Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update on TNA Knockouts division

» There has been more grumbling than usual amongst the female performers of TNA over the pay discrepancy between them and their male wrestler counterparts. Reportedly, they talked amongst themselves early last week of getting all the women together to demand a raise from management. However, the three-day television tapings in Orlando concluded without confrontation.

» Unlike the case of Roxxi, there has been no strong reaction to ODB's departure from TNA Wrestling. A number of people within the company felt bad for Roxxi because she showed up for work on the day of Slammiversary and hastily informed her services would no longer be required. Many feel the Knockouts division "has gone to hell" as Roxxi was one of the better in-ring performers they had left. On another note, there is said to be no interest on the company's part in marketing women's wrestling, sans pushing "The Beautiful People" and Angelina Love.


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