Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sir Mo: When did we stop believing in God?

When did we stop believing in God?

This is a special post and it`s dedicated to the memory of Jeremy Wood and all those other young and old wrestlers that have come and gone from us. Over the last couple of weeks we have been going back and forth about how Jeremy Woods died and what the causes or who caused his death. Well for those of you who are not religious I apologize if you`re offended by my statements, but god is always in charge. Though it was a tragedy it should serve as a lesson that God is forever trying to teach us. No one knows where when or how death will come, but that it will come. We live our lives to die one day. Jeremy`s death should be seen as a blessing for future generations of wrestlers. What the hell is Mo talking about you say? A Blessing that someone died, why yes. Jeremy`s death should open eyes enough that people take this business a little more serious, than they do. It`s not just something to do, people have in the past and will in the future die from this business, either it`s in the ring or out of the ring, this business has been a contributing factor to a great many deaths over the years. And all we do is sit back and point fingers and try and bash someone and say they are lousy trainers, or pieces of shit. Well I say to everyone out there pointing fingers, and I include myself in this, at one time I was a lousy trainer and a piece of shit worker, and everyone that gets on the computer daily and bash others were at one time lousy piece of shit workers, because no one wakes up gets trained and is a great worker, it really takes time. And the day you stop learning in this business is the day you should pack it up and go home, because you don`t know as much as you think you did.

We all should learn a lesson from every death we encounter.

What lesson is that you ask?

I don`t have that answer for you, but for me I realized that life is to short to be mad at people and hold grudges because the stress leads to health problems which will surely lead to a heart attack or stroke, now do I want to lose my life because of the stress over nothing, well no I don`t and neither should any of you out there, stressing over this situation, people just try to love one another and have a forgiving heart, then and only then will this world be a better place.

To the Jeremy Woods family, thank you for the blessing of having your son, to those of us who understand how god works, his death though tragic is a blessing and should save a lot of lives, and if it only saves 1 then Jeremy Wood completed his greatest mission that god put him on this earth for, and that was to be an inspiration to someone and to save a life. God Bless you all.

Sir Mo

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