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USWO/ATL results from 6/18 in Nashville

79 made their presence known tonight. OUR officials for the evening are JW Boogie Stratton and Mark Owen.

A moment of silence was held for Mitch Dyer.

Saint beat Convict in 2:00. C jumps S before the bell but S quickly turns the tables. C throws some elbows and chokes until S bicycle kicks him. S throws a few more kicks before hitting a spine buster for the pin.

Josh Crow beat Dyron Flynn in 6:00. They exchange take downs as DF insults fans' mothers. JC belly to belly suplexes DF, throwing him to the apron then punts him in the face. JC hits a springboard dropkick for 2 but DF answers with a kick to the face followed by a suplex for 2. DF wipes his boots on JC then chokes him and rakes his Irish knee pads in JC's face. DF drops the Irish People's elbow for 2 but whiffs on a top rope elbow drop. JC leapfrogs DF and gives him a springing spinning heel kick. DF goes for a sunset flip but JC stops and double stomps his head. JC calls for the Crow Bomb but DF low blows him though JC overcomes this and Oklahoma rolls him for the pin.
OUR USWO Music City Champion Damien runs out and attacks JC. DF pitches in until OUR USWO Tag Team Champions LT Falk & Wolfie D save. JC wants DP real bad in a match and demands one. The idea is pitched but LT comes up with adding JC/D to their tag match later (since D's scheduled opponent Nore Havoc is absent). Marketing research leads to thumbs up for this from Commissioner Gordon!

Crusher Eric Hodge & Lee Cross beat Shawn Hoodrich & Jonny Demento in 9:00. CEH/SH trade headlocks until SH leaps right into a belly to belly suplex by CEH. Dr. Jeckyl keeps calling JD "Jonny Domingo", lol. CEH throws SH off the top but SH retaliates by whipping CEH into a JD kick in the back. JD moonsaults for 2 before LC pulls him off. SH runs over to taunt LC which allows for some double teaming. JD/SH take turns choking CEH before SH drops a fist followed by JD leg sweeping for 2. CEH quasi-suplexes JD but gets the worst of it and can't get over to tag. SH misses a splash but JD in to hit a back breaker. SH promises not to miss a second splash but does and we get TAGS!! LC comes out swinging then JD/SH get whipped together. CEH clotheslines JD out but then SH spine busters him. SH whiffs on a super kick for LC, who Cross-factors him for the pin.

Raffle time! Fortunately no humans will be whipped for tonight's raffle as the winner gets a $50 gift certificate from George's Place at 115 Walton Ferry Road, Suite 6 in Hendersonville! (this is the restaurant that Security Dallas gave Tony some sponsor money for a few weeks back)

Jocephus beat Bad Boy Dixon in 7:00. BBD's mom was not spotted in the crowd tonight. Ref Boogie asks J nicely not to use his big ol' chain. J shoves BBD around and slams him to start. BBD bails but J is in hot pursuit and rams him into the post. Back in, J rams BBD into all 4 turnbuckles but then misses a running knee and BBD chop blocks him. BBD targets the leg for punishment for the next few minutes, only stopping when J grabs the ropes. J gets to his feet and fires up on BBD in the corner but BBD pulls ref Boogie in between them, resulting in Boogie getting hit. BBD grabs the chain but swings and misses so J kicks him and hits the Shelby Bottom for the pin.
When Boogie arose to count the pin, one whole side of his face was covered in blood! Boogie gets helped to the back.

