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USWO/ATL results from 6/25 in Nashville, TN

69 found their way to the Stadium Inn tonight. OUR officials are JW Boogie Stratton and Mark Owen.

Crusher Eric Hodge beat Dyron Flynn in 4:00. DF opens the show by insulting customers then issues an open challenge. CEH debuts a new red singlet. CEH running lariats DF but gets yanked into the corner and Irish suplexed by DF. Chops traded until DF knee lifts and German (not Irish) suplexes CEH across the ring. DF pulls his straps down and pummels CEH a bit more before setting up another suplex. CEH blocks it and small packages him for the pin.

Mike Cobbs beat Convict in 3:00. MC out in yellow tights with black and white checks on the sides, which leads to "taxi" chants. C rakes the face and DDTs MC for 2 before running into a boot. MC drives shoulders in to C in the corner then back flips away. MC hits a flying double stomp but gets lowblowed. MC whipped to he ropes but his a sunset flip. C grabs the top rope but ref MO kicks his arms away and MC finishes the move for the pin.

Saint beat Playboy James Duncan in 4:00. JD (in red tights tonight as well) does his "Elvis the Pelvis" move for 2 sections of fans. PJD jumps S before the bell but S quickly recovers. PJD then jabs the throat and chops away but S responds with a flurry of kicks. PJD hits the eye poke of doom and puts the boots to S. PJD complains about ref Boogie's slow count and S bicycle kicks him in the head. PJD grabs S and dropkicks him but only gets 2. PJD misses on a Pretty Bomb and S gives him a t-bone suplex into a slam for the pin.

Psycho Medic & Shabba Shabbazz beat Jonny Demento & Tiny Bear in 10:00. JD antagonizes a group of fans who try to surround him. TB back to the Confederate tights tonight while PM debuts a new red outfit (not the same as Hodge's). SS is making his Friday Stadium Inn debut. JD slaps PM to start and gets beat up for it before bailing out. Fans still refer to JD as "Jonny Domingo". PM whips JD into the corner then whips SS into him with SS spinning heel kicking, flipping over the top rope, and landing on his feet! SS back in to clothesline JD for 2 but TB kicks him in the head. PM is restrained by ref MO and the heels go to work on SS. TB hits a Confederate dropkick, leaving SS tangled in the ropes for JD to beat on. JD back sentons SS for 2 then helps TB double elbow him. TB Southern splashes SS then JD whips him into the ropes but they collide and we get TAGS!! PM noggin knockers TB/JD then SS/TB spill out to the floor. PM pulls JD into the Scalpel for the pin.
Tony talks about PM/SS winning matches in Alabama and Kentucky, then welcomes first-timers (but doesn't make them raise their hands). Tony then announces that 7/9 will be the Bill Deshields/ATL Appreciation Night. Yeah. Tony then thanks Gordon, too.
OUR USWO Dance-Off Champion Peekaboo is in the house! P says that next month he will be retiring from 31 years of being a state employee. Well, we know who gets the next "Appreciation Night".

LT Falk beat Bad Boy Dixon in 9:00. BBD, whose mom is not here tonight, is wearing purple and black striped pants like Jimmy Hart might wear if he were wrestling. LT throws BBD around to start then dropkicks him out. Back in, LT drop toeholds BBD and headlocks but gets shoved into the corner and knee lifted. LT breaks out an Oklahoma roll for 2 and BBD bails out. BBD comes back in kicking and punching but LT neck breakers him for 2. LT comes off the ropes and tries a cross body but BBD steps aside and he splats on the mat. BBD throws LT through the ropes and LT sunset flips back in but BBD drops a knee on him. BBD clamps on a body scissors until LT elbows free. BBD then tries an abdominal stretch but LT flips him over and misses a splash. BBD slingshots himself from the apron and drops an elbow. LT fights back and hits a backslide for the pin.

