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Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling Television Results-August 21, 2010-LIVE at The Delta Fair and Music Festival Sunday, Sept. 5th

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins welcomed us to another action packed show. Brandon asked what is Kevin White going to be like without The Ga Ga Girl, who was forced to leave Memphis Wrestling after losing to Su Yung, last week. Coming up, Kevin White will be in action and Jerry "The King" Lawler will have a rematch with Tom Savini's Jason.

Virgil plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Brandon Baxter is joined by Kevin White, who appeared to be in a somber mood. Kevin White said he's got to have a companion because he can't be alone. Then, Kevin lit up, smiling and started singing, "Well, I got a new manager! And it's not a stupid skank! Blood is thicker than water! Cause it's my father! Hahahaha! You know what? I've found out that blood's thicker than water! And I'm gonna go back to my roots that made me the best Memphis wrestler to ever step in this ring! And my new partner and my new manager, from this day forward, will not be no nail salon woman, will not be no Hollywood tramps, it will be my own father!" Kevin embraced his father, Garry White. Garry White said he's been sitting back for three months, watching his son make mistakes. Garry White added, "That's what a father does. He let him make mistakes and, hopefully, he learns from those mistakes. And I think he finally did. I spent a ton of money on Kevin's career and I'm here now to make sure he's the best wrestler in Memphis Wrestling and I'm gonna do it!"

Opening Match-Kevin White defeated Cody Melton when Garry White shoved Cody Melton off the top-rope, allowing Kevin to make the cover for the three count.

During the match, they scrolled across the bottom information about Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling being a part of the Delta Fair LIVE on Sunday, September 5th at 6pm. Don't miss your chance to see your favorite superstars in person!! For more information on The Delta Fair and Music Festival, check out

Pro Wrestling Journalist Bill Apter plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

The team of Brian C, Wolfie D "Too Cruel" and "The Genetically Gifted Supernatural" Tommy Mercer made their way to ringside. Wolfie said he would beat a little kid up. Wolfie added, "It ain't nothing for me to beat a little kid up or an old woman or an old man!" Fans started chanting, "Boring!" Brian Christopher personally apologized to Wolfie D and Tommy Mercer for the way all the fans were treating them. Brian said they should be jumping up, standing on their chairs and applauding the three greatest wrestlers. Brian stated that Brian C and Wolfie D are without a doubt the greatest tag-team and Tommy Mercer is the greatest singles wrestler. Tommy added that's he's the baddest man in Memphis Wrestling. Brian followed by telling everybody, "Did you hear that people? He's bad! He's bad! And you know who else is bad? And I mean they are so bad that they stink? And they're boring! That's Matt Boyce, Jocephus and that punk from Hawaii! So get them out here and watch us beat them up! And, by the way, we're not boring! We are exciting!"

Matt Boyce, Lani Kialoha and Jocephus out with Matt Boyce saying that two weeks ago he had Wolfie D beat, but he brought that hubcap in the ring. Lani Kialoha called Brian C and Wolfie D "Alphabet Soup" and Jocephus asked, "Are you ready for some wrestling?"

Bert Prentice joined Brandon Baxter for commentary.

6-Man Tag Action-Brian C, Wolfie D and Tommy Mercer vs Matt Boyce, Lani Kialoha and Jocephus-Referee Chuck Poe-Bert Prentice called Jocephus, "Josey Wales". Toward the end, as all six men were going at it, they showed a little picture in picture, featuring another camera angle. That was cool. Jocephus chokeslammed Brian C and Kialoha flew off the top-rope landing a headbutt on Brian. While Kialoha had Brian pinned, Wolfie D hit Kialoha in the back of the head with the hubcap and rolled Brian on top of him to get the victory. Your winners, "Too Cruel" Brian C & Wolfie D and "The Genetically Gifted Supernatural" Tommy Mercer! Brandon noted the hubcap has been involved in everyone of their matches together, thus far.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Lauren Jenkins introduced her sister, Kristen Jenkins and presented The Superstar Hotline segment of the show, brought to us by Tax Solutions. This week, we heard from R-Truth that said, "What's up? This is R-Truth with a special delivery message. Brian, someone told me to deliver a message to you and to tell the truth about it. I don't know if you know or if anybody else notices or not, but you're not black, Brian. I'm sorry, Man, I had to be the one to break it to you! You're not! I know you like the hip hop music! I know you like, you know, wearing the baggy pants and doing all the, you know what I'm saying, the gang and thug stuff. I know you like that, but B-Rad, I mean, Brian, you're not black. Wolfie, I'm sorry, you're in the same boat with him. Neither of you guys are black, OK? You might as well go ahead and play some music that has piccolos in it, you know. And be more yourself, you know. Keep it real and that's what's up!"

