Tuesday, June 29, 2010

USWO "Freedom Blast II" card for Saturday 7/3 in Nashville

From the "OUTLAWS" line @ 615-780-3604

Main Event-6-man death match with Nick White handcuffed to someone special!
Deathwish (w/Nick White) & USWO Music City Champion Damien vs Shoot to Thrill (Anthony Wayne & LT Falk) & Saint

#1 contender match for USWO Music City Championship
Mickey Muscles vs Fireball Roberts

Bad Boy Dixon vs Superfly P

Fan lumberjack match
"Luscious One" David Matthews vs Crusher Eric Hodge

Kevin "K-Dawgg" Jones vs Psycho Medic

Convict & Jonny Demento vs Pumba

Tiny Bear vs Shabba Shabbazz

and other stuff

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