ATL Southern Champion Chrisjen Hayme beat Jareck Tyler in 9:00. Jason James drops by the music table for some commentary. JT making his Inn debut wearing black pants with turquoise and yellow lightning bolts on them. CH misses a double stomp and JT pulls him into a reverse sunset flip for 2. JT tries a monkey flip but CH holds on and sets him on the corner. JT flips CH out to the floor then launches himself out onto CH then chops away. Back in, CH neck breakers JT for 2 as a "(Ryan) Seacrest" chant starts for CH, lol. CH kicks JT in the head and chokes him in the ropes as JJ and I discuss who most resembles TVD (Milenko of Extreme Clown Posse or Bad Boy Dixon). CH side chin locks until JT escapes and they trade kicks. CH springboards off the ropes but JT meets him with a dropkick. JT hits a standing moonsault for 2 then catches CH out of the corner with a side slam for 2. CH rolls away from a sunset flip and thrust kicks then hits a fireman's carry slam for 2. JT chin breakers CH then goes up top and tries a 450 but CH gets his knees up. CH then brain busters JT for the pin.

USWO Music City Champion Damien beat Josh Crow in 14:00 in a non-title match. The stip here is if JC wins, he will get a shot at D's title on 7/9. JC tiltawhirls and dropkicks D, who then rolls out for a break. D dawdles on the apron and JC gives him a 615 then moonsaults out onto him. Back in, JC tries to leapfrog D but is met with a forearm to the head. D lariats then applies a sleeper/body scissors thing. JC frees himself but D tosses him out then pulls him back in and chokes for a bit till he gets loose and spinning heel kicks D for 2. D makes JC miss a splash and goes for a sleeper. JC fights out then ducks a forearm and flipkicks D, both down to 8. JC dropkicks and D ends up upside down in the corner. D tries a sunset flip but JC breaks it and double stomps him in the chest. D crawls out to the first row but gets popped in the head by Kayla Falk! JC slingshots himself out but DP dodges him and gives him a Paynekiller on the floor. DP rolls back in at 6 and JC stumbles back in at 9. Ref Boogie goes down as D/JC battle then D steps out to grab the belt. DP misses a belt shot but Dixon runs out and DDTs JC on the belt. D crawls over and covers as Boogie comes to and counts the pin.
Tony complains and does some marketing research to determine if JC should get a title shot anyway. JC says it ain't over! Peekaboo offers to ref a rematch, lol.

USWO Champion Jeff Daniels beat ATL Champion Gary Valiant in 19:00 in an non-title unsanctioned "lights out" match. JD comes out and demands the original "lights out" deal from last week that was changed when it got to the hotline. JD says he would give up the title because he wants GV real bad! GV out to concur, so Tony has the lights cut out then turned back on to signify the "nonsanctioned" part as both wrestlers return to the dressing room. JD out to hide beside the entrance as GV comes out to some song that Jimmy Valiant sang (should've wrote the title down). Anyway, GV pops out and the brawl begins. They start on the floor as GV bites then misses a trash can shot before fighting their way around the ring. JD grabs a second trash can and slams in on GV, who counters by borrowing a cane and choking JD with it. They make it into the ring as Bill Deshields turns off the house lights, leaving on the ring lights on (so it's sort of lights out, I guess). JD misses on a charging elbow and GV climbs up top to give a flying forearm for 2. GV stomps JD in the groinular region but then misses a charge and hits the ringpost. They both roll out to take turns using Tony's big wooden stick on each other though JD gets the worst of it as he gets busted open. GV grabs a front row seat and drop toeholds JD into it then sets up the chair to springboard himself onto JD. GV chokes JD with a shirt and throws him back in to cover for 2 then both go right back out. GV charges but JD shoves him into the ringpost. GV jabs JD with an umbrella before both head back in. GV goes for a Boogie Blaster but JD blocks it and ref MO gets knocked down. GV rolls up JD as ref Boogie runs out. Jamey Farrari follows and shoves Boogie into the ringpost, knocking him out! GV goes after JF, which allows JD to bring out the Atomic Popsicle Stick and use it on GV. JF revives MO, who counts the pin.
JD gives extra punishment to GV. Demento tries to stop JD but gets whacked as does Psycho Medic but LT Falk, Bryan Casey, and Kid Kash run out to chase JD away. Tony not pleased with the outcome!

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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