center Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2010 Awards! The rest of the winners will be announced shortly.

Downtown Bruno with Mama Says it bees that way sometimes.

 ***Blog has not been edited for content. Some of the language may be strong for viewers.****

here we go,my last column EVER!!!!---for 2010,that is! gotcha!!! anyway,lets look back at 2010 with a little honesty,a little sarcasm,and a little humor,and also,try to look into the mirror as well,and try to improve as we move into 2011---all of us! this fixing to be over with year,here are some things i have learned.....joey lynn,axeman,edith poole,and the epw crew are to be respected and i thank them for returning the emotion towards me....jerry lawler and the jlmw crew are to be respected and i am just damn glad to have been a part of it while it lasted....brandon baxter is the best at what he does and he added more to jlmw than he realizes,and i can say the same,in no particular order about these other jlmw members,including,but not limited to:kevin christian,randy hales,jim blake,tom nunnery,the whites,joe cooper,and,among MANY others,randy lusk....i didnt include the actual talent,because they all deserve a gold star for their participation....oh,yeah,let me include the senior official,downtown bruno(ahem) promotion(the one i work regularly for,not that i OWN it!!!!!),NEW,deserves a pat on the back for actually teaching the real,true,professional wrestling experience to the up n comers by actually teaching them to learn on the job,because i can honestly say that the lay-out,timing,and formatting of the NEW tv taping is EXACTLY how we that do this for a living do TV,just that NEW is on a smaller scale,but,irregardless,its how the hell its done...what,you expect to learn on the fly at monday night RAW???...i want to point out the fact that theres a lot of guys in this area that are damn good,and that they should be proud of themselves,such as ---but,DAMMIT,not LIMITED TO---before i get hate mail and posts again,this is just a FEW of the best our area has to offer---eric wayne,kid nikkels,derrick king,cody melton,matt boyce,kevin white,brian christopher,jerry lawler,downtown bruno,joey lynn,chuck poe,jimmy blaylock,greg anthony,pokerface,justin smart,austin lane,wolfie-d,john michael,alan steel,and....screw it...yall come up with some more,i know you can do beat! try doing this every day for a living,for 32 years....youll see why i get grumpy and bitchy sometimes,and say,post,print,and write grumpy s**** sometimes!!! oh,and finally,holler if you hear me.....and,BT,please dont censor the PIECES OF DOG SHIT who killed that poor boy in arkansas,dont disgrace me,my profession,and all those people whose names i mentioned earlier in this column(and umpteen more i didnt mention who deserve mentions)by continuing to pretend you are a part of my fucking business,because you are NOT!!!! and if you did what it appears you did,and are alleged to have done,you should burn in hell for it.i got more miles on the road in reverse than you mother fuckers have in drive...i got more shower time than yall have ring time,and finally....ive made mistakes,and learned from them too...but my mistakes never killed put that in your fuckin pipe and smoke it....happy new year to everybody else!

The T-Bone Effect: Issue 7 (Closing out the Year 2010!)

This year had truly been a roller coaster ride. We have seen the re-establishment and demise of EWE, the tragic loss of Jeremy Wood an Announcer for the ASWF and SWA located in Tuckerman and Newport, AR, and who could forget the storm that brewed from Downtown Bruno’s rant on EPW. (Just kidding with you Bruno…lol)

Yes this year has been one of tragedy and celebration. Who could forget the shocking news of two Mid-South Indy wrestlers getting signed by the WWE and sent to FCW, with Dustin Starr being released approximately a month ago. This is the last column for The T-Bone Effect for the year 2010 and more will be in store for the year 2011.

This young man I am inducting this week is a professional and someone good in and out of the ring. Here is a brief history about this talented young athlete.

