Thursday, August 26, 2010

BAD NEWS about the Friday night,September 3rd Xtreme Impact Wrestling "REDEMPTION" show in McHenry,MS.....

From the offices of
Xtreme Impact Wrestling


To our fellow XTREMEists and to all wrestling fans
(along the Gulf Coast area),
it is with sincere,deep regret
here at the offices
of Xtreme Impact Wrestling
to inform all of you out there
that due to certain,unfortunate circumstances
going beyond our control,
our Friday night,September the 3rd
which was originally scheduled to take place
at the JDL Auctions House Building in McHenry,MS.....

.....has been hereby officially

XIW sincerely apologizes to our fans
and to all wrestling fans
(along the Gulf Coast area)
for any inconvenience
that this sudden announcement
of the cancellation
to our Sept. 3rd show
might have caused.

the good news is that
in spite of the recent cancellation
to our upcoming "REDEMPTION" show
in the month of September,
XIW is in the works upon planning
to have another wrestling show
take place
sometime in the not too distant future.

More details and information
as to exactly when and where
that aforementioned next show of ours
will be taking place
will be made in the coming weeks ahead.


The offices of
Xtreme Impact Wrestling

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