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Update from Pro Wrestling Ohio


Last month, we announced this year’s special marquee attraction at PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment as the legendary “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, who will be on hand in action, and to meet with all of his great Ohio-area fans. This past Sunday night, we finally found out the man who will meet Hacksaw one-on-one, and it was revealed in a most unexpected set of circumstances.

Ever since the beginning of the year, “Megastar” Marion Fontaine has had a vendetta against PWO and seemingly everyone in it. From abandoning his one-time friends to unleashing a controversial and angry tirade against PWO management, Fontaine has been anything but shy about his change in personality. Claiming he spent years following the direction of PWO and being the likeable, friendly “good P.R.” type of employee before realizing it was leading to, in his words, the burying of his own career, Fontaine embarked on a mission of doing things for himself - creating and oftentimes blatantly stealing opportunities from others, all in the name of showing PWO his true potential to be Pro Wrestling Ohio’s top star, and prove that PWO has been clueless in its failure to recognize Fontaine’s true potential and star power. After the events of this past Sunday night on PWO TV, Fontaine will have the opportunity to prove that in a major way.

After handily defeating Ben Fruith in one-on-one competition, Fontaine seemed less than pleased with the caliber of opponent he was given, feeling it was yet another attempt by PWO to undermine and depreciate him by keeping him under the figurative “glass ceiling” and below the main event level he feels he deserves to compete at. The paranoia and frustration on Mr. Fontaine reached a new level, as rather than shrug it off, Marion opted to air his grievances publicly, and chose PWO broadcaster Joe Dombrowski as his victim. Joe was angrily summoned into the ring and became the unwilling forum for Fontaine to vent to, using Joe’s apparent close ties with PWO management to relay his complaints. Fontaine detailed his entire history in Pro Wrestling Ohio, uncomfortably putting Dombrowski on the spot by staging a mock interview and asking him as to his opinion on why Fontaine has not received the opportunities he deserves.

After several minutes of being yelled at, chastised, and embarrassed on national television, Dombrowski had little to say to Fontaine in response to his malicious and exaggerated accusations against PWO as a whole, but did state he would utilize his close ties with management to give Marion Fontaine that opportunity he so desperately craves - a chance to be in a main event level match-up. Fontaine will be able to prove if all of his boisterous claims are truthful… if he can defeat the legendary “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is one of the most popular and well-known personalities in recent memory in professional wrestling. Famous for his two-by-four, American flag, and classic yell of “Hooooo!”, this former United States champion has persevered in professional wrestling for nearly thirty years, including lengthy successful stays in the World Wrestling Federation, WCW, and has been very active in recent years in WWE, as it appears time has not silenced the throngs of adoring Hacksaw fans! We expect many of those fans live at PWO Wrestlelution 3 on August 1st to meet “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and watch him go one-on-one with PWO’s most outspoken and controversial star, and the only man allegedly with enough guts to be “honest” about the goings-on in PWO. Can Fontaine defeat a legend and prove himself worthy of the spotlight? Or can “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan beat some respect into a man who has made an enemy out of an entire organization?

PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment emanates from the Nautica Pavilion in downtown Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday afternoon, August 1 with a 3:00 pm bell time! ($40 VIP Package & $10 General Admission) (search “PWO”), All Ticketmaster outlets, and Nautica Pavilion box office ($25 Preferred Ringside Seating, $20 Floor Seats)
Pit Stop Donuts & Crazy Dee’s Music Palace ($10 General Admission)

For more information on tickets & card, visit our PWO Wrestlelution sub site at


For a number of months, PWO has been plagued by a series of severe and mysterious backstage attacks that have left many of PWO’s top stars laying. Ongoing investigations turned up little in the form of clues or hints, and it seemed the one common theme of the attacks were that every single one of the victims were attacked shortly following having a match against PWO Champion Johnny Gargano. With this one singular constant, and Gargano’s past reputation from the early days of his career, many were quick to point the finger at Gargano.

While many still doubted Gargano would revert back to his old ways so heavily, even the biggest skeptics seemed to be silenced after our cameras found “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross injured, the latest victim of the mystery attacked. Found on the scene near Cross was a hammer (the weapon famously used by Gargano to injure Cross on PWO TV in late-2007), and one of Gargano’s wristbands (which Gargano later claimed was stolen from his bag). With the evidence on the scene, coupled by the insistence that Cross actually SAW Johnny attack him, something no other victim has been able to claim, seemed to cement Gargano as the guilty party. Gregory Iron, who has a violent past with Gargano that was just recently mended, angrily lashed out at Gargano, while Jason Bane, a longtime locker room enforcer, took it upon himself to kick Gargano out of the locker room for his alleged dishonesty. Johnny was forced to dress in dark corners, next to trash cans and janitor’s closets, while M-Dogg smugly looked on. However, this past Sunday night on PWO TV, everything changed.

During our opening segment, a package was delivered to the PWO announce desk. In it, was a DVD and a note explaining the situation - the package was sent from a spectator on-hand at the Cleveland Autorama, documenting the experience on-camera for his own personal use. Upon leaving the building, he captured footage that he didn’t understand at the time, but upon tuning in to PWO TV, felt it was footage we all needed to see, and footage that would clear up any and all confusion.

Vic Travagliante was dispatched to find Gargano and show him the footage immediately. After scouring the building, Vic found the PWO Champion and led him to the tech area. What Gargano saw changed everyone’s perception. You can view the footage for yourself here -

To those with the perceptive eye, it is clear to see Cross’ plan. If you pay close attention, you can see Cross staring at the wristband of Gargano before placing it onto the ground (apparently explaining who stole the wristband from Gargano), then using the hammer to strike the guardrail, creating the noise that caught the attention of our staff who rushed over to help. Johnny Gargano clearly had nothing to do with the attack whatsoever, and it seems the attacks have been the brainchild of Matt Cross all along.

But why? Has the frustration of being unable to regain the PWO Title driven him this far? It has been over a year and a half since Cross wore PWO gold, and it seemed every time Cross set his sights on earning a match against PWO Champion Johnny Gargano, bad luck would always come his way - From the title tournament to the gauntlet battle royal, to his #1 contender bouts - every time Cross came close, he ended up still so far away. While Gargano had promised Cross a title match months ago, Gargano has become overwhelmed by no less than a dozen contenders relentlessly chasing him for his title, to the point it has taken everything Gargano has just to maintain the schedule forced upon him by PWO. These factors have inevitably delayed the Gargano vs. Cross title clash, however was it frustrating enough for Cross to attempt to sabotage the name and reputation of Johnny Gargano, something Gargano has worked hard for an entire year now to establish and repair? Was it frustrating enough for M-Dogg to attack every other athlete who received a title shot or match against Gargano before he did?

The sharp eye will also notice Cross nonchalantly leave the building as Vic was talking to Gregory Iron in the locker room. Did he make a sharp exit once he realized video evidence of his plot existed?

Word has it Johnny Gargano has been irate since this revelation, and is in a different state of mind than we’ve seen in quite some time. Both Gargano and Cross are scheduled to be in attendance this Sunday night at 10 on PWO TV. What will happen when these two men meet for the first time since this footage has surfaced?


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