Monday, August 30, 2010

FWA Results from 8-29 in Bowling Green, KY

FWA Championship Wrestling presented another great night of wrestling action last night in Bowling Green, KY at The National Guard Armory. What a show it was!

Match #1) The Midnight Mafia ("Honest" Jimmy & "Honest" Scott) beat Stormin' Norman and Major Havoc by DQ in 9:17. Extreme and total chaos broke loose during this match and it set a good tone for the evening.

"Honest" Jimmy hit Major Havoc with the JimmyDriver. All of a sudden a returning Seth LeDuc comes out. Norman throws Scott to the outside and then attacks Jimmy from behind. Seth jumps into the ring and starts to get in on the action. This brings out "Handsome" Adam Angel to make the save. A short save that is, he was met with a headbutt from LeDuc sending Angel to the outside. Out next was Bubba Joiner to attempt a save. As he and The Midnight Mafia were making a comeback a returning Val Joiner hit the ring and attacked his father and The Mafia leading to a 4 on 3 attack. Val nailed his dad with a super kick then "Sound of Madness" blasted on the PA.

"The Southern Kentucky Superstar" Randall Shane made his return to the FWA to the joyous ovation of the fans and cleared house. As he was checking on The Mafia and telling Val, Seth and Havoc who was still at ringside to get in if they wanted some. All of a sudden, Shane hits "Honest" Jimmy with a stunner and the crowd goes crazy. Val, Seth and Havoc get back into the ring and a beat down continue until Bubba and The Mafia are thrown to the outside. Major Havoc begins to celebrate with the other three as they look at him and surround him. Seth gives Havoc a big kick which leads to another beat down on Havoc.

Randall Shane then gets on the mic and explains the reasoning behind what just happened. He says standing before the crowd is three of the most elite athletes in the state of Kentucky and that they are here to divide and conquer. He says they are known as "The Nihilist" and total anarchy is what they are about. He tells FWA Promoter Frankie Cherry that he and Val want a shot and what they deserve and that is the FWA Tag Team titles and they want the shot tonight. Frankie thinks and agrees. Under one condition. All 3 of "The Nihilist" will be in singles action and the have win 2 out of the 3 matches to get their shot. After they agree he tells Randall Shane and Val to head back to the back but for Seth too stay put because his match is next.

Match #2) "The Maple Leaf Monster" Seth LeDuc destroyed Johnny Utah in 47 seconds.

After the match LeDuc continued the assault on Utah by putting him into the "Torture Rack" and refusing to let go. After several attempts Promoter Frankie Cherry got Seth to break the hold and banned him from the building for the rest of the evening.

Match #3) "The Southern Kentucky Superstar" Randall Shane pinned Major Havoc in 6:36 after hitting the "Tomakaze."

Match #4) "The One & Only" Val Joiner beat Bubba Joiner by DQ in 12:38 when Adam Angel ran in and chased Val to the back.

Angel came back out and apologized to Bubba and to the fans but said that tonight Val and his crew will get what they got coming to them.

Match #5) Adam Angel defeated The Flying Dragon in 8:49.

Match #6) The Midnight Mafia beat The niHilist in 18:22 by DQ after Adam Angel nailed "Honest" Jimmy with a pair of brass knuckles turning on The Midnight Mafia.

After the match The niHilist continued what they started at the beginning of the show by leaving The Midnight Mafia laying with the help of newest member Adam Angel. Randall Shane told Frankie that this was going to continue to happen and their was nothing he could do. He then told The Midnight Mafia to find a partner and that next week they will have a little six-man tag.

"Honest" Scott said that they agree and that he has a partner in mind that he and Jimmy have battled in the past and had great matches with. Frankie got on the phone and made a call and told Scott he agreed. Frankie said next week it was going to be The niHilist taking on The Midnight Mafia and a returning "DRILLER" EDDIE BROWNING! He then added that in case Randall has anything else up his sleeve that the ring would be surrounded by lumberjacks.

FWA Championship Wrestling returns to Bowling Green, KY this Sunday night at The National Guard Armory. Doors open at 6:00 PM with a 7:30 PM bell time. Admission is $6 with kids ages 4 and under admitted FREE.

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Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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