Jon Alan started training under Dustin Starr and Alan Steele in 2006 he trained under Starr and Steele for 3 months with Matt Boyce and the Jamaican Kid in Ward, AR until company suddenly folded. A few years later he had lost contact with Starr and Steele and periodically been competing in and out the ring with different independent shows basically still being "green" in the business because lack of training. Finally in the middle of 2008 Alan would find his way Jonesboro where he would meet up with Rodney Mack and Jazz at the defunct RWA (Owned by Frank Martin).

They would re-train Alan from scrap and taught him ring psychology, which he had not learned yet. Alan would begin to learn a lot from the RWA Training Facility with Rodney Mach and begin to polish his skills. From then to the present day Alan works all around Arkansas in the ring even in Atlanta GA. Alan currently wrestles for "Nightmare" Ken Wayne (NEW) and Rodney Mack (DCW) and is always seeking for improvement for himself and the wonderful people he works with. But Alan says he really owes Starr and Steele the gratitude for taking the time out to break him in and teach him the basics, had it not been for them he says he wouldn't have been wrestling.

For the time and work that he put in to sharpen his skills and make himself a better wrestler, Jon Alan has earned his place on the Unsigned Wall of Greatness.

See you next year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Breaking News!!!

Wrestling News Center will be announcing the winners of the 2010 Awards Today!! Be sure to come back here this evening to see if your favorites won the WNC Award.

EPW results from 12/18 in Booneville, MS - A bad night for the Hollywood Clique & Smooth, Inc.

At the beginning of the show Antoin Smooth came out of the back dressed as Santa Claus and handing out tooth brushes and toilet tissue to the crowd. He grabbed a mic and announced that Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock would not be at EPW tonight, and also announced that He was in charge. He then made a tag team match, Buzz Harley & Keylo vs. Chazz Stone & "Dangerous David Cox. Stipulations were that whoever gets pinned is fired from EPW - or - absolutely no punches can be thrown, so the first one to throw a punch is fired from EPW. Keylo eventually threw a punch, and was also pinned, so he was immediately fired from EPW. Winners were Chazz/Cox. Keylo was escorted from the building by security.

Robert Devine defeated Chrome w/Smooth in a dog food match. Chrome was force fed some of the awfulest smelling dog food on the planet, lol....

In a four-corner strap match Raja defeated "Big Daddy" Neno w/Smooth to retain the EPW championship.

In a steel cage match, 24/7 (Kross/JR Mauler) defeated The Hollywood Blondes (Brody Hawk/Sarge O'Riley) w/Smooth.

Next EPW show in THIS Saturday night, 1/1, at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS. More information later....

Cena injured

The following was issued on

"Last night in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., John Cena suffered a hip injury. His return to action will be evaluated on a day to day basis."

ASW 1/1 in Lewisburg, TN

All-Star Wrestling
2224 Mooresville Hwy

*Note *
Last week if you weren't there, then you missed a great Loser Leaves Town Ladder match between Mikey Dunn vs Shane Morton. As Mikey and Shane were climbing the ladder for the TV Title Foresaken came out and pushed both off onto a table and retrieved the title. Cha Z Pelosi just so happened to forget to tell everyone that it was a three way dance. Now both Mikey and Shane both said they might have to
leave town but they both have tricks up their sleeves for Saturday night..

Main Event
"Ryder's open challenge to Chaos"
Chaos (0) vs Ryder (1)

The Sheriff vs Sharp Dressed Man

Mr.Columbia vs Shane Rhodes

Travis Locke vs Foresaken

Mark Dunnavant vs The Ice man Chris Kern

Doors open @6pm
Bell time @8pm

Tickets $5 adults
kids 5 & under free.

Things have been very interesting in ASW as of late and there is no telling what Shane and Mikey will have in mind come Saturday night for Cha Z Pelosi and his crew.

