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Ultimate NWA results from 6-26 in Scottsboro, AL

The Devil's Rejects accompanied by The Rev. Dan Wilson captured the Ultimate NWA Tag Team Championship last night defeating Adam Jacobs & Corey Hollis in Scottsboro, AL.

Hollis and Jacobs fought hard against the much bigger Shaun Tempers and Se7en but in the end they fell short and were not able to retain their championship. Early on, Hollis and Jacobs worked over Tempers but soon Tempers made the tag to the monster Se7en and the Rejects gained the advantage. Se7en and Shaun Tempers, along with The Rev, beat down Adam Jacobs and prevented him from tagging in Hollis. The size, power, and numbers advantage kept the Rejects in control until Jacobs made the hot tag to Hollis. Hollis cleaned house and Jacobs put Tempers on his shoulders, as Hollis climbed the turnbuckle for the Doomsday Knee but Se7en interfered and attacked Jacobs. Tempers got rid of Jacobs, and Hollis got rid of Se7en, only to be met with a devastating hangman's neck breaker that earned the Rejects their first taste of Ultimate NWA gold.

The bigger story at Ultimate NWA is the growing frustration between Adam Jacobs and Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Roberts. After the match, Hollis and Jacobs are seen backstage with Jacobs venting to Hollis, only to be interrupted by Roberts. Roberts tries to calm him down but Jacobs doesn't want to hear it. Roberts insists that they'll go out and have a great time after the show and Jacobs slaps Roberts in the face and walks off.

The main event of the evening was put in place after the third match of the night when former Ultimate NWA tag team champion Chrisjen Hayme defeated newcomer to Ultimate NWA Bryan Casey by pin fall after punching him in the head with a foreign object and getting the three count.

In the main event, Adam Roberts defeated #1 contender Chrisjen Hayme after catching Hayme coming off the top rope and slamming him down with the Main Event Slam. The match was competitive with each man gaining an advantage and Hayme even gaining several near-falls, including one after a punch to the head with his foreign object. After the match, a masked man hit the ring and nailed Adam Roberts in the back with a chair. Adam Jacobs made the save and when Roberts regained his composure, all he saw was Jacobs holding a chair. Corey Hollis hit the ring to help Ultimate NWA Senior Official Jimbo Slice keep the peace between Jacobs and Roberts. They began screaming at each other and had to be held apart. Jacobs yelled that he HELPED Roberts and Roberts yelled that he knew it was Jacobs and said it was just like him after the slap earlier in the show.

Also in action were Jeremiah Flynt and Jarek Tyler. These competitors were familiar with each other, dating back to the popular Full Throttle Wrestling promotion that once ran in Elkmont, AL. Tyler, formerly known as Whiplash, used his speed and athleticism to outwork Flynt. Tyler went to the top for a moonsault and Flynt rolled out of the way, only to be hit with an incredible second moonsault from Tyler, who had landed on his feet from the first one! Flynt displayed power and aggression in the match but fell short after attempting an Alabama Slam, which Tyler turned into a Code Red for the three count!

The second match of the evening saw Patrick Bentley pick up the win over fan-favorite Kent Reznor. Reznor hit some offense off the top rope but Bentley wore Reznor down and finished him off with a Canadian Destroyer.

The fans of Scottsboro were also treated to Ultimate NWA's first ever fan's choice Award Show. Ring announcer Scott Hensley announced that Will Owens vs Adam Roberts at Caged Aggression, when Adam Roberts won his reinstatement into Ultimate NWA was the match of the year. Next up was tag team of the year, which went to Adam Jacobs and Corey Hollis. They came to the ring and accepted the award but were met with a message from The Rev, informing them that The Rejects would destroy them and that there was a traitor in the midst of Ultimate NWA.

The next award was Rookie of the Year. Before the winner could be announced, Jeremiah Flynt interrupted and acted as if he should win the award. It was explained to him that he wasn't eligible but he insisted that he should win. The winner was announced to be Corey Hollis and Flynt continued to insist he was the real winner. Eventually, Ultimate NWA officials Nick "Harry Potter" Richards and Jimbo Slice took "The Kanye West of Ultimate NWA Award Shows" away.

The most hated award was given to "Wildthing" Will Owens, who still did not show up to receive the award. Owens has not been seen in Scottsboro since losing his title at Clotheslines and Candycanes in December of 2009. The fan favorite Wrestler of the Year was given to Adam Roberts, who thanked the fans of Ultimate NWA.

Flynt once again interrupted the show after the second intermission, asking for a recount and insulting the fans of Scottsboro. Hensley had had enough and made a phone call to Ultimate NWA Commissioner Chase D. Hensley stormed back into the ring and snatched the mic from Flynt and told him EVERYONE was tired of him talking and that by order of the Ultimate NWA commissioner he was to leave the ring NOW! and if he came back out, he would be suspended from Ultimate NWA! The fans cheered as Flynt was forced to leave the ring and the show was finally able to get back on the road.
Quick Results
1) Jarek Tyler d. Jeremiah Flynt
2) Patrick Bentley d. Kent Reznor
3) Chrisjen Hayme d. Bryan Casey
4) Tempers & Se7en d. Hollis & Jacobs
5) Adam Roberts d. Chrisjen Hayme

Notes: Ultimate NWA's return date to the Jackson County Fairgrounds is 7/10. Ultimate NWA stars Mike Posey, Will Owens, Chrisjen Hayme, and Corey Hollis will be in action at the Ohio State Fair on August 1st. More information can be found here

Credit: Scott Hensley @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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