Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wrestle Birmingham results from 6-19 in Graysville, AL

Wrestle Birmingham made it's return to the Graysville Community Center near B'ham on 6/19 in front of a crowd of just over 100.

Nathan Crown vs Aeon Flexx - draw

Bill Franklin & River D'Angelo -def- The New Generation. (Franklin explained before the match that he and D'angelo were bitter enemies and had beaten the hell out of each other the last 5 years , but since their matches have been banned they were teaming together to earn a payday)

Mike Jackson -def- Ultimate Dragon for the w-b Jr. title.

Cameron Valentine -def- Lani Kioloah

Adrian Street w/ Miss Linda -def- Ricky Roberts for the w-b heavyweight title.
(after the match Street said he was just shy of his 70th b'day and that he had his first pro match at age 16 in 1957 , he has over 15,000 matches over 54 years through 2 millenniums and 7 decades and the b'ham fans are the best and even though he spent many years here as a heel he was honored to be on the proper side, and he thanked the fans)

Next up was a contest between Paul Bearer and Robert Fuller to see who could convince the fans they were the greatest manager. (Michael St. John asked Bearer to make his case ... Bearer said Undertaker ... Fuller said Sid Vicious... Bearer said Kane... Fuller said Jimmy Golden ... Bearer said Mankind ... Fuller said Cactus Jack ... Bearer said Kamala ... Fuller said Booker t and Harlem heat ... bearer said Rick Rude... Fuller said Steve Austin ... Bearer then said Eric Embry the only man with a bigger ??? then the mic went out)

McNasty w/Paul Bearer vs Death Row w/Robert Fuller was a no contest .. bloody with everything that was'nt pinned down used, a couple of nasty chair and brick wall shots.

... they were filming the show and had Michael St. John doing commentary but no announcement about tv was made, also no return date was announced.

Credit: Bama Bobo @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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