NWA Top Rope "New Years Revolution" 1-1-11

New Years Revolution

Battle of the Former Tag Partners
Lee Cross vs Jared Crowe

NWA Top Rope Junior Championship

Kevin Dunn (C) vs Jamie Ferrari

Arrick Andrews vs Blackjack Brown

NWA Top Rope Televison Championship
Big Bully Douglas (C) vs Dangerous Doug Gilbert

NWA Southern Tag Team Championship

Gary Valiant/Jason James (C) vs Mike Posey/Corey Hollis

Plus one other match to be announced at ringside

Matches subject to change

NFW 12-31 in Evansville, IN














TNA Knockout undergoes surgery

Brooke Adams (aka Miss Tessmacher in TNA) had surgery today to install wires and metal plates in her jaw, which was broken Christmas day.

Kong signs with WWE

Source: PWTorch

Sources are reporting that, as suspected, Awesome Kong has signed with WWE.
Rumors began to surface on Tuesday that Kong had signed with the company, and her tweet is being taken as confirmation of the news.

"My dreams just came true today," she wrote. "I got my dream job. Yes, THAT one."


More on EWE shutting down

Here is more on the situation at EWE in Ripley, TN:

Jon Michael tells the story.....

Just wanna say, this is probably going to be the most childish and acute reason for anyone to shut a company down!

"Its a Crazy Christmas" and that it was! That was this past Saturday's title of the event in Ripley, TN! Let me explain this first, EWE Ultimate had just made a working agreement with Showtime Allstar Wrestling! The agreement was that we would be going to thursday nights which would be a great deal for not only talent but also Showtime Allstar Wrestling because they would have three regular shows and also for the local talent they would get chances to work tv that some of them usually wouldn't get. With that being said, This was going to be an every week, "EVERY WEEK" TV taping for SAW. Not only would there be a Thursday show, but the other shows would benefit from this as well! With guys who are on tv working on Thursdays, they would be able to wrestle all of the local shows that they want to as well! It would have been a great thing for the boys, and eventually a great thing for the area! But, BUT... JC White wants to do things his way, not the way that the business is ran! I'm not running anyone down in anyway, I'm just stating what happened, and also how business should be. Now, we all know the way business should be, isn't always how it works out and more so than not, business is never done right in this day in time so here ya go!

"Its a Crazy Christmas" Saturday, December 25th! There was a one night tournament, pitting guys like Stan Lee against Kid Nickles, Eric Wayne against Tatt2, there was a special added match one time only between Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels, and the finals of the tournament was Tatt2 against Stan Lee. Also, there was a Drug Test on the show, and was very entertaining and Kellen James last moment in EWE history will be known as Pee Face, cuz he got Pee thrown in his mouth and face! Anyways, this was the show. that is what the show was with good matches, no drama was caused, nothing happened, nothing got broke, no one stole anything no one got into shoot fights or any of that garbage.

Derrick King, walked in and sat in the back row of the show to watch a match, he only came because he and his other half gave Tatt2 a ride to the show! Period, DK caused no drama, DK I would dare say and I'm just being honest, not stabbing at DK or anything but, DK I would say probably wasn't even really noticed as being there by the fans because thats how good the matches were! This show was perfectly fine, and nothing happend! AT ALL!!!

So, with that being said, JC White, saw Derrick in the crowd twice I believe and JC White spoke to Derrick King I believe, and JC White didn't make him leave the building. If its his building, then make him leave! I am running a show, I am not going to walk out in the middle of the show and tell someone who has a ticket watching the show causing no problems at all to leave the show. Now, NOTHING was said to me the ENTIRE, EENNTTIIRREE show about Derrick being there, and to be honest, I didn't know Derrick was even coming until minutes before the show. After the show was over, nothing was said to me still, so I waited for people to leave, and some kids wanted to get pictures with me so I went out to take a couple pictures with some children, and right in the middle of that, JC White interrupts rudely and pulls me aside! JC then goes on and on about I had Derrick King come to the show, and that it was all my doing and all my fault, that I let him in, and that I let him down and JC then said that he couldn't do this anymore, and that he is shutting the show down at the first of the year! I shook his hand and walked off! I'm not arguing a cussing old man in public and especially in front of children!