Stacy Carter, better known as The Kat and Miss Kitty in the WWE, plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Brandon Baxter back with WWE Action, presented by Frankie's Cars. This week's match was from RAW with the team of Sheamus and The Miz defeating John Cena and Chris Jericho when Jericho hit, his own partner, John Cena with The Codebreaker. After the bell, Team WWE continued to disintegrate with John Cena, Chris Jericho, Edge, R-Truth, John Morrison and The Great Khali fighting amongst each other.

Edge said, "I can't believe this. It boggles my mind. What is it? Twelve weeks now? The show is still on the air?"

New video sent in by Tom Savini, where he said the following: "OK, Jerry Lawler! You big tub of guts! I told you what I was going to do. I told you that you were going to pay for what you did to my friend, Andy Kaufman. What Jason did to you last week, that was only the beginning. I've instructed him to finish this. I've instructed him to destroy you, completely. So, he's on his way. And what I tell Jason to do. He does it."

Jerry "The King" Lawler made his grand entrance, accompanied by the lovely Su Yung. Lawler bragged on the tremendous job that Brandon Baxter has done, as well as Lauren Jenkins. Lawler, once again, personally invited Tom Savini to come to Memphis. Lawler added that he would light him up like a Roman candle and then he can make a movie without makeup because his face will be burned, beyond recognition.

Boss Winters joined Brandon Baxter for commentary.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock escorted Jason to the ring in chains as the screen featured the special Tom Savini's Monstervision. Jason was once again carrying the large machete.

Main Event-Jerry "The King" Lawler with Su Yung in his corner defeated Tom Savini's "Greatest Creation" Jason, led by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee Jerry Calhoun-Boss Winters said that Jerry Calhoun refereed the match where Lawler killed Andy Kaufman, so he's an accessory to the crime. Referee Jerry Calhoun called for the disqualification when "Hollywood" Jimmy was caught choking Lawler in the corner with the massive chain. Su Yung jumped on the back of Jason and was thrown to the canvas. Jason grabbed Su by the throat in the corner, but Lawler saved her by driving Jason to the ground with the chain. Lawler followed it up by dropping the fist, wrapped in the chain, on Jason from the second rope. Lawler pinned Jason as Referee Jerry Calhoun made the three count. As Jerry Lawler and Su Yung were celebrating, an irate "Hollywood" Jimmy demanded that Lawler get back in the ring. Lawler accepted, by saying, "You want me! You got me!" Lawler grabbed the machete and chased off "Hollywood" Jimmy and Jason as Boss Winters yelled that Lawler was a murderer.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins wrapped up another wild morning. Brandon noted that Lawler ran off The Jokester about a month ago and now it looks like we've seen the last of Jason. "The King" has issued the challenge to The Hollywood makeup artist, Tom Savini. We will have to see if Tom Savini shows up. Brandon said, "We'll see you right here, next week, on Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling."

Ended with a new video of Edge saying, "And now, my favorite part of the show. Not another match. The end!" Funny stuff.

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling will be at the Delta Fair and Music Festival. Wresting will be Sunday, Sept 5th , Bell Time is 6PM in the "A" Wing. Don't miss your chance to see your favorite superstars in person!! For more information on The Delta Fair and Music Festival, check out

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