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Wrestling Personalities Speak on Luna Vachon's Passing

The following wrestling personalities have commented via Twiiter on the passing of Luna Vachon:

TNA Knockout Daffney: "Watched hrs of Luna while learning the art of Women's Wrestling. What an influence. And she was so kind to me. I'll never forget that."

Tommy Dreamer: "Luna was the 1st Queen of Extreme. My 1st manager. Luna passed away on the night of 2 moons. Pretty unique just like her. Strong woman."

Bob Ryder: "Very sad to hear of the passing of Luna Vachon. She was definitely a "one of a kind" character and she will be sadly missed."

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Here are more comments from various wrestling personalities following the sudden death of Luna Vachon:

From Stone Cold Steve Austin: “Just found out about Luna Vachon. She was always a total sweetheart to me. She has passed away way too soon...R.I.P.”

Mick Foley sadly states: “It's a very sad day for wrestling with the passing of Luna Vachon. My heart is aching.”

WWE Ring Announcer Howard Finkel wrote: “My sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of Luna Vachon on her passing.”

The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels wrote: ”My prayers go out to the family of Luna Vachon. God Bless you Luna.”

The Bella Twins said via re-tweet: “RT @NatbyNature: Rip- luna were loved by many. My heart goes out to you-“

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Jim Ross Posts New Blog On The Death Of Luna Vachon

The following is an excerpt from a new Jim Ross blog on the passing of former WWE Diva and famous family member Luna Vachon:

It is said that death comes in three's. Apparently that's morbidly correct. Upon hearing of Luna Vachon's passing this morning came another reminder that no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

The exact cause of Luna's passing has not been determined but 48 is much too young for anyone to be taken from this world and our sincere condolences go out to Luna's family and the many friends that she had in and out of the wrestling business.

When Luna reported to me in WWE's talent relations department many, many years ago she was a hard working, passionate, almost obsessive performer who definitely had the wrestling business in her blood.

Her family, the Vachon's, will always be known as one of the best known 'wrestling families' ever in the business. Her father, Paul (Butcher), and her famous uncle, Maurice (Mad Dog) Vachon were stars for decades.

Luna told me that being a wrestler was the only thing that she wanted to do since she was a small child. She said she couldn't remember the time when she didn't want to wrestle for a living.

Inside the ring was where Luna seemingly felt the most comfortable with herself both professionally and personally. She was an excellent in ring performer who helped many of her fellow females become better wrestlers.

At times, Luna was very hard on herself when she felt that she didn't have the match that she wanted to have and was more often than not her own worst critic. I found out that praising her and doing what I could do to help her self esteem motivated her to no ends.

While Luna Vachon wasn't perfect, none of us are for the record, she was more often than not fun to be around.

Like many other human beings, Luna was susceptible to personal challenges and WWE assisted on these matters on multiple occasions.

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