Wolfie D & LT Falk & Josh Crow beat Damien & Playboy James Duncan & Tiny Bear in 12:00. PJD notes that LT was pretty slick by changing the match earlier though he says he already has his ten pounds of gold-his South Dakota Heavyweight Championship trophy! DP says he has his gold as well then Gordon notes TB has 40 pounds of fat (but does have his Confederate flag tights on). PJD has "playboy" on his tights in case anyone gets confused and calls him "plowboy" WD gets dragged the wrong corner but blasts his way out and drops DP with a right hook. JC in to arm work JD briefly before tagging LT in to do more of that. TB/LT do a test of strength but WD crawls in under LT and pops TB. PJD in to test of strength LT and TB tries to crawl under PJD but LT stomps his head. WD chops TB then holds for LT to boot him. LT greets DP with thrust kicks then neck breakers him for 2. JC tags in and slingshots the escaping DP back into the ring. JC goes for a springboard moonsault but DP gets the knees up and JC doubles over on the mat. PJD chokes JC then dances a jig before throwing a dropkick! TB stomps JC in the groinular region as ref MO has to restrain LT from illegal participation. TB hits a Confederate side slam for 2 then DP false tags in to grab a sleeper. JC fights up but DP hits double knees to the face. PJD/TB double clothesline then DP comes in and is met with a JC flip kick. Then it's TAGS and everybody in the pool!! WD is left alone with TB and gives him the inverted DDT for the pin.
Yet another segment of "LT Talk": LT says that "The ATL All-Stars" (Chrisjen Hayme & Drew Haskins) will return next week to challenge for the tag belts. LT describes then as young, punk, primadonnas!

Damien comes out to issue an open challenge for his belt, including anybody in the crowd. Bill Deshields comes to whisper something in Gordon's ear, which is revealed to be that Bill has a challenger for DP coming in on 7/2. Crow comes out and Gordon sets up a match for next week with the two though D refuses to put up his title. JC suggests D & LT have something going on in the back (huh?). Gordon says "like Trent says-'that's a shoot pally'" (what??).

Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) beat Gary Valiant in 14:00. Tony comes out to ref and D alleges that he doesn't have a referee license. The question comes from the crowd if D has a hooker's license! GV appears to Valiant-kiss Bill on top of the head. JD hip tosses GV towards D, so GV takes advantage and hair pulls D until Tony asks him real nice to stop. Test of strength though GV keeps switching arms then shakes his pelvis at JD. Tony counts a fast count as JD steps out then comes right back in. D distracts GV, allowing JD to swoop in with some fists before GV rolls out. JD retrieves and beats on GV as Tony is concerned with D. JD drops an elbow for 2 but is not happy with Tony's count. JD hits an eye poke of doom and argues with Tony so D can wander over and choke GV. JD tosses GV over the top rope and D heads over that way. Security David and Gordon have to keep a fan (not a mullet lady though) from attacking D. Tony lectures D as GV/JD trade punches on the floor for a bit. Both wrestlers climb back in and JD shoots GV into the ring post then leaves him for D to choke. JD headbutts to the groinular region and chokes but Tony hair pulls him off. GV drops down in the corner and boots JD in the groinular region and rolls up JD for 2 as Tony hangs on to the ropes as he counts. They collide and GV gets up first to chop JD then hits the Boogie Blaster. GV gets like an 8 count but Tony is distracted again by D but this time he ejects her from ringside. Security hauls D away but JD gets to a corner and produces some knux, which he uses to hit GV and cover him for the pin.
Tony grabs JD and finds the knux. JD shoves Tony down and Tony threatens to use the knux on JD. Tony recaps the situation, saying GV's dad Handsome Jimmy would not want to win a match by reverse decision. Tony announces a non-sanctioned match for next week. The lights go out then come back on. Tony explains the concept of a "lights-out" match (which I was informed later does not mean they are going to wrestle in the dark nor would I need to bring a flashlight) which will be the stipulation for the rematch. JD will accept the challenge as long as nothing is done to D. Tony is fine with this but tells Bill to keep an eye on D. Bill calls JD back and says GV will put the ATL title up as well as JD putting the USWO version up. GV brings up JD running him off the road 10 years ago (again) then guarantees next week there won't be any flippy-flopping nor any lucha libre (not like they were doing that anyway) but he will do much beating on JD!

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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