SOOO, thats exactly what he'll get! The Show will be shut down at the First of the year! I'd like to thank all the guys and the boys that worked for me, from the staff to the performers - Thank you for all your hard work! Don't worry there will be more shows to come with SAW just not that building. I will go on record of saying that the guys that have worked for me, we've had some of the best matches and the best storylines/moments of the year and I would put my crew up against any crew and we were like a family back there! So, we'll see ya later, EWE Ultimate takes the dive, rest in peace, and one more thing, the people who have heat with me, you know who you are, and you know what you've done, so don't bother me, and I won't bother you but if you show up on the wrong side of the tracks, I'll be sure there's a train ready to run you over!


thanks goes to: Blaine Devine, Seth Knight, Rude, Christian Jacobs, Staff, Oz, Paul Adams, Jocephus, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickles, Moe Stegal, Dan Mathews, Tatt2, Stan Lee, Pokerface, Brandon Espinosa, Chase Stevens, Drew Haskins, Johnny Bandana, Ryan Genesis, Shane Williams, Randy, JR Manson, Ike Tucker, Kellen James, myself (lol), Ken Wayne, Caleb (ref), Bishop, TJ (ref) and any other talent i have failed to mention!

Special thanks to Kathy and Jerry Mount for all your help!

Credit: Brian Tramel @

So just what exactly was that "surprise" in regards to the 2 day Magnificent Ladies Wrestling custom match taping sessions in January of 2011?

From the offices
of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling

It seems that
Magnificent Ladies Wresting
are pulling out all the stops
in having one of its
most star studded line-ups yet
for their upcoming 2 day custom match taping sessions
that they will be having in January!

You already know that the
beautiful female independent wrestling personality
from South Mississippi

daughter of legendary pro wrestler
Buck "Rock N' Roll" Zumhofe

have recently been added
to the upcoming MLW taping sessions,

Remember when MLW said not too terribly long ago
that they had a big "SURPRISE"
in store for you
for their upcoming January tapings?


Available for the MLW custom match taping sessions
on Saturday,January 29th & Sunday,January 30th
are 3 very beautiful,talented ladies
from the "Windy City"
of Chicago,IL!

They are



MLW told you that they had a
HUGE surprise,
now didn't they?
Santa is very good to MLW.....
and to all fans of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling,

Just in case
for those of you
who do not know as to whom
is already going to be a part of the
awesome 2 day MLW taping sessions
on January 29th and January 30th,
here is that line-up once again.....

-"Pryme Tyme"

2010 INDY DIVAS Awards Nominee

Former ECW Superstar





-"Mississippi Queen"

-"The Scintillating Latin Sizzler"
"The Hottie From H-Town


2010 INDY DIVAS Awards Nominee,
former ECW Superstar
and 2-time
former WWE Women's Champion


Former WWE Developmental Talent
(formerly known as


December Indy Diva Of The Month Nominee

2010 INDY DIVAS Awards Nominee

The 2010 INDY DIVAS March Indy Diva Of The Month
2010 INDY DIVAS Awards Nominee
-"The Queen Of Kingsport,TN"



The 2010 INDY DIVAS June Indy Diva Of The Month

(formerly known as

2010 INDY DIVAS Awards Nominee

2010 INDY DIVAS Awards Nominee
and the current
Magnificent Ladies Wrestling Women's Champion
"The Voluptuous Vixen"

-Izzy Rotten-
-Jeremiah Plunkett-

Magnificent Ladies Wrestling
still has some slots left for their January tapings
and MLW wants all of you out there
to get your matches all ordered up
as soon as you possibly can
because after all,
you certainly do not want to be left out in the cold.....

Payments for these matches
are the only way to get it done!

The tapings for Magnificent Ladies Wrestling
will be on Saturday,January 29th
and on Sunday,January 30th also.

PLEASE make sure to check out
the HUGE line-up once again
featuring lots of new faces and ladies....
We continue to bring you